More than 30 drug dealers are off local streets after a massive drug sweep by state police.

Around half of those wanted were taken into custody and state police have warrants for even more.

The drug sweep spanned five counties and beyond.  At the end of the day, 34 of the 47 people police were looking for were taken into custody.

One of those arrested was Donald Babyak of New Kensington.  State police say he was running a mobile meth lab in his van.  It was discovered during a traffic stop.

State police say meth labs are made of common household items that become deadly when mixed together.  They are even more dangerous on the road because they can explode without warning while surrounded by innocent people.

Also arrested today was Martin Gismondi of Ruffsdale.  State police say he was making between $80,000-$100,000 per year by selling marijuana from a large grow in his home.

Dominic and Janelle Cesare and Simon Johns, all of Delmont, were also arrested after large grows were discovered in their homes.  State police say one plant alone can bring in thousands of dollars per harvest.

The arrests were the result of many months-long investigations.  Police say they will ultimately benefit everyone in the community by making the communities a little safer.

The attorney general’s office also arrested around eight people with the help of Latrobe Police, who were involved in drug investigations through their office.   The attorney general’s office had warrants for 12 people in all, mostly in the Latrobe area.

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