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One Comment

  1. Jacqueline Gill says:

    I’d like to thank Ross Guidotti for being an up- front reporter, one who keeps a positive attitude about our region while being an objective and articulate newsman. In addition, Ross, THANK YOU for being a defender of our nation as a Marine Corps. veteran–maybe not as mean, not as lean , but still a Marine! God bless you.

    1. Cathy Malsch says:

      I love KDKA news in the morning. The interaction between Jennifer, Mike and Dennis is worth watching over any other channel. Dennis Bowman is the best weatherman and his comments always make me smile.

  2. Change isn't always good. says:

    Not happy about this website change. Hard to find what I am looking for and have to click more times to get to what I want to find. I wanted KDKA…not CBS.

    1. S. Ellis says:

      I also hate the new website, Who wants to have more advertising blasts? Can’t find anything easily and had to look for 10min. to find the contact listing. I will be changing my homepage.

      1. Andy says:

        I use to go onto your website daily. You had the best site in town. I’ve been forced to switch to another site, since you’ve changed. Wish you would bring back the old site.

    2. E says:

      This website is the worst…. Im done with it.. Do you really think we want a 7-11 popup commercial? Get real! Where is the news?

    3. ALICE KERNAN says:


  3. becky says:

    I also do not like the new website. I love KDKA and used to check the site several times a day. The new format is confusing, hard to find anything and filled with giant graphics. Even trying to get the weather forcast was difficult. It looks like I will have to find a new source for local news.

  4. Sharon says:

    I could not find info on yesterday’s Veteran’s Da y parade. Found it on other channels’ sites, but none here. Why not? I am also unhappy with the new site. Hard to navigate.

  5. Sharon says:

    Correction to my statement above. I found information about the parade, but no VIDEO, which was plentiful on other channels’ sites and front page in the Post-Gazette, but nothing here.

  6. Lynn says:

    I agree with the majority of others who commented that this new website is AWFUL!!! HATE IT!!! Hard to navigate & find what I’m looking for, not to mention that I also wanted to contact KDKA and NOT CBS!!! Anyway, on a more positive note, & THIS MESSAGE BETTER GET FORWARDED TO KDKA, I wanted to thank Mr. Dennis Bowman for coming out to Northwestern Primary School in the Blackhawk District, on Tues. Nov. 3rd to educate our youngsters about the weather. I got to attend with my daughter, & I may have laughed just as hard as she did! Dennis, you are quite gifted and talented in both weather and ventriloquism!!! We thoroughly enjoyed your program, & would love to see you again anytime we can!!! God bless you for taking some time to share important weather info. and a few laughs as well with our local youth!!! Much love to ya!!!

    1. Mike says:

      Hiya, Lynn — I’m glad that you enjoyed Dennis so much! 🙂 So did we last year, @ Blackhawk Patterson Primary. I’m the PTO President now but was the Assembly Committee chairman back then & was responsible for bringing Dennis here to the BSD. All went very well indeed, so we turned him towards NW next!

  7. chris says:

    dont like the new site cant find the lottery or horoscopes liked the old site alot better

  8. tony says:

    new website is terrible…cant make heads or tails of it…bring back the way it was… will go to wpxi from now on…this is bad.. huge mistake.

  9. Joe says:

    This new website is a joke, it took three days just to find the link to this page to leave a comment. What is KDKA thinking??? They used to be the best local news website in Pittsburgh. Now they are the worst… Good work KDKA!!! I now have linked WPXI to my browser and removed KDKA.

  10. Marci Cassidy says:

    I have a story about our service men who are buried in the national cemetary of the Alleghenies in Washington County Pa. wreaths across america take sponsorships to place wreaths on soldiers who are buried there, 4000 soles are buried there and not nearly enough of them have had wreaths on them. My father was buried there in May; I would be upset if I went to visit during the holidays and some graves had wreaths and my fathers did not.

    Our 4-H Club Just Buggy is having a sponsorship drive in irwin at LIght UP night. We need your help to publize this with either a news story or put it on the community happenings. Light Up night is November 18th at 6pm. Sponsorships need to be in by November 29th to have wreaths on graves this December 11th. Help us honor our vet like Sgt 1st class Robert Fike who gave his life this year.

    Thank you,
    Marci Cassidy

  11. Susan says:

    I hate it also. Very confusing and difficult to maneuver through. I thought that I went to the CBS website by accident. I will be switching my news source website.

