Jewelry Stolen From Elderly Living In Ford City Care Home

By Ralph Iannotti

FORD CITY (KDKA) — State police are investigating the theft of at least 10 rings from elderly victims at the Ross Ridge Personal Care Home in Ford City, Armstrong County.

The three victims are in their eighties.

Seven of the rings were taken to a local jewelry store and turned them in for cash.

Russ Strong’s mother, Dorothy, is a resident at the facility. He said he thought her ring might have fallen off her finger somewhere.

He learned of the theft after the home administrator called him and said police had recovered jewelry that had been pawned.

Strong said his mother’s ring may be one of those recovered. He told KDKA that despite the theft he has no plans to move his mother because he’s satisfied with the care there

Police have not identified the employee involved in the thefts; however, she has been fired.


One Comment

  1. rebecca jones says:

    It is so sad when sick people prey on the elderly, my mom is in assisting living in Penn Hills and once someone stool off of her and couple of others residents, instead of just firing the employees they need to be arrested , by just firing these individuals all they do is fine another facility to work at and do to someone else. On another note I wonder if you can help me fine out does anyone inspect assisting living facilities,

    1. Heidi Lane Conklin says:

      If you make a complaint to the health department they do it or will tell you who does

  2. Dani says:

    I used to work in that facility. I am not surprised that jewelry has been stolen and pawned. Meds used to go missing regularly as well.

  3. Lynne Ralston Noble says:

    There seems to be no shame anymore, in how people treat one another. No manners, nor self-respect. What happened to respect for life? These elders are living out the best years of their life, and are entitled to comfort, love, and security. I hope this thief/ woman not only does jail-time, but will be constantly reminded of how wrong her actions have been, once her name is released to the public. And she should be very ashamed.

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