Steelers Cut Reed, Sign Suisham

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The Pittsburgh Steelers will have a new kicker when they play host to the Oakland Raiders Sunday afternoon.

The Steelers cut Jeff Reed Tuesday morning and signed free agent kicker Shaun Suisham.

The announcement was made by head coach Mike Tomlin during his weekly press conference.

Suisham made his NFL debut with the Dallas Cowboys in 2005. He has had three stints with the Cowboys and three others with the Washington Redskins.

As a member of the Washington Redskins, Suisham made 81 of 101 field goal attempts.

In 12 games with Washington last season, he made 18 of 21 attempts.

The Steelers have a working knowledge of Suisham as they cut him from training camp in 2005.

KDKA-TV’s Bob Pompeani caught up with Antwaan Randle El, who played with Suisham in Washington.

“It’s just unfortunate to lose Jeff [Reed]. Great teammate, that’s tough. It’s part of the business. [I] haven’t had a chance to talk to him yet, but certainly I will, sometime tonight. [I] wish him well, wherever he’s going.

“I think he’s still a great kicker. He’ll get picked up. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out. Kinda got to roll with the punches and move on,” Randle El said.

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One Comment

  1. stoopm says:

    Bringing in one hack to replace another hack, good move Steelers

    1. Chaz says:

      Exactly right. I think Reed’s % is better than the new hack. Also, why leave Gay on the field either, he gets burnt more than an overhead welder.

      1. Denise Mccloskey says:

        Got that right! And what happens if Ward is or gets hurt, what we have 1 guy to throw to down the field, everone needs some freaking stick em.. Sad display from everyone on SUNDAY. Front like couldn’t stop my Grandmother!

  2. Nickolas Kalogeris says:

    Reed made a lot of big kicks for us, its sad how soon we forget!

    1. Joker says:

      I dont care about the kicks i am glad we cut such a pompous jerk. Hopefully he will move out of pittsburgh and stop fighting cops, breaking things in bathrooms, and groping girls in the club. People get what they deserve.

      1. Susie Q says:

        If they were cutting pompous jerks Roethlisberger would be gone

    2. Susie Q says:

      I agree 100%

  3. CMDUVB says:

    Classic Pittsburgh. Allow 39 points and blame the idiot kicker for the loss. William Gay still has a job??? Jonathan Scott is starting on Sunday??? But at least we now have a kicker with a 79.1% career record. Fantastic.

  4. Laurie Grandy Fusco says:

    I can’t beleve they did this. I thought we stood behind our players. Not only did Reed miss the kick, but more times then Reed missed the Offense failed to get the TD. So what do we do cut them all. I think this was a bad decision. We will miss you Jeff. Still hope to see you at the Pens games.

    1. CMDUBV says:

      You thought Steelers fans stood behind our players??? Thats about the last thing they do.

      1. Laurie Grandy Fusco says:

        Well they have stood behind worse then Reed. Like IDK Ben for one!!! I know Reed’s mouth is what got him cut because he doesn’t think before he speaks and yes it is time for him to move on but at the end of the season not like this. I know the fans are not going to cut him a break, but I thought his 9 year employer would. Oh well I just hope they didn’t bite off there nose to spite there face.

    2. Carol says:

      You”ll miss Jeff? You can always find him at that strip club in New Alex.

      Be sure to bring some paper towels with you Laurie.

  5. Kelly Girvin-Mccreery says:

    WOW they r gonna be sorry for letting him go….can’t blame a kicker for losing a game when u have quarterback who can’t make plays and receivers who can’t catch and a line that plays like 10 yr. olds….i think this is a mistake!

    1. Brian says:

      kelly your comment makes no sense? If a QB couldnt make plays then how could receivers drop balls? Secondly, you cannot avoid a sack when there is no one there to block the defensive line. And last but not least, he is now 7-12 for the year. I would hardly call that great stats. Its not about what you did last year, its about what youre doing now and lets face it he sucks. With his recent failures, and talking back about the fans and media.. what did you expect. They are trying to win games. If he would have made that field goal they would have been down 7. That does a little bit for your motivation and psyche and opens the way to getting to ball back on an onside kick.. Learn the game as with most Yinzers you dont understand its a business, the point is to win!

      1. Nicole says:

        well said Brian!

      2. Dennis Mowrey says:

        Agree Brian!!