  12. Shawn says:

    I wish you would show a GOOD football game when the Steeler are off or playing at night. right now turned off the Bengal 0, Colds 17 and went to another station. Why can’t you show the Browns. Not a big Browns fan, but they are playing much better than any other team you have put on!

  13. O.D. says:

    I do not like the new site. It is very difficult to locate information, like the Lynne Hayes Freeland Show. I cannot find it on the website.

  14. cathy sciiulli says:

    Cathy Sciulli
    Here are the facts on the championship game that was played at Rooney Field on Sunday against St. Barts that Jennifer Antkowiak failed to mention.i The team they played consisted of a group of smaller schools to make one team unlike St Barts. Being a smaller team the East End Crusaders had their player s playing both offense and defense. The young men that made up the East End Crusaders voted to dress the part as champions and arrived at the game in dress pants, shirts and ties..They played hard. The East End Crusaders may have lost the game but they were winners in the eyes of their coaches , parents and fans..So Jennifer all I have to say to you is you really blew this story as a reporter and a mother. Go East End Crusaders

  15. Linda says:

    I tried, REALLY, to like this website, but I HATE it. I have been loving the KDKA Website for years and now it’s gone as far as I am concerned. I miss the doppler weather on the home page and I looked at it at least 5 or 6 times a day. I REALLY dislike the “CBS” presence, although I and everyone else knows that KDKA is CBS. I like the local feel, I don’t want the website to be like the national news… I want it to be a Hometown Website, not a national one. You have really done it this time. I am switching to WTAE who is now my FIRST choice.

  16. Suzanne says:

    What happened to the watercooler section? I hope you didn’t do away with it, since it was the most fun section to read. Otherwise this site will really take some getting use to. In some ways it is much harder to navigate, but in other ways it is a little easier.

    I hate the fact that KDKA doesn’t have their own website, it takes away from their brand. I always perceived KDKA as one of the more trust worthy news sites. I always perceived KDKA as separate from CBS, but just shown on CBS. Now that CBS seems to have taken over, or maybe they always ran KDKA, the trust factor has gone down for me. I never trusted the major news media, especially CNN.

    CBS has seemed to copy other major news media styles, which brings down the trust factor further. Now KDKA no longer seems like my local friendly news, but just another large uncaring news conglomerate. Hopefully they won’t get as bad as CNN, who was caught showing fake news clips.

  17. Bruce says:

    First off why do you keep discussing the controversy over full body scanners when 4 out of 5 or 80 some % have no problem with it. Second thing I know some of your audience is getting very annoyed with the coming up at five bits. From a loyal listener

  18. Lucinda says:

    Wow, this website is not up to the standards that I expect from KDKA. CBS, maybe, but not KDKA. Sorry to say, but if it remains as is, I will not be getting much of my Pittsburgh and local news from this site. Sorry to see that the network has such an influence on our KDKA.


  19. MJ Crane says:

    I have viewed KDKA’s website exclusively for my news since moving here from Ohio in 2005. The new website format is terrible – nothing but ads and way too difficult to navigate. I need to find a new LOCAL news source. Please consider listening to what your website readers are saying. In this day of technological advances, users have little to no patience with a website that is even slightly difficult to navigate. Based on comments I read, I am not the only one looking elsewhere now.


  20. Janet DiGregory says:

    What happened to David Hall and Allison Morrison ?

    1. Jim Byer says:

      We would like to know what happened to Alison Morris. Special to us as our grand daughter in Florida is also named Alison Morris. Have not heard anything on Alison. How come???
      Jim Byer, Greensburg, Pa.

      1. Greg says:

        I read in the Post-Gazette archives that Allison Morris left to take a job at a tv station in Hartford, CT so that she could be closer to home, which is Long Island.

  21. tony says:

    where are the lottery numbers on this poor excuse for a website??

  22. Nancy Mitchell says:

    I also hate this new site. It is just ads with a bit of news. Nothing is easy to find. This has always been my homepage, but like others I guess I will need to change. Not user friendly. Also, my KDKA App for my iTouch no longer gives local news or sports. Why? Because it’s not really KDKA anymore?


