Dan Potash joined the Fan Morning Show, to give us an update on the Penguins, and talks about the decision to pull Fleury after 2 goals against Phoenix. Potash said he should have been pulled, but the team needs to be careful that they don’t affect him mentally with all these moves.

Potash said Fleury is a little down in the dumps about his play, and he doesn’t think it is an injury problem because Fleury looks healthy after the games. Potash and the Fan Morning Show don’t know how to fix the problem and it will just have to be something Fleury and the team have to play through.

Potash told Paul Alexander that Pascal Dupuis is one of the emerging players that the team is looking score more goals. Potash said the he is not ready to hit the panic button this early in the season, and the team is still trying find themselves and no better time than now in November.

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