      3. Dennis Mowrey says:

        Good riddance!! You should not blame the turf for your problems considering how long you have been kicking there. Along with the other issues you have had, wasn’t Plaxico and Santonio’s sudden departures a wake up call, Jeff? So to sound bitter, but it was the kicker’s fault and not the turf. You have kicked in worse conditions than that!!

    2. Susie Q says:

      Kelly I completely agree (as long as the reciever you’re talking about isn’t Hines= ). I said on here yesterday Jeff was a heck of a better kicker than Ben is a qb, and Reed beat up a freaking towel dispenser, he’s not an accused serial rapist. I completely thought he was a joy to have on the team and he had the talent to back up his cheerful goofiness. He also became a true Pittsburger, maybe even more than any other player. I hope no matter what he always considers here his home (& that he never stops attending Pens games!!!) I really think this is gonna come back to bite us on the butt, and it will be deservidly so. BIG MISTAKE

  6. Paul says:

    Kicking at Heinz is a challenge, I agree with replacing jeff reed because he has been inconstant but to bring in another guy who will likely be the same makes no sense. He’s been cut for a reason and available for a reason. Idk hope it works out. Go Steelers!

    1. CJTF says:

      Inconstant Paul; you have bad Pgh Grammar; INCONSISTENT is the word. For those of you that cannot write properly, the only way to avoid embarassing rebuttles is to NOT POST on the WEB.

      Your Inconstant sounds just as ridiculous as Sarah Palin’s Refutiate – they are not WORDS!

      Overall, Jeff Reed has been acting like a jerk for some time now, but I think that Tomlin & the Rooney’s should have cut him a little slack. Ben reconfigured (yes Paul, reconfigured is an ACTUAL WORD of the ENGLISH Language) his image; they should have allowed Jeff to do the same thing.

      1. Mishi says:

        It’s ‘REBUTTAL’ CJTF! Maybe YOU should rethink posting on the WEB! How funny you use the incorrect term in the sentence advising about writing properly….

      2. castnbash says:

        woah the grammar police are officially in the house !! ( OMG I used a double exclamation point hope you do not fine me !! ) whats your deal going off for a misspelling or typo you understood what they meant ! perhaps you should check the validity in proper grammar of typing all capitol letter words mid sentence before doing so while condemning someone else ???

        Bottom line here we are supposed to be talking football so in an effort to get this back on track , 68% FG rating does not get it in the NFL PERIOD !! and that alone is PLENTY of reason to dump him !

      3. Doug says:

        I thought this was a blog about Jeff Reed. Didn’t realize it was a spelling test.

  7. Steelcurtain says:

    I’m no fan of some of Jeff’s off field blowups, but he has been a very reliable kicker for the steelers for several years, especially at Heinz field, a tough place to kick. I know he’s missed some this year he would normally have probably made in the past, but Is there a back story here not being published?

    1. castnbash says:

      sure is …his FG percentage at home is WORSE than those of the visitors kickers combined …..he is one of the highest paid kickers in the league working under the franchise tag and has the lowest FG made percentage in the league for the season …. he has missed 7 kicks already and we are just 1 game past the midway point ….. he has openly complained about his contract , has been in trouble with the law 2 or 3 times ( always drunk when it happens ) and is now complaining about the field and the fans ….. In my humble opinion he is more trouble than he is worth even if he has not missed a kick all year ( but he has missed 7 )

    2. castnbash says:

      68% FG made on the season is far from reliable and to think he was making top 5 money for turning in a league worst percentage !!

  8. heff says:

    Maybe this hack won’t act like an idiot.

    1. Ryan says:

      And you’ll be happy when he’s missing FGs but is a model citizen off the field? I think I already know the answer to that question.

  9. steelernation says:

    Reed Blows, glad he’s gone!

  10. Dennis says:

    Don’t worry folks. He’ll find work. Guessing he’d fit in nicely with the Bengals. It’s not his foot that’s the problem as much as his mouth. But he’ll fit in nicely with the likes of Ochostinko and T.O.

    1. tammiek says:

      My thoughts exactly!!! He belongs with Ochostinko & the rest of the all mouth and no action players!

  11. Kate says:

    I don’t feel bad one bit for him, he has plenty of money and some talent he may do well in a different city…maybe if he actually made field goals and attempted to hit players when they make it all the way to him then he wouldnt be in the place he is. To much ego not enough skill….. welcome to the burgh SUISHAM!!!!!

