Jeff Reed’s Departure Talk Of The Town

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Many Steelers fans are still digesting the news that kicker Jeff Reed is no longer with the team.

At the North Shore Saloon, the NFL Players Association expressed gratitude to fans with a special tailgate night. It’s called the “One Team Tour” and fans had plenty to talk about.

Last week it was all about Max Starks’ injury. Now it’s all about Reed’s departure.

“You know, our business relies, sadly, on performance and I think that’s what it came down to,” Starks said. “You know, I hate to see that. We have such a good friend, a guy who’s been so good over the years – I mean my entire career here.”

“First of all, it’s sad,” Ryan Clark said. “You think about a guy that’s been so consistent and so good for us for so many years, but he’s also a guy who lifts our spirits in the locker room.”

Reed’s 15 for 22 performance coupled with his recent rants about the turf and the fans has drawn a lot of criticism.

“He wasn’t getting it done this year, but I think they would have cut him some slack if he would have kept his mouth shut,” Rebecca Rollett, a fan, said.

“But his performance has been lacking so much this season that it really doesn’t justify the contract they gave him much less does it justify to keep him on the team,” Kevin Mallon, another fan, added.

Some fans were sad to see Reed leave.

“It’s sad that he was released,” Dennis Tkazs said. “He was a good vital part. He embodied the Steelers themselves for the most part.”

“I think teams don’t appreciate their kicker until they have a bad kicker,” Kristin Cannon said. “And I think he was really reliable and it’s a shame.”

Reed spent nine years with the Steelers.

“Wish him well, wherever he goes,” Antwaan Randle El said. “I think he’s still a great kicker. He’ll get picked up. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out. Kind of got to roll with the punches and move on.”


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  1. castnbash says:

    the real reason is of bounty …..

    1) 68% FG percentage
    2) multiple incidents involving law enforcement
    3) publicly complaining about his contract
    4) nudity on the internet
    5) short inconsistent kickoffs
    6) alcohol problems
    7) bad talking the fans whom indirectly pay his wages
    8) confrontations with fans
    9) condemning the field they play on
    10) being a top 5 salaried kicker in the league and having the league lowest FG made percentage
    11) kicking in supposedly the toughest home field in the league and being out performed by your opponents whom do not kick there nearly as often as you do nor have the opportunity to practice there

    12) half hearted tackle attempts when he is the last man available …..

    take your pick there is a bounty of good reasons

  2. Kathy S. says:

    Steelers made a mistake cutting Jeff Reed. He’s a great kicker who’s having a bad season.

    1. castnbash says:

      the past does not secure your future in the NFL ..your only as good as your record ( or as a kicker percentages ) say you are and Jeff Reed is a 68% guy ( lowest in the NFL ) making top 5 kicker money …. this is a what have you done for me lately league as it should be , your paid to perform if you fail to perform you can find a new job ….

  3. Louette B says:

    Seems like everyone is forgetting about the games we would not of won if it wasn’t for Jeff’s talent. Another team will be very lucky to get him.

    1. castnbash says:

      guess your a assuming kind of person , who is to say the guy the Steelers would have employed instead of Reed would not have made those kicks and more ? the last Kicker to give Reed a competition to speak of in camp was Rob Bironas and last I checked his career has been better than just ok …in fact it has been superb … Reed is 68% on the Season Bironas on the other hand is 94% with a long of 55 yards ……. his percentage has never been lower than 78% and they take some LONG attempts with Rob he has nailed kicks from 60 yards !! …. so one would expect Based on the fact that the titans take some shots from further out that Bironas would have a lower career percentage but in fact the opposite is true he has a higher percentage career than Reed …. and Reed has always sucked at kickoffs …Reed in 9 seasons has a meager 49 touch backs …. Birones in 6 seasons has 80 touch backs …that is valuable field position

    2. Jeff S says:

      looks like someone is forgetting all of the games we could have won last season if Reed hadn’t choked and missed easy FG attempts (ex: at Chicago).


    unfortanatly for jeff hes having a bad season,he should of kepthis mouth shut ,theres one thing you dont disrespect the city of pittsburgh or there steelers fans,yes kicking is tough sometimes in hienz field,but its even worse for oppossing kickers,good luck mr reed.A LIFE LONG FAN WINNING OR LOSING GO STEELERS.

    1. castnbash says:

      opposing kickers are out kicking Jeff Reed in Hienz field this season percentage wise …..that is a very sad fact when you can not out kick your opponent in your own house !!

  5. Jim says:

    You pessimistic fans are one reason that Jeff will be better off somewhere else. Stop being so critical. Reed has scored the second most points (919) of any person to ever wear a Steelers jersey. He has a career average better than even Gary Anderson. He is the 12th most accurate place kicker in NFL history (81.9%) compared to Anderson’s 80.1%. This man has done more for our dear Steelers than he is given credit for. It is unfortunate that we hold him to the same standards for accuracy percentage as other kickers in the league who kick in domes or in sunny city with turf. Stop being overly critical. I doubt this new kicker will have as much long-term success as Reed.

    1. Samantha says:

      Jim you are so right! I completely agree with what you said. I definitely believe this new kicker will not be as successful as Reed. I am a big Reed fan and supporter and I hate to say this but maybe cutting Reed was the best decision-mainly because now Jeff will be able to go somewhere where he is actually appreciated.

  6. Bulldog says:

    The Steeler organization would not be the team that almost every player in the NFL wants to play for. soley because of the Roony’s and Steeler Nation. Insult your boss and see what happens.

  7. Kelly Girvin-Mccreery says:

    Can no one give Jeff Reed credit?? Steelers will be sorry…all these so called Steeler fans saying they r glad he’s gone because of performance?? so cut Reed and leave Gay???? are u serious?? Tomlin better get his game together along with arians or leave!

    1. Laurie M. says:

      I totally agree ! Tomlin better wake up fast, and Arians needs to become a better coach, his play calling stinks.. Yes, what about Gay.. he has done nothing..Jeff won plenty of game for us, when the offense couldn’t. I am a sad Steeler Fan. Our team is sinking fast !!

    2. Samantha says:

      I agree!

  8. 2059 says:

    The Squeelers aren’t going ANYWHERE, with or without Jeff Reed.

    1. Tkish says:

      Must be another jealous Browns or Bengirls fan.

    2. PITTSBURGH FAN says:


  9. Mike says:

    Jeff Reed IS a great kicker. Why didn’t the Steelers go the extra yard to remedy the problem he was having here. It all comes down to money. The Rooneys remedied? Bens problem with councilling, because they have 100 million inversted in him. Reed by comparison was on the low end of the pay scale so that made him expendable. Something was going on to cause his performance to drop. Maybe they should have tried to a little harder to work things out with one of the best kickers the Steelers ever had. And yeah there are some other players who do nothing to contribute, get rid of these players too. I always thought there should be a performance clause to keep players production up. So many times they sign a contract then they end up on IR collecting their guaranteed money. Jeff Reed played his position well long after the ink on his contract was dry, unlike other players.

  10. castnbash says:

    kind of funny that almost all the people supporting Reed are female , I know he was a frequent strip club customer but what I did not realize is that so many strippers where message board posters … no other way to explain the near 100 percent support Reed is garnering from the females in this thread …to bad his FG percentage was not close to that number or he may still have a job

  11. castnbash says:

    well also you can not act like this and keep your job either …

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