Hearing Postponed In Indiana Homicide Case

By: Trina Orlando

INDIANA (KDKA) – The preliminary hearing for a man accused of killing another man and then dumping his body in an Indiana river has been postponed.

Jon Black is charged with homicide in the death of Rodnell Burton of Homewood.

Police say that the motive was an unpaid drug debt.

Black is accused of beating Burton with a baseball bat inside of a friend’s trailer, then burning the body in a barrel and dumping it in the Conemaugh River.

Suspects in another crime investigation led police to Black and the body.

Monday’s hearing was postponed because prosecutors said they needed more time to interview witnesses.

Prosecutors have not yet decided whether or not they will seek the death penalty.

Black is being held in the Indiana County Jail without bond.


One Comment

  1. tyonna harris says:

    This is bs.! Jon Black killed Rodnell Burton because he was jealous of how much money he had, and he felt as though no black person should have that much money. So it was a case of racism and a drug debt. Jon Black deserves to rot in hell.

    1. Katie Billingsley says:

      you dont know what your talking about jon didnt kill this kid and theres plenty of proof if his attorney would do his job! yes he’s racist so what! thats no reason to hold him on this murder! know what the hell your talkin about b4 u post!

  2. Jamie says:

    Thats right! Do you even know jon? Yeah he hated black people and was messed up on drugs but by no way in hell would jon ever be jealous of a black person and who is to say that jon did it? Maybe the junkies he was haning out with that night were soo high that they killed him for the rest of the herion the little angle who could do no wrong brought for them to buy. Maybe they did it and came up with the plan to kill him, and blame it on jon because they knew everyone knew that jon was racist!!!!!!!!Makes sence to me! I hope he gets out!

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