  12. Hank says:

    Man hate to see Jeff Reed time here at Pittsburgh end this way. He’s made some clutch kicks for the Steelers, but I just think the off field stuff, and the whining caught up with him, and finally his performance this year. He was making 2.7 Million this year, in this environment and recession, man you be thankful, and just perform on the field for the bigger contract. I wish him well in the future.

  13. Jeepn2k7 says:

    My question is…can Suisham tackle if needed?

    1. r. quinlan says:

      can he knock paper towl machines off bathroom walls thats important

    2. Ryan says:

      No. Kickers can’t tackle. Why are we still hung up on Jeff Reed missing a tackle like 16 games ago.

  14. ihockeynut says:

    Is everyone forgetting he basically called the Rooney’s liars during his training camp salary demands? Between that, his obviously poor decision making in his off field behavior and a lack of humility for his missed kicks, this was a sure thing by the end of the year anyway. He would be a better fit for Oakland if Janakowski ever leaves.

  15. heff says:

    ATTENTION ALL SHEETZ AND 7-ELEVEN MANAGER – Lock the doors to your Men’s restroom until further notice.

    Jeff is going to bring the pain.

    1. Dino says:

      That’s too funny, good one heff i am glad he is gone.

  16. Gary says:

    Go Swiss Ham!!!!

  17. PaigezMum says:

    My prayers have been answered! I have disliked Jeff Reed for many seasons. I remember when Suisham was cut, and I went nuts because he could thump it in the end zone. Face it, if you want to be a goof, you are not going to be a Steeler for long. Thank you Steeler management for getting rid of the ilk!

  18. Paul Baxter says:

    Oh give me a minute the Steelers have a new kicker.

  19. Bryan Seidle says:

    I agree that Reed has been struggling the past two years. Cutting him may or may not have been the best idea for the Steelers. But, I hope that we have the same attitude toward QBs. We may not need a great kicker if we could go a game without a pick/6 or a fumble in the end zone. It might also be a good thing to score a touchdown in the red zone for a change. Let’s face it, the D has carried this team for years and will continue to do so for many more.

    1. castnbash says:

      why not look no further than the play caller for those answers ??? The QB calls the plays sent in by his offensive coordinator in this case Bruce Arians ( aka bozo the clown ) tell me this , when a fan can sit at home in front of the TV and know what play is coming 90% of the time by the formation and personnel group on the field that guys who have studied your films do not know what is coming before it happens ???? Arians has ZERO imagination and I am sick to death of 3rd and 2 empty back sets , I am also sick to death of not employing a normal FB as a lead blocker …have you ever wondered what happened to the I formation in Pittsburgh and power football ??? here is a clue bruce Arians has openly said ( google it ) he does not believe in the traditional FB in his offense ….yea there is something offensive about it alright !!

    2. Pat says:

      Yep, lets cut the 2-time Super Bowl winning QB (more0 rings than P. Manning, Brees, Rivers, E. Manning, McNabb, Favre, etc.). Great idea! The Rooneys should hire you to make personnel decisions.

  20. Sheri says:

    I am sorry to see him go. Sounds like this was planned long ago. Good Luck Jeff. do good.

  21. Red says:

    I am gradually losing respect for the Pittsburgh Steeler organization. The Rooneys should be ashamed to dismiss Reed in this manner, considering their forgiveness in allowing Roethlisberger to play. Yes! he missed a field goal and ranted on afterwards, but what exactly did the defense do that is so deserving one or two players keep their jobs (Taylor / Gay). What about Bruce Arians? The offense played an very impressive 4th quarter (sense of urgency). So, why not play the game in this manner for all 4 quarters. Sanders should not be playing offense for now!!! To Jeff Reed; Tthank you for your contribution over the many years, best of luck.

    1. Pat says:

      This decision reaffirms my faith in the Steelers organization. They didn’t cut him because he missed one chip shot. He’s a drunk,fat, inconsistent piece of trash. His numerous run-ins with the law, his loud mouth, and POOR play all contributed to this.

      Taylor is a solid CB, so I’m glad you don’t make decisions. Also, it’s pretty easy for an offense to rack up yards and points when the defense is playing with a 20 point lead.

      Steelers fans are passionate, but they are definitely not knowledgeable.

