troy polamalu Troy Polamalu on NFL Rule Changes: "I don't want football to lose its essence."

Steelers All-Pro Safety Troy Polamalu sat down with Joe Starkey in the Steelers locker room and discussed being more of a vocal leader, the Saints matchup on Sunday night, and hits in the NFL.

The majority of what Troy discussed involved the recent rule changes in the NFL regarding helmet-to-helmet hits, and he was very outspoken against the way the league has handled this situation.  Football is a violent game, but that’s what makes it football and not soccer.  Troy even went as far as to say if players don’t like the violence of the game they can try being an Alaskan ice fisherman or underwater welder, other dangerous jobs, because not everyone can be a football player.

Troy also addressed his play in last week’s game against the Dolphins and said he didn’t pull up on any hits that he would have made before the rule changes, but did admit that it might someday take one of those hits to get a win.

Finally, Troy discussed Roger Goodell and said the Commissioner is overstepping his boundaries by changing the game.

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