  23. GRM says:

    We have debated over and over about whether or not to write about Paul Zeise. We have loved watching The Sunday Sports Showdown for years. You have had a lot of wonderful commentators over the years, but we just can not stand to watch Paul Zeise anymore. We haven’t watched your show for the last couple weeks because we just can’t stand to hear or see this guy. When someone says something he doesn’t agree with or he wants to make a point, he just raises his voice to the point he drowns everyone else out. And frankly, hurts our ears. We have to either turn the volume way down so his voice is not so loud, and then we can’t hear anyone else. Just listen for yourself. He is a bully. He wins all the arguments, since no one can hear any other opinions.

    Please find some one else to fill his spot, and if not, at least turn his microphone down to a minumum. He is one ititating person, and his voice is even more so. He reminds us of the big ugly bully’s at school when we were kids. He threatens with his voice and volume.

    Why keep him there when there are so many others much better at what you are trying to project. We love Pomp, and we would hate to have to just not watch anymore because of one person. We are not alone, do a survey, you will see what we mean.

    1. Cheryl says:

      I agree totally. He like to be heard!!!

    2. greg says:

      Add me to the “Anti Paul Zeise” list. The night they selected the teams for the NCAA basketball tournament, he ripped Penn State and called Wisconsin “terrible”. The arrogance makes me sick. His Alma mater, Temple, barely beat Penn State and then lost a close game to a number 2 seed, San Diego State. All Wisconsin did was make it to the Sweet Sixteen. Where do they find people like this? Maybe the same place where they found the nut that decided to change to this ridiculous website?

  24. Annette says:

    I have too agree this new website is awful. It was Always the first thing I clicked on in the mornings, like the radar was right there, Like the others I would check on 6 7 or more times a day, And that guy for 7-11 is a pain.. And now there is a real small caption where the videos were and you can’t hardly read it. Like the rest I am going to be changing my home page

  25. frustrated says:

    The ads are very annoying and some seem inappropriate for a respectable news source. I do not want to have to sift through them just to access the news. I agree with the majority of the others on here and am afraid you will be losing many of your long time KDKA followers.

  26. Doris Larson says:

    Well, after suggesting that you need to run spell check or learn to type (turking for turkey, mean for either menu or meat), I discovered that the “or” below does not mean a choice between leaving a name or email address; the choice is between leaving both of the above or clicking on facebook.

  27. melissa says:

    I hate this new website. It is so hard to find stories. I won’t be using it anymore

  28. Lorraine says:

    First thing, your new website is terrible! Second thing, I see that the dedication to fallen Officer Michael Crawshaw wasn’t important for your news to cover. You cover evey single thing about the fallen Officers from the City of Pgh. NOTHING today about fallen Officer Michael Crawshaw!! I am so disappointed in your news. But hey we got news coverage of other counties stuff!!! WE LIVE IN ALLEGHENY COUNTY!! Why not try to cover news stories about Allegheny County! Tomorrow is the anniversary of his death. Lets see if you cover it and how much of it you cover!

  29. Wanda says:

    wanda Just was wondering why the camera man keeps zooming in on Ben while he is calling a play , they never zoomed in on the other team . You could read his lips and see his arm band . If they wanted to look at his nose do it while he doesn’t have his helmet on . Kind of questionable.

  30. Joe says:

    I couldn’t agree more. This new website is awful. It is very difficult to navigate to the information you are looking for. Also, I cant stand loud, unwanted advertisements that “walk” onto your screen when you load the home page. Please return to the previous website format…or I will start getting my news from another local tv website.

  31. Dave says:

    I have read many comments posted concerning the disdain of your new website design. I also cannot tolerate this change so I hope that this will accurately summarize my feelings:
    So long KDKA.

  32. Carol Veccharella Lamagna says:

    Please consider broadcasting the newsline I sent you that was from New Zealand about a 9 year old girl that has been living in Pine Richland for 4 years waiting for a transplant and FINALLY got it and is in Childrens Hospital as I type. This is an amazing little girl who deserves all the prayers and positive feedback from the Pittsburgh community.

  33. JJV says:



  34. Jessica says:

    I also am not a fan of this new website 😦
    I was also wondering if there was a reason the KDKA iPhone app no longer works…i can see the weather, but as for news there is nothing…not a happy camper….

    1. Nancy Mitchell says:

      I agree. I liked the app and used it a lot. No more local news. Get WPXI app–it works fine.

  35. Mike says:

    Please bring back the old web site, this one totally sucks. it is useless. The old one was much easyer to use and navigate. Maybe you should get a new webmaster.

    1. Nancy Mitchell says:

      This is a CBS based website. All of their sites are clones of this one. Sad.

