PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Duquesne Light customers are getting a special deal from Dominion Energy.

The offer is detailed in a letter that is being delivered to 200,000 Duquesne Light customers.

“This keeps your rate lower than Duquesne Light’s guaranteed through 2013,” Dan Donovan with Dominion Energy Solutions said. “It’s 5 percent lower until May of 2011, and then from May of 2011 to May of 2013, it’s 10 percent lower than Duquesne Light’s.”

Donovan says customers will still be billed and serviced by Duquesne, but the cheaper electricity comes from Dominion. It’s part of the state’s choice program to encourage competition.

While this deal is Dominion’s best ever, about 100,000 Duquesne customers already use Dominion for electricity.

It’s not the total bill that is reduced – just the electricity generation portion, but that can represent 65 to 70 percent of your bill.

You sign up by returning the reply card or by calling 1-800-363-8790. But if you change your mind, there’s a $50 cancel fee.

Duquesne Light would not comment on the Dominion rate plan, saying by law they are not allowed to.

The Dominion offer is open to the first 20,000 customers who respond.

The deadline for opting in to this 10 percent discount is Dec. 10. If you’re a Duquesne Light customer and you don’t get this letter by the end of the week, just call 1-800-363-8790.

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