Ed Bouchette Dissects The Steelers

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Steelers beat writer Ed Bouchette joined Vinnie and Cook on Sportsradio 93-7 The Fan for instant analysis of Jeff Reed’s release and he admits being surprised that the Steelers made this move. Ed also notes that the Jeff Reed situation is a perfect distraction from all the other issues facing the Steelers right now and he wonders whether all the fines have started to catch up with James Harrison.


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  1. 204 says:

    Actually, I think it was Tom Brady who dissected the Steelers…

  2. Jen says:

    Yes Tom Brady did a good job dissecting us, no doubt. But lets think realistically for a min. Jeff Reed yes has made some errors this season that resulted in not so good situations or scores yes we all know this. But lets look at everything else maybe hes having a bad year, I think every professional athlete can say that this has happened to them at one point or another. Maybe he needs some direction and his distractions pointed out, but releasing him is crazy he has always been there for the steelers and normally pulled us out of sticky situations. Why is he being relased when there are bigger mistakes by others that have happend and yet they still remain. Come on now this is Steeler nation and whether they win or lose we stick by the teams side, I believe this can be agreed upon by the millions of people who are part of the nation. What team really has it like the steelers do. The fans, alone are affected just as much as the team members themselves when we dont win but yet every game whether we tailgate, watch it at home, the radio or by physically being there, the nation is by their side. Releasing Reed was insaine to me i think, no im not proud of the errors that have been made by him lately but he is part of our nation he’s family now to it, and we support them through good and bad

    1. castnbash says:

      68% of his FG attempts where good meaning he missed basically 1/3 of all his kicks ……lowest percentage in the league !! top 5 pay for kickers in the league …. from a $$$ vs performance standpoint he gets an F ………… hence he is gone and that is without even looking at a dozen other reasons they had to release him and trust me there is a dozen more reasons one could consider worthy

  3. Rob says:

    Go figure….if you criticize the Rooney’s, you are gonnneee! If you think this was Tomlin’s decision, you are uninformed! This comes from the respectful minion, Kevin Colbert, who was just passing on the message from Junior. When all is said and done, Santonio and Jeff will be missed. Heinz Field is a catastrophe, and the Rooney’s don’t want to hear it, so be awre players…don’t complain or you will be gone!

  4. castnbash says:

    racist pig

  5. MIKE S. says:


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