It’s Time To Wake Up! Gregg wants to wake up Steeler Fans who are looking to get really drunk before the game in New Orleans. Don’t Do It, because you can be turned away from the game. Paul wants to wake up Joe Paterno and have him realize that it is time to hang up and turn this team over your successors. Jim wants to wake up the people who haven’t purchased the Halloween candy. Don’t go cheap and go buy the good stuff.

Name The Fan Morning Show

The guys name some of their favorite entries so far in the Name The Fan Morning Show contest. Be sure to enter the contest for your chance to win the Ultimate Backyard Brawl with chance to meet Dave Wannstedt.

Here are the guys picks for Week 8 in the NFL.

Buccaneers +3
Chiefs -7 1/2
Dolphins +2
Saints -1

Rams -3
Redskins +2 1/2
Dolphins +2
Titans +3 1/2

Patroits -6
Titans +3 1/2
Dolphins +2
Steelers +1
Buccaneers +3

screen shot 2010 10 29 at 11 22 30 am A Wake Up Call For Joe Paterno And Josh Millers Football Picks

The Week That Was had some great moment from the past week, including caller from this morning that could really hear, the Cleveland radio witch doctor song, and the dodoo shooting toilet.

260815 A Wake Up Call For Joe Paterno And Josh Millers Football Picks

Josh Miller called into the Morning Show to preview this weekends games and what he expects out of the Steelers down in New Orleans.

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