  36. Nate says:

    I hope CBS takes a hint. Every other affiliate I have explored has the same type of comments. This design is awful and I, too, miss the classic KDKA site. I believe the old site was also a CBS template, but it was far more useful than this current design.

  37. Rodger says:

    Add another vote to dump the new website. Bring back the old one.

  38. Linda says:

    Why don’t they have the long range outlook (14 day outlook) anymore. I liked it. obviously I knew it wasnt set in stone but it was usually fairly Close, Would like to see it come back.

  39. KJ says:

    I HATE the new website – can’t find anything!!! It was so simple before — what happened, did the boss’s relative have a brainstorm???? You can’t leave well enough alone… and, in this case, IT WAS WELL ENOUGH!!!

  40. N says:

    I have been using the ‘internet’ for more than 15 years when it was nothing more than white words on a black screen; no color, no video, no audio, no dancing widgets, no ads, etc. This is without a doubt the worst page i have ever seen. I’ve finally given up, i will look for the information elsewhere even though the tv person promised it would be here. Yeah, right.

  41. Ron says:

    You folks used to have the Subway Nightly Sports Call on your web site on the CW.I missed the Jan 1 show and would like to see it. Did you remove it or am I just missing it? PLease let me know. Thank you

  42. Steve says:

    I’ve been watching KDKA since Bill & Patty Burns. Now KDKA is one of the last ones I watch. Many stories are not up to date compared with WPXI. Many story titles are misleading. Then this horrible web site. All this the result of Jordan destroying Westinghouse.

    If you want up to date news and a decent web site go to WPXI.

  43. bob says:

    Everyone knows KDKA is the absolute king of blowing it’s own horn. Why the anchors needed to say kdka was the only one who asked big ben if he was engaged was the lamest thing i ever heard. Maybe the reporters from other stations wanted to asked, but had the the sense to respect his personal life.KADA touted this report like it was some major feat.

  44. bob says:

    Why is it that anytime the steelers win lose or fart its BREAKING news, yet when the pens win, its reported in the sports segment, where it belongs. I truly believe, that without every useless piece of steerler drivel they can dig up, and the 3 dozen weather reports, they could condense all 6 of there news hours into 15 minutes.

  45. ACB says:

    Marysol Castro please consider your wardrobe of choices in attire. This is news reporting and weather information that the audience needs to hear and your looking like you are at a formal after six affair. It is appalling and distracting and I am can’t believe you have not been called on it. There is a time and place for everything and I don’t want to see a model I want to see and hear quality news.

  46. Watcher says:

    To Kristine Sorensen: Just wanted to tell you I thought that your new hair-style during the New Year’s Eve broadcast was gorgeous!!! 🙂
    You looked like a new, younger person.

  47. Christy says:

    Not to beat a dead horse, but your new website missed the mark. Adding the skyline on the sides is nice, but everything inbetween is very poor. I’m sure it looked goot on paper, but is not working. Very hard to navigate, and what happened to the water cooler section? Please consider making some changes.

  48. Christina says:

    Happt Birthday John Burnett!!

  49. lisa says:

    Just wanted to say the KDKA is #1. You just make my day and my night. I love how you joke around……for instance Jon and Brenda the other morning about his finger. PRICELESS, sorry Jon. And then you have Jim, I met you at Seven Springs Chocolate Festival a few years back. I love how you too joke around in the morning!:) YOU all are just GREAT! You are the Greatest Team ever!
    Keep up the great work!

  50. Cheryl Ray says:

    For the record, the article about the little boy with his tongue stuck to the pole: It wasn’t Ralphie, it was Ralphie’s friend who was dared to do it at recess. Just thought you’d like to know..

  51. Todd Kushner says:

    Black woman achor on Saturday morning news “6:30 am” said that Baltimore would win the game. I don’t know anything about this woman but send her back to Baltimore.

  52. Todd Kushner says:

    Sorry on KDKA morning news

  53. Gina Harding says:

    I’m trying to enter the best seat in the house contest, but it wont let me enter my state 😦

  54. Pat Galas says:

    I am so sad to hear that Patrice is leaving the news show. I have enjoyed her over the years ever since Pittsburgh Today….I have noticed that she has been absent for periods of time recently. She will be missed by a lot of people.