    2. castnbash says:

      are you really this out of the loop ??? /rolls eyes

  22. joe says:

    Folks honestly I’m supprised he has lasted this long. Look at the troubelsome Steeler’s of seasons past who have hadd off the field antics Homes, Davenport, Wilson and now Reed, or those who compalined they were not paid enough Reed, Porter, Faneca, Plax. Where are they now team hopping and carrying all the baggage that the Steeler’s saw coming. Personally I think Ben got a pass because of the amount of money they have invested but that is another story…..

    The Steelers are a class organization, BLUE COLLAR, put your head down work hard and we’ll take care of our own types. Represent us well and do your job and go about things the right way you’ll get your just due. Others have done this, Bettis, Ward, Troy. They all handled it the right way when the tiem came and said, we’ll do this behind closed doors and I’m sure it will get worked out and it did.

    Some of these guys live in another reality, let them go out and live like the majority of their fans today, worrying about the mortgage, making the car payment, etc instead of griping about your 2+ million dollar contract for kicking a ball. I can’t say I’m sorry to see him go, but like other players that have left before and we thought we couldnt’ get by give it time and someone will step up and it will be Reed who?

    1. castnbash says:

      good post …. I wonder just how many fans knew who Jeff Reed was BEFORE we signed him , my guess is 1 in 100 at best because he was a Undrafted Free agent out of N.C. and MOST Steeler fans do not get to see many ( if any ) N.C. football games …Reed had his time and was serviceable but never great , remember there is more to being a kicker than Field Goals and extra points Reed has always sucked at kickoffs and RARELY held the opponent to a touch back costing us field position on nearly every kickoff , he was never a willing tackler on returns either he made some of the most lack luster attempts I have ever witnessed in 40 years of being a fan …people talk about being clutch , well Reed was clutch at one point in his career but those days are a few seasons behind us now in fact I can not remember when he has made the kick with a couple mins left to seal the victory but I can name a half dozen over the past couple years he has missed and cost us some games … so I am happy he is gone !! now the question is will this replacement fair any better ?

  23. Mike says:

    Maybe the Steeler organization couldn’t dry him out!

  24. sarah says:

    Was quite surprised he wasn’t cut after his half-a$$ed play last season in which he exhibited a worsening attitude, perhaps in part because of a contract or lack there-of. Also, his short kick offs only added to our problems on special teams last year. I wonder how much his drinking has affected his athletic ability?

    1. CMDUBV says:

      He kicked above 87% last year, but dont let facts get in the way of your hatred for a human being.

      1. castnbash says:

        Last year the Saints won the SB , does that mean we should anoint them the Lombardi again this year ? …..each season you start over he is kicking at 68% and you are what your record says you are !!

  25. Econ says:

    The Redskins would have signed him to a 5 year guaranteed deal!

  26. Jared says:

    Everyone needs to realize that kicking is 70% – 80% mental. It became apparently clear that Jeff lost his mental edge at some point during the season or in pre-season when his comments began to fly. The field, the fans and the media are in his head. That’s not to take away the fact th at Jeff is 12th in NFL history in FG%. But, NFL players don’t have the luxury of a 162 game season like MLB players do to remove themselves from a slump and get back into the right mindset. The Steelers are fighting for a Division Championship, home field throughout the playoffs and a Super Bowl. They don’t have time to wait out Jeff’s mental storm. Jeff IS a good kicker, but right now he needs to get his head straight. What the Steelers are doing is bringing in a clear, fresh mind. A surgeon who only completes 68% of his operations successfully in one year certainly would be out of a job. Jeff gets paid more than a surgeon. 68% is unacceptable.

  27. Carlos says:

    @joe: Yeah, you are right; Hines Ward never complained publicly about his contract.

  28. Carlos says:

    @joe: “Look at the troubelsome Steeler’s of seasons past who have hadd off the field antics Homes, Davenport, Wilson and now Reed, or those who compalined they were not paid enough Reed, Porter, Faneca, Plax.”

    Right, because this never happened to James Harrison before he was given a huge contract, correct? What did Cedrick Wilson do that James Harrison didn’t? Put up big numbers is the answer. Some of the yinzers in this town are unreal!

