Council Votes To Ban Marcellus Shale Drilling

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – City Council passed an ordinance to ban Marcellus Shale drilling with a unanimous vote Tuesday morning.

Pittsburgh City Council’s vote was 9-0 to adopt an ordinance that would ban Marcellus Shale drilling in Pittsburgh.

In defending her vote, City Council President Darlene Harris said drilling would create jobs at hospitals and funeral homes.

The Marcellus Shale Coalition released a statement on the vote.

“The vote represents a blow to the city’s weak financial standing and at the same time is a straightforward attack on individual property rights.”

Drilling opponents expect a court challenge.

Council has a potential backup – another bill that would not ban, but limit gas drilling.

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One Comment

  1. hashbrown says:

    Good one, Darlene.

    We may have a bum mayor, but at least council gets it done!

  2. redrock100 says:

    typical nitwit democrats

  3. Gloria says:

    So the gas drilling industry calls the ban an “attack on individual property rights”? Odd that they poured tons of cash into Harrisburg’s campaign coffers to try to get ‘forced pooling’ (eminent domain) enacted. Odder still that they keep quiet while drilling corporations try to get Public Utility status, which would also enable them to do any thing i on our property, if it would benefit their corporate bottom line. Congratulations citizens of Pittsburgh, we have elected officials that truly know why they were elected: to represent us, not to line their pockets with campaign cash from gas drillers.

  4. Reno says:

    Banning drilling in the City of Pittsburgh may seem like a victory, but let’s be honest here and acknowledge that this will not be enough. The city limits are tiny and drilling sites are already covering much of western Pennsylvania including within Allegheny County. Since the water shed that supplies the citizens of Pittsburgh also falls under these drilling sites that reside outside of the city limits, the environmental degradation to the city’s water supply will still take effect. Only by enacting laws in Harrisburg will we be able to protect our water supply from the EPA exempt Marcellus Shale gas drilling.
    Of course I’m not against the creation of jobs in our region, as many pro-drillers will coin me out to be, but I am against creating jobs in a temporary industry that will have extremely long term and disastrous results. Anyone who has taken a moment of their time to look into this type of drilling will uncover the fact that it is exempt from EPA regulation even though ‘fraking’ involves an enormous amount of highly questionably chemical-water concoctions that upon abstraction from the ground reside in the even more questionable frack ponds. With the Monongahela River already within the top ten most polluted rivers in the US (largely due to natural gas drilling already conducted), our water supply is in danger. What good will more jobs provide for western Pennsylvania if we are all forced to find an alternative water source? And what will that alternative water source be? Again, this ban on drilling within the City of Pittsburgh may seem like a success but the real battle needs to take place in Harrisburg where only they have the ability to protect our fragile water supply.

  5. Bendigator says:

    We Pennsylvanians have a strong heritage inthe out of doors. This drilling is going to take a huge toll on our lands. Think about it we already have trees in our fragile forests under attack from gypsy moths and emerald ash borers. Now we have to contend with ground water supplies to. What are we all thinking, the very thing we need to exist on this planet we are taking for granted H2o folks, we cannot survive without it . I have watched our lands get destroyed piece by piece don’t we all see that this has to stop. Our new state welcome sign will read Wecome to Pennsylvania land of gas wells and no water, enjoy the view.

    1. f/nfracking says:

      Bendigator, Your statement is the only common sense reply not pertaining to greed…Im with you, soon we’re not going to have water to drink along with the animals we hunt & eat, clean air to breathe….Where’s all the tree huggers, sierra club, environmentalists now??? Im guessing they are pocking some of the $$$ that they are getting to keep quiet.

  6. Michael says:

    It’s all for naught. The city does not have the authority to ban drilling–the state has preempted all regulation of oil and gas drilling within Pennsylvania (58 Pa. Consol. Stat. § 601.602); this ordinance will not withstand a court challenge. The only exception to the state’s preemption is zoning, and the Pennsylvania courts have already ruled that when a municipality zones, it must permit every possible use–including gas drilling–within its boundaries or else it violates the PA Constitution.

    This ordinance may make people feel good now, but ultimately it will be a waste of time and money for the city.

  7. beryl wicker says:

    I believe the answer is THE SHERIFF the top Cop in the Counties.There is an Open Public Meeting in Punxsutawney with a presentation by Dr Stephen Clegg. Saturday 5th March between 9.30am and 1PM. Free movies and hand outs.Area Community Center 200 N Jefferson Street.Punxsutawney.Including the proper Role of the Constitutional Sheriff..Come see what a Constitutional scholar has to say about that argument.

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