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  • Jacqueline Gill

    I’d like to thank Ross Guidotti for being an up- front reporter, one who keeps a positive attitude about our region while being an objective and articulate newsman. In addition, Ross, THANK YOU for being a defender of our nation as a Marine Corps. veteran–maybe not as mean, not as lean , but still a Marine! God bless you.

    • Cathy Malsch

      I love KDKA news in the morning. The interaction between Jennifer, Mike and Dennis is worth watching over any other channel. Dennis Bowman is the best weatherman and his comments always make me smile.

  • Change isn't always good.

    Not happy about this website change. Hard to find what I am looking for and have to click more times to get to what I want to find. I wanted KDKA…not CBS.

    • S. Ellis

      I also hate the new website, Who wants to have more advertising blasts? Can’t find anything easily and had to look for 10min. to find the contact listing. I will be changing my homepage.

      • Andy

        I use to go onto your website daily. You had the best site in town. I’ve been forced to switch to another site, since you’ve changed. Wish you would bring back the old site.

    • E

      This website is the worst…. Im done with it.. Do you really think we want a 7-11 popup commercial? Get real! Where is the news?



  • becky

    I also do not like the new website. I love KDKA and used to check the site several times a day. The new format is confusing, hard to find anything and filled with giant graphics. Even trying to get the weather forcast was difficult. It looks like I will have to find a new source for local news.

  • Sharon

    I could not find info on yesterday’s Veteran’s Da y parade. Found it on other channels’ sites, but none here. Why not? I am also unhappy with the new site. Hard to navigate.

  • Sharon

    Correction to my statement above. I found information about the parade, but no VIDEO, which was plentiful on other channels’ sites and front page in the Post-Gazette, but nothing here.

  • Lynn

    I agree with the majority of others who commented that this new website is AWFUL!!! HATE IT!!! Hard to navigate & find what I’m looking for, not to mention that I also wanted to contact KDKA and NOT CBS!!! Anyway, on a more positive note, & THIS MESSAGE BETTER GET FORWARDED TO KDKA, I wanted to thank Mr. Dennis Bowman for coming out to Northwestern Primary School in the Blackhawk District, on Tues. Nov. 3rd to educate our youngsters about the weather. I got to attend with my daughter, & I may have laughed just as hard as she did! Dennis, you are quite gifted and talented in both weather and ventriloquism!!! We thoroughly enjoyed your program, & would love to see you again anytime we can!!! God bless you for taking some time to share important weather info. and a few laughs as well with our local youth!!! Much love to ya!!!

    • Mike

      Hiya, Lynn — I’m glad that you enjoyed Dennis so much! :-) So did we last year, @ Blackhawk Patterson Primary. I’m the PTO President now but was the Assembly Committee chairman back then & was responsible for bringing Dennis here to the BSD. All went very well indeed, so we turned him towards NW next!

  • chris

    dont like the new site cant find the lottery or horoscopes liked the old site alot better

  • tony

    new website is terrible…cant make heads or tails of it…bring back the way it was… will go to wpxi from now on…this is bad.. huge mistake.

  • Joe

    This new website is a joke, it took three days just to find the link to this page to leave a comment. What is KDKA thinking??? They used to be the best local news website in Pittsburgh. Now they are the worst… Good work KDKA!!! I now have linked WPXI to my browser and removed KDKA.

  • Marci Cassidy

    I have a story about our service men who are buried in the national cemetary of the Alleghenies in Washington County Pa. wreaths across america take sponsorships to place wreaths on soldiers who are buried there, 4000 soles are buried there and not nearly enough of them have had wreaths on them. My father was buried there in May; I would be upset if I went to visit during the holidays and some graves had wreaths and my fathers did not.

    Our 4-H Club Just Buggy is having a sponsorship drive in irwin at LIght UP night. We need your help to publize this with either a news story or put it on the community happenings. Light Up night is November 18th at 6pm. Sponsorships need to be in by November 29th to have wreaths on graves this December 11th. Help us honor our vet like Sgt 1st class Robert Fike who gave his life this year.

    Thank you,
    Marci Cassidy

  • Susan

    I hate it also. Very confusing and difficult to maneuver through. I thought that I went to the CBS website by accident. I will be switching my news source website.

  • Shawn

    I wish you would show a GOOD football game when the Steeler are off or playing at night. right now turned off the Bengal 0, Colds 17 and went to another station. Why can’t you show the Browns. Not a big Browns fan, but they are playing much better than any other team you have put on!

  • O.D.

    I do not like the new site. It is very difficult to locate information, like the Lynne Hayes Freeland Show. I cannot find it on the website.

