Teachers in the Moon Township School District began marching on the picket lines Tuesday morning because a deal has still not been reached.

On Monday, the Teachers Union decided to not put people on the picket line as a show of good faith that they are continuing to cooperate in an effort to get a deal done.

However, they said that if a deal was not in place by the second day, they would take to the picket lines.

On Monday, the school board talked briefly and vaguely about the progress being made.

One good sign is that both sides issued statements saying that it appears progress is being made.

Parents at the school board meeting were angry for a number of reasons. One reason revolved around the state of the economy because the last thing taxpayers want is to pay for a raise.

“We’re aware of the sensitivities around that issue, we can’t say we’re not. But you have to look at the industry, where we are in the industry and the competitiveness of the teaching field,” Union Spokesperson Butch Santicola said.

The two major sticking points are contributions to the medical plan and salary increases.

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