Steeler Fans Honk Off about Big Ben

kmnpodcastlogo Steeler Fans Honk Off about Big Ben

Larry and John opened up the Honk Off phone lines, and this is what you had to say about Big Ben’s suspension and if he should stay a Steeler.

  • Debbie

    I guess most people think they are pearly white with no black marks against them and Ben doesn’t deserve a chance to clean up. I for one think that he deserves a chance. He gets paid to play football, not babysit the fans and their kids.

  • Karen

    Ben has had a number of head injuries over the past few years–not only resultant from his football career but also from his motorcycle accident. Has anyone mentioned the possiblity that his sexual aggression is a result of head injuries? The brain is like custard and is easily injured when it bangs up against the skull. Many personality changes can occur from brain injuries.

  • laura

    I think he deserves another chance. There are MANY wrongs in what happened recently-but having lived in the south I can tell you that if they had enough solid evidence against him the DA would have LOVED to broil Ben. Many things dont add up-but no the less he has done some stupid things-don’t we all deserve a chance to make ammends when we do something wrong?

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