  29. Samantha says:

    The Pittsburgh Steelers and the Rooney family have just made probably one of their worst mistakes ever by releasing Jeff Reed! How quickly everyone forgets about the amazing field goals Jeff has made, for example, the 53 yard field goal he just made last week! We don’t release WIlliam Gay who gave up three touchdowns but yet Jeff misses a field goal, granted an easy one, and goodbye to him! How fair is that?! Another team will pick Jeff up and he will continue being successful in his career! Pittsburgh will regret the decision they made! I was a fan of the Steelers mainly because of Jeff and I will continue to follow his career and still be a fan and supporter. Right now I am upset with the Steeler organization. But on Sunday afternoon I will wear my #3 Reed jersey. Gone, but not forgotten!

    1. castnbash says:

      7 misses FG attempts this season , lowest FG made percentage in the league , one of the highest paid kickers in the league , almost never kicks a touch back in any venue …..2 or 3 run ins with Police , complaining about contract , complaining about the field , complaining about the fans nearly comes to blows with a fan after the game this week , has a drinking problem , has nude pics of his junk on the net ……and you say over 1 missed FG ???? think again !!

    2. Jeff says:

      Oh Samantha how quickly you forget the 41 yard kick Reed missed at the end of the Bengals that would have iced it instead of giving Cincinnati life in the final minutes of the game. This is not about Jeff Reed missing one kick last week. Yes Jeff has been good but HAS BEEN is not cutting it today. The NFL is what have you done for me lately business and Reed was not cutting it for the Steelers.

      As for your point about William Gay, AMEN! He’s a joke.

  30. D says:

    This is not an upgrade. I would think the point of letting a kicker go who you franchised tagged, would be to get someone who can kick under pressure. This guy has a history of cracking under pressure. I am truly shocked. Not once did he make a kick when the game was on the line. I understand why they felt they needed a change, but Really!! Really…. This was the best out there. And they only tried out ONE kicker….
    Alas, I will have to put my faith in the organization, that they know some thing I don’t…..

    SQUEEZEM SUISHAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. D says:


  32. hoodgang says:


  33. castnbash says:

    a bit disturbing some fans know more about who is available than Colbert does , why else would they not bring in a guy like Garrett Lindholm??? Kid made a 64 yarder in 2009 ( college ) and at his pro day was 3 of 4 from 60 yards ….. was cut by the Colts at the end of preseason in favor of Vinitari ( sp ) and did not get a contract elsewhere …a kid like him should have got an invite to tryout at least in my opinion

  34. castnbash says:

    Norm Johnson where are ya son ???

  35. skippy says:

    I am an avid football fan especially for the steelers. I don’t know if we got a good kicker or not, we’ll see. Jeff has done alot of good for the Steelers but.. It seems to me that in the last couple or so years alot of the nfl football players have decided they are divas and should be treated as divas. It’s getting out of hand. Sure, we all make mistakes and stuff happens but when you are getting paid (as the guy said above) more than a surgeon, how many mistakes do you make before you get the boot? How about all you people who work in business? How many mistakes do you make before you are let go? It’s their job to win games and do what it takes to win. We can’t win them all, but that doesn’t mean it’s ok to embarrass ourselves on national TV then stand there and talk smack. Shame on you! At least apoligize! You might as well said “My high heel gave out” “Its hard to kick in heels! without my fingernail breaking!” Give me a break! Take a good look at players like Hines, Troy and Aaron Smith. These diva players would do much better if they too were a little more humble. Good Luck to our Steelers this Sunday and to our new kicker.

  36. Planher says:

    Thank god he is gone! Reed started losing his edge last year! It started with the Chicago game and he went down hill from there. I was very surprised that they kept him after last season. This has totally reminded me of Kris Brown! He was very solid for us for many years and then started to lose focus and started to miss kicks. Steelers cut him promptly and now they have done the same with Reed. I am happy to see him go! This is a business and if you don’t do your job you get fired! Loyalty has nothing to do with it!

  37. castnbash says:

    don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya !!

  38. castnbash says:

    hate to disappoint you but you will have to stand in line behind Bruce Arians still LOL

  39. Sandi says:

    Breaking News!!!! The real reason the Steelers let Jeff Reed go is…………. because he spoke out negatively. Things happen to those who speak out negatively….. Ask James Harrison

  40. Marky Mark says:


  41. vic spinelli says:

    I am so glad that they got rid of that “JAGOFF”…I couldn’t understand why they signed him as a franchise player in the first place.

  42. Debbie Devigne says:

    Its about time the Steelers cut him…Wish I could have been there to show Princess Reed the door.

