Fans Upset Over Reed’s Missed FG

PITTSBURGH (KDKA)- After losing to the New England Patriots Sunday night, the Pittsburgh Steelers are now 6-3. However, one player in particular is taking a lot of heat from the fans.

Jeff Reed missed a 26-yard field goal in the third quarter and the fans let him know about it.

“We didn’t show up,” Reed said. “My numbers don’t look great this year.”

Reed has only converted two of eight field goal attempts from over 40 yards this season. He had been perfect inside of 40 yards until Sunday’s miss.

“It’s [kind of] hard when you plant your foot and the whole piece of ground moves where the ball’s under the holder and you almost miss the ball completely,” Reed said. “What we play on is not very good turf. I’m not one to make excuses.”

Steelers fans were sure to voice their opinions of the miss by showering Reed with boos.

“It doesn’t surprise me. If you’re not perfect in this city, then you’re [going to] hear about it,” Reed said.

Reed’s miss came with the Steelers only down 17-3 with just under four minutes to play in the third quarter. They would go on to lose 39-26.

The Steelers had no comment about Reed’s displeasure with the turf at Heinz Field.

Pittsburgh is once again tied with the Baltimore Ravens for first place in the AFC North and will host the Oakland Raiders on Sunday at 1 p.m.


One Comment

  1. Barb says:

    What is his excuse for not being able to kick the ball to into the end zone?

  2. Jen says:

    Are the Steelers really as good as this city likes to think they are? Our D is good, but the offense, sucks! Ben’s an @ss! Over rated and over paid.

    1. PSL1988 says:

      BOY did you hit the nail right on the head !!! Everything you said ESPECIALLY about idiot “super Ben” is so true. SO sick of that whole topic !!!

  3. KKnox says:

    First off, news, Mr. Reed……… no matter what city you play in, fans boo for poor performance. Second, the way the team played, that missed field goal wouldn’t of made a difference

  4. Lori says:

    You clearly kicked the turf before you came near the ball. Stop partying, lose some weight and return to the athlete you used to be.

  5. steelerfan says:

    yes it did make difference , if he makes that feild goal , with 2:56 left when the steelers attempted that onside kick it would have been a 7 point game . they would have kicked it away and possilby got a 3 and out . could have set up a chance to tie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Get real says:

    Lets be like NTSB, if the kicker or quarterback misses their kik or throw, we can have them tested for drugs and alcohol

  7. PghChick26 says:

    First, it’s not like we lost by 3 points. Give the guy a break! We win as a team and we lose as a team. I saw a hell of a lot of miss-ups offensively, and where was the defensive Steel Curtain?!

    1. PSL1988 says:

      The Steel Curtain left in about 1980.

  8. Ashley says:

    I don’t get why Reed is getting all the slack for that loss and for other missed field goals this year. Yeah he’s not perfect but who is? He’s pretty darn good in my opinion and has definitely helped the Steelers get as far as they do over the past years. Why aren’t those who drop balls that are placed in their hand in the end zone getting slack, or those who doen’t protect the quarterback so he can get a pass off. There are lots of people to blame and who aren’t doing their jobs.ose who drop balls that are placed in their hand in the end zone getting slack, or those who doen’t protect the quarterback so he can get a pass off. There are lots of people to blame and who aren’t doing their jobs.

    1. Aaron says:

      He’s not getting all the “slack” for that loss yesterday, however that missed kick really did not help us either. I think we ALL are just sick and tired of his in-ability to make kicks to either secure a win or put the game out of reach.

    2. boo steelers says:

      Ashley, look up “slack” then come back with a word that fits and makes sense.

  9. Aaron says:

    Real Talk, THIS IS UN-ACCEPTABLE. Over the past 3 seasons his in-consistency has cost us a ton of games.

    1. Ryan says:

      No, it cost us one game, the Chicago game. He blew ONE game last year and all of the sudden he cost us a ton of games. In addition he has only been inaccurate one season, this year. Last year and the year before he had a high percentage, as always.

      1. castnbash says:

        @ryan …you may want to check your facts …he cost us a couple games last year …..