  55. David Burkley says:

    Foreign countries and special interest groups have been (and still are) taking our jobs. NOW… a special interest group wants to take away our identity! When I received word about the link below… at first I thought is was a joke, a prank. It’s NOT! I implore you to please pass this along to your viewers. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide in keeping these United States of America exactly that… “United States” of America.

  56. rob says:

    How long are you going to keep showing the same footage of the cars sliding down the hill. Since monday the clip has been shown almost forty times.No other local news station beats a story to death like KDKA.Monday was martin luther king day,it wasn’t until thirty five minutes into the 4 oclock broadcast that any mention of him was made.Yet in that thirty min you heard how much you could except to pay for steeler play off tickets, where you can buy them, where you can buy the latest tee shirt, plus a complete rehash of the steelers saturday win.Along with all this BREAKING NEWS was of course there over the top weather hype, what a complete joke they are.

  57. Lynda Moore says:

    Love Jeff’s fashion HAT SHOW during the news this evening!!!! Made me smile!

  58. Rose A. Voorhies says:

    Is Patrice leaving the news?She can’t leave!I always look for her.I have watched her and Jon since Pittsburgh 2 Day!We love you Patrice.Where are you going?Love you!Rose A.Voorhies

  59. Patricia Colangelo says:

    Patrice is a role model for others interested in reporting the news. She has always been the ultimate professional who reports the news and refrans from personal comment or opinion. Anyone could trust that he or she would be hearing the facts of the newsday. Her pleasant demeaner and pleasing personality has been a comfort to us all. I never heard anyone say a negative word about her. That is quite a testimony to one of the news world’s finest. She will be sorely missed. Best of luck to Her and many thanks.

    1. Jennifer Moser says:

      I always thought she was a high class lady but then I turned on Kdka sister station and saw that less then 2 weeks after her so called retirement, Patrice is selling memory mental pills to help get your memory back to 15 years ago alongside with her husband they are both sittitng on a simulated news desk trying to sell this product on informercials. What an all time low Patrice!

  60. renee hardek says:

    why on a pep rally friday is jeff wearing a green tis? personally i think that what ever the station is that they should,that is anyone who is going to be on camers, should be wearing some form of black and gold…if you are a pittsburgh television personality then you should have to show the city and the people your support!!!!!!

  61. Karen King says:

    I as others on the KDKA set, will sorely miss Patrice King Brown. I’ve watched her since the Pittsburgh Today shows yrs. ago. When I heard she was retiring from the show, I cried, and I don’t even personally know her. But she gave the news so smooth, and entertaining, I love her. We only watch KDKA tv news, I love most of your tv news anchors, but especially Patrice. I wish her well in her early retirement, being with her family and husband. We will continue to watch KDKA, but it just won’t be the same at 6:00 not having Patty sitting next to Stacey Smith, giving the news of the day!

  62. Ann says:

    I agree with the others, the website is awful. What was KDKA thinking? Sorry to see Patrice leave. Please use Kristen or Stephanie as her replacement. Don’t use Jennifer as her replacement. Jennifer has too much of a Pittsburgh accent. She isn’t the same since she returned to KDKA.

  63. Susan says:

    Give Jennifer her spot with Ken Rice again, they were a good team. Let Stephanie take the spot that was Patrice’s. Kristine should do the Pittsburgh live show. I already miss Patrice but wish her well.

  64. D says:

    1) I think Kristine has a beautiful hairstyle. It’s refreshing to see women with long hair, since a lot of women seem to wear their hair short, and they look like guys instead of women. JMO! I think Mary Robb would look 10 years younger if she also let her hair grow long. Thunbs up to Kristine!
    2) HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE TO COMPLAIN BEFORE KDKA CHANGES THE WEB-SITE???????????????????? Or was the new site the idea of someone related to the owner of KDKA, and they are afraid to change it??? Go back to what worked in the past if everyone hates the new look. Or at least try to correct what some of the complaints are about.
    I have also started checking out other channel’s sites, and have them book-marked also, not just KDKA.
    3)Why not have an investigative survey of the audience to see how they feel about the new web-site, if you just think it’s only a few people that are complaining.
    Or maybe have a vote section where people can vote YES, No, Don’t Care, or whatever else you would like to see concerning it.

  65. gerry daher says:

    Stupid move by KDKA TV. While the other two big local stations had live reports from Dallas concerning the 400 people that could not get to their seats, KDKA has Heather Abraham report it from where?-OAKLAND. you didn’t have enough reporters in Dallas to report from their and ask those fans how they Felt? Cheap move, KDKA.