  43. Julie says:

    Now we need to get rid of the rapist big ben!

    1. castnbash says:

      hey idiot every hear of innocent until proven guilty ? do you have any concept on how the legal system works ?

      was Ben ever arrested ? NO
      was Ben ever charged ? NO
      was Ben ever tried ? NO

      all Ben ever was is accused and I am accusing you of being a moron is it true ? I guess that is up for debate but considering your comments I have a pretty good chance of gaining a conviction in the court of public opinion ….. speaking of which the court of public opinion verdict and a buck fifty will get you a cup of coffee at the local Deny’s ……….oh wait the coffee is only a buck fifty ?? guess the verdict does not mean anything after all now does it ???? ………….here take this quarter and buy yourself a clue ..quit using TMZ as your media source , while your at it quit using the TV and News Paper as said source too try reading the Police reports and look at the inconsistencies in the woman’s complaint , look at the absence of DNA , also look at the fact where she said he was unprotected …while your at it look at the DTF she had on her shirt that night and the fact she followed him to 5 bars he did not follow her !! she was looking for something and she just might have found it its called 15 min of fame !!

    2. Russ says:

      He’s not rapist but you’re an idiot.

  44. Julie says:

    Can someone explain why we kept the rapist but got rid of the pot smoker?

    1. Russ says:

      Because he’s not a rapist. duh

  45. DeAnna DeRienzo says:

    it saddens me to see how quickly steelers “fans” are to jump off the jeff reed bandwagon, toss him under it and run him over. this is the guy who tallied up alot of points and won alot of games for pittsburgh, with his toe. not too mention, two super bowl rings that he helped them achieve. yes, he has missed some field goals, he’s not perfect. what about when troy misses a tackle? or ward misses a catch? or big ben throws an interception? again, it proves the fact that NOBODY is perfect. and yes, jeff may have made a few poor decisions while intoxicated. who here hasn’t? including your beloved quarterback himself.
    so within the next couple of weeks, when suisham is missing field goals, im sure you will be wishing jeff was still on the team.
    i myself will truly miss jeff. but i hope he finds a team that will open him with open arms, and support him 100%, whether he is making field goals, or missing them.
    as for those saying that jeff deserved to go, because “he ran his mouth”. he was only speaking the truth. and like the old saying goes, “the truth hurts”
    to the ones saying, he needed to be cut weeks ago, because of his weight gain is ridiculous. when did the nfl turn into america’s next top model?!?!
    jeff reed is genuinely a great guy with a heart of gold. and i wish him all the best!

    1. castnbash says:

      you know he is a great guy with a heart of gold how exactly ?? seems from your comments you may be his mother ???

  46. castnbash says:

    lots of women here seem to know as much and often times more than some of the male counterparts posting ….. amazing !!

    1. Ryan says:

      Stupidity with some Steeler fans knows no gender.

  47. castnbash says:

    redrock get a life you not have anything better to do than to troll forums and leave racist remarks ?

  48. Fenix1186 says:

    @castnbash No, he doesn’t. He’s a Republican.

    1. castnbash says:

      So am I ( registration wise anyways ) but I vote based on the candidates voting record and accountability not the BS they try and sell me in speeches or TV adds …… /shrug

    2. castnbash says:

      IDK I just don’t understand racial hostility I have met idiots of all color and at the same time I have met good people of all color ……show me your heart and show me your mind I could give a sh!t less about the color ……….

    3. Ryan says:

      Democrats repressed the African-Americans throughout all of history and still do. FACT. Go brush up on your history.

  49. VanessaK10 says:

    Like any business, if an employee isn’t meeting the standards of the company they are let go and sadly enough, Reed was not meeting the requirements for his job to kick a football between two posts while getting paid $1 million. Such a shame.

    1. castnbash says:

      2.7 million

  50. Jesse says:

    The Steelers didn’t cut Reed because he missed a field goal… All kickers miss field goals. Reed missed a chip shot, but that’s life, it happens. It’s no different than Miller’s fumble.

    They cut Reed because he’s a pompous jerk… He’s got constant off-the-field junk going on, and he’s not performing at the level that supports such behavior.

    Harrison’s not a good guy, by all accounts I’ve ever heard or read, but he performs and tends to try to keep his mouth shut.