    2. Rusty says:

      Aaron, he blew only ONE game, the Chicago game last year, and all of the sudden it turns into a TON of games. In addition, he had a high percentage in 2008 and 2009. He has only been inaccurate this year.

      I can’t believe you people watched this game and came away with Reed being our main problem. WOW.

  10. JeezLouise says:

    His aim is much better when a paper towel dispenser is the target-

  11. Tman says:

    I’ts time for him to move on.. He’s washed up.

  12. Jlovestheburg says:

    Hey Reed, excuses are like back ends, everyone has one and they all STINK. We MAYBE could see if this didn’t happen so often but this is RIDICULOUS!! Seriously, pull your head out of your butt and GET YOUR HEAD IN THE GAME. AND YES, WE DO AS FANS EXPECT A LOT FROM A TEAM THAT HAS MADE IT THROUGH 6 SUPERBOWLS….. you know you don’t get paid to miss, right?

  13. marty says:

    He’s doing this on purpose because of his contract issue.

  14. judah says:

    Obviously, he was just way too sober to make this.

  15. Honey L.Malik says:

    Steelers got F’s & D’s for their report cards & the hit on Hines Ward better be fineed ,cause it was helmet to helmet too. Browns beat the Patroits & what happen to steelers on that day Y couldn;t bekieve they olayed that bad too.

  16. Dean says:

    “It doesn’t surprise me. If you’re not perfect in this city, then you’re [going to] hear about it,” Reed said. Um, no jack. Being a rowdy and disruptive drunk is what gave you a bad name. Maybe he should practice a little more and stay out of the bars. And he doesn’t make excuses but he said the steelers don’t play on good turf. Isn’t that an excuse. He didn’t complain when he used to do well. We’re over it Jeff. Just kick the ball. Your job isn’t as strenuous as the rest of the team.

  17. chuck says:

    jeff reed wasn.t the problem last night,the pats were. the steelers had to know they would be up for this game because they played so bad last week.the pats dont play that bad two weeks in a row. i know the steelers are beat up but that’s why you have a 53 man roster. i do agree that reed’s time has passed. he has excuses for all the kicks he misses. we need a kicker that can put it in the end zone once in awhile, and at least try to make a far as the hit on ward, lets see if the league does the right thing and hands out a fine. lets go steelers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. bissneg says:

    Some of you peop,le talk about how he takes it out on a paper towel dispenser, But if u believe that he should be gone because of this and the fact he missed a field goal because the offense couldnt do anything. If he is kicked out, the should get rid of the rapist on the team, and if you dont know who that is you shouldnt be commenting on thiss site. The coaches should be the ones to blame because the browns ran all over clevland and what do we do….. we throw the ball…what idiots

  19. wendy says:

    If Ben could throw a touchdown in the red zone Jeff Reed wouldn.t be so full of himself. Personally, I think he’s just about the best kicker out there, He’s won many a game for us because the offense can’t score. I’m sure his position is 90% mental and all this “negative” attention is adding to his poor performance this year. JEFF- don’t air your dirty laundry in public. It’s negative energy. Stop whining and do your job.You’re good at it. And all you drunken tailgaters/fans..let the paper towel dispenser go…I’m sure a few of you have had a disorderly conduct citation but we haven’t heard about it because your names’s not Jeff Reed.

  20. Justin says:

    Yes, jeff reed had problems but, as we have all seen in the past is the FIELD. When he attempted to kick a fg and his foot slipped to cause him to miss. In the pass they have had problems reguarding the turf. I can’t understand this but, u involve all this money to improve ur stadium but, why not go with astro turf. No maintence… Yeah it gets slippy when playing but, ur not playing in muck. I also blame the offense line for not giving big ben any time to complete a pass.

  21. Duke says:

    The turf stinks, the O-line can’t block, the D is playing below par, our recievers can’t hold on to balls that smack them in their hands, and the play calling is so bad that an idiot that doesn’t know football can see it doesn’t make sense…I know!!! Let’s trade our Kicker for a nobody who can’t keep his last two jobs. That’ll fix everything!

  22. STEVE says:


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