Local Man Blames Cough Syrup For Rampage

NEW SEWICKLEY TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — Cough syrup is being blamed for Joshua Crispino’s rampage within his mother’s Beaver County home.

Crispino trashed his mother’s home, punching the sliding glass door.  He also hit her head into a wall and punched an assistant fire chief who tried to help her.

His mother, Deborah Weaver, defends his actions, saying that he was self-medicating from a misdiagnosed mental illness that he’s been suffering from.

“He drank Robitussin and it put him on, they call it a ‘Robo-High,’” she said.

This ‘Robo-High’ is a buzz that can be obtained from drinking large doses of Robitussin.

Despite the circumstances, Weaver is glad this incident happened.  She says it’s getting her son the help he needs.

“They’re gonna get him on the right medication, and hopefully on the right track,” she said. 

Crispino has been charged with simple and aggravated assault and is currently in a psychiatric hospital.


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  1. LEK says:

    Sorry, but I have taken Robitussin for years and probably more then I should have at a time. I never once went on a rampage. That is just an excuse for doing something wrong. He is at fault, not a medication. All I ever got from Robitussin is sleep and yes it DOES make you sleep!

  2. angel says:

    Well of course you MUST be right, lek… because we all know that every medication effects each of the billions of people in the world -exactly- the same way!

  3. PBK says:

    So….you “self medicate” from a misdiagnosed mental illness with cough syrup? Thats a new one. I don’t disagree with you Angel, but its well known people have been getting high off this stuff for years by drinking multiple bottles at one time, not just the normal dose. Persoanally, different cough syrups react with me in different ways, some knock me out, others will literally make my scalp tingle.

  4. panda88 says:

    lek: the difference between your “EXTRA” dosage and his, was, he was drinking multiple bottles. in extremely high dosages, DxM has hallucinogenic properties at those high dosages. and i am not talking about taking a few extra dosages, you have to drink bottles at a time. its called “robo-tripping”. now i don’t feel this is an excuse for what he did, we don’t let the drunk driver go, that ran over and killed a little boy, do we? its easy to get mental health help, i am sure he is just fine and just a junky.

  5. pengufan says:

    excuses excuses.

  6. Dan says:

    This is so typical, Lets blame the cough syrup…Its the same as just getting drunk and smashing stuff up. Dont blame the syrup, admit your a idiot..Nobody in their right mind would drink the much anyway. It does have directions, but maybe he couldnt read..great then he can blame all his teachers and the school system for this too….see how easy it is to pass the blame!

  7. Mr. Soho says:

    Robo-Dope Lets hope he gets some help before he hurts some innocent person.

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