  • cathy sciiulli

    Cathy Sciulli
    Here are the facts on the championship game that was played at Rooney Field on Sunday against St. Barts that Jennifer Antkowiak failed to mention.i The team they played consisted of a group of smaller schools to make one team unlike St Barts. Being a smaller team the East End Crusaders had their player s playing both offense and defense. The young men that made up the East End Crusaders voted to dress the part as champions and arrived at the game in dress pants, shirts and ties..They played hard. The East End Crusaders may have lost the game but they were winners in the eyes of their coaches , parents and fans..So Jennifer all I have to say to you is you really blew this story as a reporter and a mother. Go East End Crusaders

  • Linda

    I tried, REALLY, to like this website, but I HATE it. I have been loving the KDKA Website for years and now it’s gone as far as I am concerned. I miss the doppler weather on the home page and I looked at it at least 5 or 6 times a day. I REALLY dislike the “CBS” presence, although I and everyone else knows that KDKA is CBS. I like the local feel, I don’t want the website to be like the national news… I want it to be a Hometown Website, not a national one. You have really done it this time. I am switching to WTAE who is now my FIRST choice.

  • Suzanne

    What happened to the watercooler section? I hope you didn’t do away with it, since it was the most fun section to read. Otherwise this site will really take some getting use to. In some ways it is much harder to navigate, but in other ways it is a little easier.

    I hate the fact that KDKA doesn’t have their own website, it takes away from their brand. I always perceived KDKA as one of the more trust worthy news sites. I always perceived KDKA as separate from CBS, but just shown on CBS. Now that CBS seems to have taken over, or maybe they always ran KDKA, the trust factor has gone down for me. I never trusted the major news media, especially CNN.

    CBS has seemed to copy other major news media styles, which brings down the trust factor further. Now KDKA no longer seems like my local friendly news, but just another large uncaring news conglomerate. Hopefully they won’t get as bad as CNN, who was caught showing fake news clips.

  • Bruce

    First off why do you keep discussing the controversy over full body scanners when 4 out of 5 or 80 some % have no problem with it. Second thing I know some of your audience is getting very annoyed with the coming up at five bits. From a loyal listener

  • Lucinda

    Wow, this website is not up to the standards that I expect from KDKA. CBS, maybe, but not KDKA. Sorry to say, but if it remains as is, I will not be getting much of my Pittsburgh and local news from this site. Sorry to see that the network has such an influence on our KDKA.


  • MJ Crane

    I have viewed KDKA’s website exclusively for my news since moving here from Ohio in 2005. The new website format is terrible – nothing but ads and way too difficult to navigate. I need to find a new LOCAL news source. Please consider listening to what your website readers are saying. In this day of technological advances, users have little to no patience with a website that is even slightly difficult to navigate. Based on comments I read, I am not the only one looking elsewhere now.


  • Janet DiGregory

    What happened to David Hall and Allison Morrison ?

    • Jim Byer

      We would like to know what happened to Alison Morris. Special to us as our grand daughter in Florida is also named Alison Morris. Have not heard anything on Alison. How come???
      Jim Byer, Greensburg, Pa.

      • Greg

        I read in the Post-Gazette archives that Allison Morris left to take a job at a tv station in Hartford, CT so that she could be closer to home, which is Long Island.

  • tony

    where are the lottery numbers on this poor excuse for a website??

  • Nancy Mitchell

    I also hate this new site. It is just ads with a bit of news. Nothing is easy to find. This has always been my homepage, but like others I guess I will need to change. Not user friendly. Also, my KDKA App for my iTouch no longer gives local news or sports. Why? Because it’s not really KDKA anymore?


  • GRM

    We have debated over and over about whether or not to write about Paul Zeise. We have loved watching The Sunday Sports Showdown for years. You have had a lot of wonderful commentators over the years, but we just can not stand to watch Paul Zeise anymore. We haven’t watched your show for the last couple weeks because we just can’t stand to hear or see this guy. When someone says something he doesn’t agree with or he wants to make a point, he just raises his voice to the point he drowns everyone else out. And frankly, hurts our ears. We have to either turn the volume way down so his voice is not so loud, and then we can’t hear anyone else. Just listen for yourself. He is a bully. He wins all the arguments, since no one can hear any other opinions.

    Please find some one else to fill his spot, and if not, at least turn his microphone down to a minumum. He is one ititating person, and his voice is even more so. He reminds us of the big ugly bully’s at school when we were kids. He threatens with his voice and volume.

    Why keep him there when there are so many others much better at what you are trying to project. We love Pomp, and we would hate to have to just not watch anymore because of one person. We are not alone, do a survey, you will see what we mean.

    • Cheryl

      I agree totally. He like to be heard!!!

    • greg

      Add me to the “Anti Paul Zeise” list. The night they selected the teams for the NCAA basketball tournament, he ripped Penn State and called Wisconsin “terrible”. The arrogance makes me sick. His Alma mater, Temple, barely beat Penn State and then lost a close game to a number 2 seed, San Diego State. All Wisconsin did was make it to the Sweet Sixteen. Where do they find people like this? Maybe the same place where they found the nut that decided to change to this ridiculous website?

  • Annette

    I have too agree this new website is awful. It was Always the first thing I clicked on in the mornings, like the radar was right there, Like the others I would check on 6 7 or more times a day, And that guy for 7-11 is a pain.. And now there is a real small caption where the videos were and you can’t hardly read it. Like the rest I am going to be changing my home page

  • frustrated

    The ads are very annoying and some seem inappropriate for a respectable news source. I do not want to have to sift through them just to access the news. I agree with the majority of the others on here and am afraid you will be losing many of your long time KDKA followers.

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