jackham11 Jack Ham and Andy Russell with Vinnie & Cook

Two of the three linebackers behind the Steel Curtain joined Vinnie and Cook on Friday! Pro Football Hall of Famer Jack Ham and All-Pro Andy Russell each shared their thoughts on this week’s hot-button topic in the NFL: player safety.

Andy Russell is very concerned about the approach the NFL has taken towards player safety this week. He says tackling has become much sloppier in today’s game, and he reveals how many concussions he may have suffered during his career. Andy also still thinks the NFL hates the 1976 Steelers for racking up five shutouts!

Meanwhile, Jack Ham takes us through proper tackling technique, and says everyone needs to use common sense when it comes to tackling, hitting, and enforcing the rules. Jack also says Penn State has a lot of work to do if they want to turn the season around. 

russell1 Jack Ham and Andy Russell with Vinnie & Cook

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