  66. Bernie Beaumont says:

    I wish people would sing the “Star Spangled Banner” as it was written and I don’t mean messing up on the words. Anyone can do that. I mean the music itself – don’t scream it at us. It’s a beautiful patriotic song – sing it that way. Don’t make up your own tune.

  67. Skip says:

    BoB, Why hasn,t Tomlin addressed the weak link problemss with Gay & McFadden , they cost us the Superbowl. Also why would he attemp a 52 yrd field goal & not go for if on 4th down

  68. Larry says:

    I am a big fan of Stephanie Watson. I think she does a great job! She should be strongly considered as Patrice King Browns replacement. My second choice would be Jennifer coming back. Just one mans opinion.

  69. Ray Moody says:

    Bob Pompeani had an ad on the tv about a golf special, I can’t find it anywhere on the web can you help me, thank you Ray Moody . I know this isn’t a comment but I can’t find it.

  70. larry garra says:

    haven’t heard a report from allison morris for some time now, hope she is doing great.. tell her happy valentines

    1. Greg says:

      Allison Morris left in July 2010 ( i think) to take a job with a station in Hartford, CT so that she could be closer to home on Long Island. I wondered about her as well. I googled her name in the Post Gazette archives and there was an article in the P-G about her in July 2010. I think she was to start the Hartford job in Sept. 2010. I may have to Google the Hartford stations and see if she is still there. I am not sure why I would even bother, though. We have Trina Orlando here in Westmoreland County. Who could ask for anything more? Now if the big kahunas at CBS would let the big K dump this atrocious website and go back to what they had before.

  71. 123 says:

    News tip….Roller rink collapse in Grove City, Mercer County…snow weight on roof…fire department on scene.

  72. paul g. kozlowski says:

    John Schumway did a bit on the radio with an exterminator about the stink bugs. Can he or someone else do a story on this again? I’ve killed 15-20 stinkbugs in the house over the last 2 weeks and don’t know where they are coming from. This happened as soon as the weather got warmer. I’d like to know what can we the homeowner do about this ans is this going to be a giant problem again this spring. I know other people who have killed stink bugs in their homes recently. It would be a good informative story for the public. Thank you..

  73. Elizabeth says:

    I watched a clip on the 11:00 news last night (Feb 14th) about a robbery at a beer distributor on Shadeland Ave. I can’t seem to find an article about it on the website. Is there anyway you could send it to me or send me the link for it? Thank you very much for you time and help. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  74. Bill Yund says:

    There was a report on the 6PM news about WK Steel, obviously entirely from WK’s side of the issue. The first time I heard allegations about WK had to be at least a year ago. What took so long, and why weren’t the people making the allegations included? Journalism 101. It looks like you were waiting for them to clean up their act before doing a report.

  75. Cecelia says:

    I think you should have just forget about the news at 6:50, because you left
    half of it out. You started one story and never finished it but you had time for 6 commericals. You started again and got half way through the next story and never finished that and had 3 more commericals. Then we had a quick weather
    report. No wonder people are switching to another station.
    Very disappointed.
    I think I will go will another station also.

  76. R says:

    i hate watching kdka in the morning jennifer and mike are the worst anchors i saw they are dry +. i watch kdka at 4 and 5 i watch channel 4 and channel 11 in the morning they have nice anchors. whatever happen to allison morrison she was a good reporter.

  77. Turk says:

    Why does Bowman always have the radar in ENHANCED mode where even flurries can look like a major snow event. He is a prophet of doom. He must get his jollies by scaring people. On a scale of 1 to 10, Bowman is a -10.

  78. elizabeth hinderliter says:

    I wanted to leave a message to Jennifer for the “does it really do that” segment, but I couldn’t find where to leave it, so I’ll just leave it here. I just saw a commercial for the clean step mat that cleans mud off your shoes without having to wipe your feet. They just stepped on it with muddy shoes and onto the floor and did not leave a trace of mud on the floor.

  79. Mary Lou says:

    I think it’s time for Stacey Smith to “pack it in”. He makes entirely too many mistakes while reporting the news. Also, I don’t care for Paul Zeise either, he acts like he knows it all and once he starts talking you can’t shut him up! Bring back Dejon Kovacevic!!! As for Allison Morris, I don’t miss her whatsoever. Her voice was annoying to say the least. I like the new girl Heather.

