It’s Time To WAKE UP!!!!

Gregg wants to Wake Up Mike Tomlin and make the decision to have the offense introduced and get it out of the way…..Wake Up Coach….Don’t Hide from it!

Paul wants to Wake Up Katelyn Sanchez who was making a 6 figure salary to do what she does and her contract was up and she could have continued to make 6 figures….except for the greed made her and her Mom to demand more and now they are not renewing that deal….Wake Up Katelyn and realize you are no longer the voice of Dora the Explorer because of greed.

Jim wants to wake up the sports talk doubters that are out there who thought The Fan wouldn’t make it….well we have not only made but we now have logos on our station vehicle….so Wake Up haters…we are not going anywhere.

Max Starks

(Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Pittsburgh Steelers OT Max Stark discusses what happened in the loss to Cleveland last year. He also has some thoughts on the return of Ben Roethlisberger.

104025222 8 A Wake Up Call For Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin

This Week’s Tomlinism is an old favorite….Hats on Hats with an extra Good on Good.

to tell the truth1 A Wake Up Call For Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin

Today’s guest is Sports Director Jeff Hathhorn who shares with us his first college basketball game that he covered that went wrong…..some missing football gear….and an interesting story of who he had to share the broadcasting booth with.

Name The Fan Morning Show

The naming of The Fan Morning Show contest continues and here are the latest entries: Hot Cup of Sports….Two Guys, A Colony and a Morning Show…The Three Sheetz to The Wind Morning Show….Morning SPIT (Sports Personalities and Interesting Talk….Let the Spit fly every morning.)…..The Morning Pitt Crew.

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