PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — If you are tired of buying bread only to find it moldy before you get to use it there’s a new product on the market that promises to keep bread fresher longer.

They are called Debbie Meyer Bread Bags.

They promise to be a real money saver by keeping bread from going moldy for up to 11 days… but does it really do that?

Debbie Meyer is also the one who sells those bags that promise to keep our fruit and vegetables fresher longer.

Mother of two, Terri Wonsettler says she’d probably pay $10 for a box of 12 bread bags.

“I would buy it if it promises to keep my bread fresh,” said Terri. “I wouldn’t waste so much bread.”

We bought Terri all kinds of bread: white bread, sour dough, bagels, hamburger buns and potato buns.

Terri usually stores her bread in her pantry in its original bag.

“It usually does not last very long,” said Terri.

But Debbie Meyer bags promise to change that.

Debbie Meyer claims bread in its original bag is moldy while bread in the Debbie Meyer bread bags is still fresh.

We ask Terri to split the bags of bread.

Half goes in the Debbie Meyer Bread Bags and half remains in the original bag.

We repeat the process with the sour dough, the bagels, the hamburger and potato buns.

Ten days later, we come back to see how well the Debbie Meyer Bread Bags work.

And sure enough, the sourdough bread in its original bag is moldy.

But so is the sourdough in the Debbie Meyer Bread Bag.

The bagels in the Debbie Meyer Bread Bag are still fresh but they are still fresh in the original bag as well.

The same is true of the white bread, potato buns and hamburger buns.

It doesn’t appear the bread bags made a difference at all.

“I don’t think I would really buy them,” said Terri. “Because I don’t think they did anything more than the regular bags.”

So like the fruit and vegetable bags, the Debbie Meyer Bread Bags don’t work.

We give them a definite thumbs down and a waste of your money.

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