  80. Mikey says:

    Heather (also the name of my first girlfriend, back in the day) is stunning. 🙂

    1. Greg says:

      Ever notice that they do not hire anyone who is not “stunning”? Talk about discrimination……

  81. Donna says:

    I don’t like your website, can’t find anything. Where is Stephanie? She is getting the shaft again with Kristen and Jennifer getting all the work. Jennifer has been doing everything since she was hired back and didn’t deserve to be rehired. Stephanie deserves Patrice’s job because she is better, more articulate and has a good personality. I don’t like Kristen’s new hair cut. Her hair was beautiful before.

  82. CLEAN UP YOUR ACT says:

    Poorly monitored Comments

    Who is in charge of keeping this web sites comments clean? You need to visit the political postings and follow up with REDROCK100…this person should not be allowed to post such vial material here. He needs a less professional forum to make his point, just not necessary. UNEDUCATED !!!

  83. Lynn says:


    1. Greg says:

      Holy cow…I cannot believe you posted something so rude? Are you related to Paul Zeise by any chance??????

  84. Bea1850 says:

    OK so I couldn’t wait to do the Basketball challenge—-/the web site STINKS could not pick half of the teams because we could not eliminate the adds—-Not use KDKA again. Whoever designed the ads is great for loosing customers. even if you signed up for the ad it did not disappear—-NEVER NEVER again.

  85. Dangram says:

    I hoped if I waited long enough, you would take the hint from all the comments and do something about this website. Evidently you have turned a deaf year so WPXI will be my local home page from now on. I am tired of the ads, lack of real news and “todays deals” popping up all the time, Good-bye!

  86. Jk&LK says:

    My wife and I agree that Kristine looks better with curled hair instead of the straight look.

    1. Greensburg Greg says:

      And Marty Griffin and his wife disagree with you.

  87. Mary C says:


  88. Marci says:

    I just saw the story about saving caps. The one Im saving caps for is to send them to pepsi and a kid gets chemo for free.

  89. Grndmx3 says:

    PLEASE ghet rid of Jeff…he stinks as a weatherman. And Christine is so dull. She has no life to her reporting. GET RID OF THEM BOTH

    1. jim daniels says:

      couldn’t agree more. love jon burnett and steph watson is the best anchor they have there. id give her all the time slots. 4-7

  90. Mary Jane says:

    I have to agree with everyone. This website stinks. At least with the old website you were able to watch the news broadcast but no on this new site. And with all the advertisements, you would think we could watch Channel 2 with no problems.

  91. Patty says:

    Hate the website! Can’t find anything. Has no local flavor. Adds are annoying.



  93. Nancy S. says:

    Why isn’t Jon Greiner pictured with all the other reporters on your website?

  94. Scott says:

    Can you please post the video from the Penguins autograph session that helped raise money for the family involved in the vehical accident?

  95. Katie Fazio says:

    I had heard that a 6th grader from Montour School District had a hit list against his fellow classmates. I’ve listened toyour television and radio reports, but this has not been mentioned. Could you confirm or deny such an issue, please. I am a concerned resident?

  96. Greg says:

    I’d bet she gets a promotion.

  97. Greg says:


  98. jim daniels says:

    We never miss the news with Stephanie Watson since she took over the nightly news. She’s the one anchor with national quality to her delivery. very professional. A real plus for the KDKA anchor team. Glad she got the full time anchor job. she’s the one person there that deserves the positon. thanks


    its bad enough watching your morning news with jennifer and rick. but now when one of them is off you put jim lokay at the desk. spend some money and get some good anchors. you guys use to have tbe best news in the morning with sonny and that but now one of the worst. i only watch your news in the evening now and its at least tolerable then.

  100. Don Mooney says:

    To whom it may concern.
    Hi, My name is Don Mooney. I was interested in selling you small clips and or video stories of local south hills or Pittsburgh news happenings. I was curious in what type of stories or news you needed or want covered. any response would be appreciated.
    Don Mooney

  101. js2721 says:

    Weatherman Jeff V. – lets ease on the voice inflection…the pompus halting, and enunciation of each word…words dangling like flakes of snow drifting to the ground…

    .it turns the viewer off…its unnatural!!

    I am going elsewhere for weather until Jeff V gets his voice back to a normal sound, rate, pitch and speed!

