Clymer Man Allegedly Assaults 6 Police Officers

By Trina Orlando

INDIANA (KDKA) — A Clymer man is facing charges after he allegedly assaulted six Indiana police officers outside of an IUP fraternity house.

James O’Brien, 20, was asked to leave a private event at the Theta Chi fraternity house when he tried to start a fight with some members of the house.

Two police officers, including officer Tom Dessell, tried to break up the fight, but O’Brien became combative. O’Brien put Dessell’s partner in a choke hold, so Dessell called for backup.

Six officers were assaulted before O’Brien was taken into custody. Police say O’Brien is a black belt in a Brazilian martial arts.

Dessell says none of the officers was seriously injured, but this is still a serious incident.

The injured officers were treated and released from a local hospital.

O’Brien was charged with aggravated assault on a police officer, simple assault, disorderly conduct, terroristic threats, harassment, criminal mischief, resisting arrest and underage drinking.

He was taken to the Indiana County Jail and later released on $30,000 straight cash bond.


One Comment

  1. SwedishSnus says:

    This is just one of several reasons why I will not allow my daughter to attend either IUP of Cal U.

    1. Non Virgin says:

      wow.. such a virgin comment.. then dont let her attend those schools.. let her attend DORK U then.. Its whatever.. Every school has problems.. Dont you think LSU has the same problems?? Just dont hear it cause our location… Either way, go back to your dork home and send her to a dork school.. Virggggginnnn

      ps (not a dork frat guy, nor a current IUP student, just think that comment was dumb)

  2. ART says:

    The last charge is the most telling; underage drinking.

  3. Steve the townie says:

    Frat Kids at IUP are horrible, they should all be expelled because this happens every weekend with them.

  4. IUPGIRL says:

    The ‘attacker’ was neither an IUP student nor a fraternity member. This just shows how true the ‘news’ facts are. I’ll be the first to admit, fraternities are not the greatest.. at any university.. anywhere. But i do know IUP IS a great school. It’s the daughters and sons that are not allowed to make their own life decisons thats are usually the ones that act out. Honestly, your child is more than likely GOING to go out & GOING to drink and GOING to make the most of their college career whether you like it or not and whether you “think” they will or won’t. If you truely trusted your adolesents you would trust them to make the right decisions in life for themselves, and to learn from them. Furthermore, how often do you hear anything positive on the news anyhow? hardly ever. Maybe this is the reason you have such a close-minded outlook on a great university? Because you only go off of what the computer or TV tell you. For positive, TRUE info. on IUP, take a drive out 422 and see the Oak Grove, all of the international and local students who CHOOSE IUP as their Unvi. before you exclude it.

    1. Crows pledge master says:

      at least they didnt use a machete this time..

  5. pghcop says:

    shoud have shot him that would have taught this tough guy. And to you liberals it would have been justified…

  6. Janet Noble says:

    test post

  7. OXsweetheart says:

    Yeah um… my boyfriend is in this fraternity and he is neither a bad guy nor ever gets in trouble with cops. They were asking him to leave because it was a private event and he fought back with them. He does not go to IUP and definitely is not in the theta Chi fraternity here. All of these guys are such sweethearts and would never hurt someone unless they hurt another brother first. They stick up for each other, which is what friends and family do. IUP is a GREAT school and just because you think it is bad, you have a stereotypical view of it. IUP is no the IUP it used to be. It has calmed down A LOT! And let me tell you, there are PLENTY of other schools out there that are worse than here. All schools have parties and fraternities and sororities. Dela with it. It is part of a college experience. Don’t just send hate towards IUP and Cal U because they are the only ones who ever get ratted out for stuff. This kid was obviously an idiot and did something to the cops to deserve this. He goes to PSU. That tell syou something. If you truely don’t want your kids around people like this, keep them sheltered and imprisoned in your house. That’s the only way. People like this are everywhere. Get over it.

  8. Scott Brown says:

    Should have shot the guy dead. Children who have no respect for others as this fool is, (no respect for a private party, no respect to police), need to be take out back to the wood shed and put down. I bet we will soon hear of him again in trouble with the law. Get rid of him and those like him and life would be good. I will volunteer to pull the trigger, trip the switch, juice the noose, or squeeze the death juice if no one wants to have it linger on their consciousnesses.

    1. Snuzz says:

      Yea Scott. We should just execute every drunk and disorderly teenager. That will solve everything.

  9. darlene says:

    underage drinking + black belt in Brazilian martial arts = bad karma

  10. Julie says:

    A true martial artist would not use it for any purpose except for self-defense. If his instructors are teaching martial arts in the correct sense, they would ban him from class.

    I am a former 4th degree black belt and that is not acceptable.

    1. Hen says:

      “I am a former 4th degree black belt and that is not acceptable.”

      Former? So…you got demoated? LOL

    2. Jim says:

      4th degree blackbelt in any art would be handed their ass by a white belt in BJJ. Your martial art is fake. BJJ is for real fighting. Not karate competitions

  11. manto says:

    at 20 years old this kid is not a blackbelt in brazilian jiu jitsu period. if anyone knows this kid respond with his instructor’s name.

    1. Ha says:

      Mr. Buttcheese McGee.. I think

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