    Reed’s performance has wavered, but if he hadn’t acted as he had, he’d still be kicking in Pittsburgh. It was squarely his remarks after the game, which he should’ve kept his mouth shut about, that caused this cut. Anyone thinking otherwise is clueless.

    Reed just needed an attitude adjustment. I have a feeling he was given his opportunity to do so after he openly criticized management at training camp. I’d say he didn’t adhere to it.

    This is the same as Roethlisberger being given a choice… shape up or ship out. Ben’s trying to shape up. He shows humility constantly, and tries to make sure he’s not saying the wrong (IE: Dumb) thing to the media… When Miller dropped that ball, he showed humility too, and took the blame, and basically apologized… Reed does anything but show humility. He blows off a missed kick before the half at the NO game because he felt it wasn’t important at that time. He sort of blew off the 2 misses at the Baltimore game. He’s criticizing the Steeler fans (who pay his salary by going to the games). He’s criticized management. He’s had altercations with local law enforcement.

    And some of you people still defend him? I hope you’re children are raised a little better at least because where I come from, that behavior’s not acceptable.

  51. P.A.K. says:

    I just wish Reed good luck where ever he goes. I hate to see him go …what about all the other players who have a bad season and they go to stay…???? I know Jeff Reed will do another team good. Maybe later on they will wish they still had him here with the Steelers. Best of everything to you Jeff!

  52. Jen says:

    Good luck Reed, you will be missed, the Steeler Nation will not forget you and the games you pulled us through, they forget about that. We all have bad days or in you case im sure all at one time or another had a bad season. Good Luck and wish you the best and well, but no offense if you gotta kick against the steelers cant cheer you on no more. Steeler nation sticks together but ill root ya on any other time. good luck.

  53. 2059 says:

    The way the Squeelers play, number 7 is a long way off. The coaching staff is playing CYA for the rest of the season.

    1. castnbash says:

      ahh a Rat Turd Fan is in the house

  54. dee says:

    Santonio Holmes last year. Now Jeef Reed. These are two super football players. They are already missing Holmes and they will now miss Reed..Its all about money and the Steelers supposed high moral standards.

  55. RJ says:

    Contrary to what was said by Steelers, this move was based on Reed the person as much as it was Reed the player. I applaud the Steelers. The norm in the NFL would be to turn a blind eye to such a media outburst. I believe the Steelers however are in tune with Steeler nation, to the point that criticizing the fan base is cause for immediate dismissal. The Holmes situation is a current reference. Not including the Pirates, we hold those who play professional sports in our town to a certain level of conduct, especially when in front of a microphone. For any doubters on the character Reed. Go to Google images and see what a fine representative of our city we let go.

  56. castnbash says:

    you need a brain ………..racist

  57. castnbash says:

    the real reason is of bounty …..

    1) 68% FG percentage
    2) multiple incidents involving law enforcement
    3) publicly complaining about his contract
    4) nudity on the internet
    5) short inconsistent kickoffs
    6) alcohol problems
    7) bad talking the fans whom indirectly pay his wages
    8) confrontations with fans
    9) condemning the field they play on
    10) being a top 5 salaried kicker in the league and having the league lowest FG made percentage
    11) kicking in supposedly the toughest home field in the league and being out performed by your opponents whom do not kick there nearly as often as you do nor have the opportunity to practice there

    12) half hearted tackle attempts when he is the last man available …..

    take your pick there is a bounty of good reas

    1. Ryan says:

      #12 is not a reason. All kickers do that. If you are counting on the kicker making a tackle, it’s already too late.
      #11. Until this year he outperformed other kickers at Heinz.
      #10. Only this year. He was paid based on having one of the highest active %.
      #9. Everyone hates that field. He just said it out loud.
      #8. Proof?
      #7 He noted 95% of the fans are great. It’s a 5% a-holes he was talking about. Those fans are in every city.
      #6 Him and half the league. Big deal.
      #5. Not much worse than most kickers. Touchbacks are overrated since we won two Super Bowls with him.
      #4 ?
      #3 Him and half the league
      #2 He’s never been involved in anything other than very minor incidents. If punching a towel dispenser and peeing in public is the worst he’s done, he’s better than a bunch of NFL players.
      #1 Valid reason, bad percentage this year.

      1. castnbash says:

        @ Ryan

        #4 google Jeff reed Images you will be sure to find them …..

