peter gammons Peter Gammons Talks about Potential Replacements for John Russell

MLB Network’s Peter Gammons joined Seibel and Starkey today to react to the news of John Russell being removed as the Pirates Manager.  When asked whether or not GM Neal Huntington should be on the way out as well, Peter said Neal is doing everything he was brought in to do, and needs to be given the time necessary to complete the turnaround of this organization.

Peter also provided the guys with a run down of each manager available that he sees as a potential candidate to become the new skipper of the Pirates.

Eric Wedge appears to be an early front-runner for the position, and Peter said he would be a good fit because he’s a great organizer, and has been in a situation similar to this and turned them into a winner when he was with the Cleveland Indians.

Other names tossed around were Tony Pena, Phil Garner, Andy Van Slyke, Larry Bowa, and Boston Red Sox pitching coach John Farrell.

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