    Sam Dormont

  102. dormont says:

    yes…she had the right…cops are too heavy handed

  103. Joanne Schleifer says:

    Dear Mr. Verszyla,
    Would you be able to send an autograph picture of yourself to Thomas O’Malley? He loves to report on the weather when I talk to him on the phone each evening. He is Special Needs & turns 65 on May 11. His address is c/o Sycamore Estates 717 Duquesne Blvd Duquesne PA 15110.

    I hope you are able to do this! Thank you!

  104. Mary Stoops says:

    KDKA made a big mistake by putting Kristine Sorensen in the anchor chair replacing Patrice Brown. Kristine is not a good Anchor..She changes her voice and twists her mouth. She also keeps looking into the camera instead of doing her job..Kristine wants everyone to think that she is a movie star.
    Well she better think again.
    Stephanie Watson has a lot more class then Kristine..
    And I am not the only that thinks this way..Mostly everyone I talk to her starting to watch other channels.
    Its a joy to watch the 4 oclock news with Stacy and Stephanie they make a good pair..
    Kristine tries to out do everyone else.

    You have a lot better people for Anchors then Kristine.
    You should give Stephanie the 4 & 6 spot and bring Jennifer back to be with Ken Rice..
    Move Kristine to the morning show..she is sickening.

    1. Watcher says:

      Mary, What is really “sickening” is your obvious hatred of Kristine. Maybe YOU don’t like her, but I don’t see a big majority agreeing with you.
      “Class” is a definition you need to look up, and try to apply it to yourself.
      I’m also a fan of Stephanie, and I think BOTH her and Kristine are good.
      Also I HATE the new web-site, and the person/s responsible for it should be FIRED!!! You are losing MANY viewers because of it. I go to channel 11 now for the news, and I only saw this post, because it was sent to me by KDKA in my e-mail.

  105. jim daniels says:

    I agree with Mary. Stephanie should get the majority of face time. she is obviously the professiional. she has national quality and could easily be on any major news network. Christine is many times an embarassment to the news field. i would much preferr to see Jennifer back for an hour in the evening and steph carry the other 2 hours. I;m sure ratiings would jump. its time for achange and get the professional quality anchors in charge.

  106. Ben F. says:

    Why is Bob Pompeani offering his opinion again and again about Rashard Mendenhall? If Bobby is upset about someone offering an opinion he shouldn’t voice his. VERY annoying! Mr. Mendenhall is spot on in his clarification. We shouldn’t celebrate like terrorists celebrate in the streets. By saying it’s ok to do that we say we (The United States) are on the same level of Terrorists. Bob… shut up! We don’t want to hear your opinions. Just report the news! I had very close friends that died in New York that day. I don’t want to hear anyone’s selfish opinions.

    I never comment on things of this nature because it’s really not worth the time. But the selfishness of a person who is supposed to REPORT the news not offer his or her opinion really bothers me to no end. If I wanted an opinion I would watch Fox News or MSNBC.

    Please stop and do your job!

  107. rob says:

    can someone at kdka please explain to us , WHY video of an unrecognizable hines ward being hand cuffed is considered BREAKING NEWS considering that it happened happened three days ago and was just a misunderstanding anyway ,why is this even being shown. Keeping with kdka motto of beating a story to death i guess this isn’t that far off base

  108. joei casino says:

    i live in i love this burrough…but i question this whole thing about “no bars in bellevue” prohibtion is over….and if they worrying about the kids…lock the liquor cabinet…it is a great thing for people to think for themselves! are we becoming like michigan…what about freedom and libert…look who is the board for this is city gov money being used for this and who is greasing their wheels …maybe Avalon? Michael Bookser, Former Bellevue Chief of Police
    Paul Cusick, No Bars In Bellevue Treasurer & Former Mayor of Bellevue
    George Doscher, Mayor of Bellevue
    Joseph Heffley, Bellevue Democratic Committee
    Joe Nolan, Bellevue Tax Collector
    Lynn Tennant-Heffley, Teacher, Bellevue Elementary
    Sean Waters, No Bars In Bellevue Chairperson
    Susan Winkler Nolan, Northgate School Board President

    this scares me

  109. Ric says:

    I was wondering why there was no story on the lady that was injured by the garbage can that was hit by yet again a port Authority bus this morning on Grant St.

  110. carol M. says:

    Has the family checked if the boy has CELIAC SPRUE DISEASE????
    THIS IS WHAT I FI;NALLY found out I have.
    Thank You soooo—- much!!

Comments are closed.

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