        #8 ever read the columns posted here ?? after last weeks game he had a confrontation with a fan

        #10 he was paid because they had little choice , they did not want to give him a long term deal due to all his off field issues and they had no solution if they cut him so they went with what they had at a premium until such time they could or should replace him

        #11 and that is what it is about THIS year , the past does nothing for the team today !

  58. KARL says:

    i’ m a life long steeler fan!!!!!!!! we got rid of reed how about tomlin i’m so sick of him standing there like a statue . after the new england game i was so crank off he did nothing but stand there if cohwer was there i guarentee cohwer would be chewing some you know what along with some spit. did anyone see belichek on his sidelines he was coaching and getting it done. then when tomlin speaks at his conferance all we here is , it is what it is i’m ready for a change NOW. i telling you steeler fans if we keep playing the way we played new england we are not going nowhere !!!!!!!!! remember the superbowl team tomlin won with was a cohwer team .LETS GO STEELERS

  59. scott d snyder says:

    Jeff Reed’s time with the Steelers has come and gone. His inability to be consistant with kicking field goals was hurting the team and his attitude concerning his play wasn’t much better. Yes the offensive line is horrible but you have to look at the whole picture 3 pro bowl/franchise offensive players are out with injuries, the defense has injuries and the secondary has always been horrible. This move by Tomlin is risky yes, but a necessary one to wake up these players to realize that they are willing to make moves like this. Williuam Gay nededs to go to special teams and Tomlin needs to find a taller cornerbaclk to cover these receivers. This loss was long over due and it slapped the team back to reality and now Tomlin has the chance to prove what he can do

  60. david says:

    we going to be sorry he was the best

  61. chuck says:

    apparently jeff reed gets around alot .he sure has a lot of women who will miss him and wish him well. the guy is a jerk.maybe a change of scenery will do him good.i think that is what he hopefully this will be humbling experience

  62. D says:

    I’m not necessarily going to miss Reed, personally, but I do miss having a kicker we can count on. Special teams can make or break a game. We just need consistency from the whole team.
    Reed was at Steeler’s women’s fantasy camp this summer, crying the blues that this was going to be his last season with the Steelers. And he was disappointed that the Steelers had franchised tagged him, cause Dallas had offered him a huge contract.

  63. D says:

    Maybe he can get a spot on “The Biggest Loser” looks like it could really help

  64. scott says:

    I Blame the whole organization. From the coach that didn’t have his players ready. To personnel for the players they’ve kept and the ones they have let go. Bruce Arians is terrible at play calling. On the defense William Gay must go . he gets burnt way to many times. For Reed he cost us on the Baltimore Game,but all in all he is probably better than Suisham on precentage. Suisham has a stronger leg.

  65. Jones says:

    Here is a thought, Reed is gone and now we have Suisham…maybe we can give him the boot and let a guy who has been on the team for four years do more than just hold the ball and kick punts. Sepulveda for kicker…he could do it!

    And lets not knock the Steeler organization b/c that they are just doing what they need to do to get the team going in the right direction. Anybody else want another Superbowl win? Not saying Suisham will get us one at all but hey they have to do what they have to do!

    1. Ryan says:

      Jones, Sepulveda is the punter. How many punters out there also kick field goals? That’s right none, BECAUSE IT IS DIFFERENT, THEY CAN’T DO IT!

  66. Carol says:

    I think the Steelers were stupid in letting him go. All of the other players stunk just as bad. Jeff has saved the Steelers plenty of times. Good luck on this new guy that other teams cut him. I hope he does well, but look out when he starts to miss– Ha,Ha.

  67. Melanie Marasco says:

    I just wish all of the steelers would conduct themselves like the professionals they are paid to be. There are a lot of kids that look up to these players and they have to realize that they are looked up to both on and off the field. I just wish they would think before they speak (OR) act

    1. castnbash says:

      honestly if your wanting a pro athlete to be your kids role model then I must ask what your around for ??? that is the parents job to be role models !! pro athletes are paid to perform on the field not teach your child how to be an adult and how to properly conduct themselves

      1. Ryan says:

        Amen, castnbash. Be parents. Don’t let celebrities parent your kids.

  68. Denise Mccloskey says:


  69. dan says:

    Jeff reed needs to stick with things he is good at like getting drunk taking off his clothes and beating up paper towel dispencers

    1. Ryan says:

      Or being there for local charities, or spelling “dispensers” correctly.

Comments are closed.

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