Bouchette Breaks Down The Steelers Loss

Steelers Post-Gazette beat writer Ed Bouchette joined the FAN Morning show after the Steelers lost to the Saints on Halloween night. Ed was baffled that the Steelers didn’t at least try a QB sneak when the ball was on 1-yd line. Ed told Gregg that the Steelers prepared for the noise, but some player said it was louder than normal. Ed also told the guys that he doesn’t think the Steelers will be a consistent running team.

Ed thinks the team panicked when the team went for it in the 4th quarter on the 40 with 4 yards to go. He thought the team should have punted the ball especially when the team was only down by 3.

Ed also talked about the bad officiating in this game and some penalties are seen but never called in the NFL.

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  1. Tony says:

    I’ve been a Pittsburgh Steelers fan for over (30 years) I never thought I would see the day, that I would be so angry to the point that I became ill. Just watching how the Steelers blew a golden opportunity to slap the defending Superbowl Champions around. It was a total embarrassment and disgusting to see them choke. The defensive game plan was a “JOKE” a prevent defense on a quarter back like Drew Brees, give me a break.!!! Did the coaching staff see the film on how the Cleveland Browns were able to “PUNK” I mean “Punk” the Saints last week. Ummm Duh. Bring pressure on the quarter back was always the Steelers way of life.

  2. RN says:

    This team must learn to run and trust redman when trying to punch the ball in the endzone.He’s just flat out better than mendenhall in sniffing out the goal line.To run him just once in that situation is ridiculous.I think if your going for it on 4th and 4,call plays to pick up 4 yards and not a 15 to 20 yard pass.Does ben and receivers know how to utilize the hot read schemes.This needs to be addressed.Dick labeau and cowher used to emphasize pressure on the quaterback,wheres tomlin on this matter.Bring pressure and lots of it on the QB. These corners are going to have to learn to patse these recivers and reroute them.Even if it means being on and island for 3 to 4 seconds sometimes.They know they have the right to be aggressive the first five yards, this throws the timing off.

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