CALIFORNIA (KDKA) — Looking for lust? 

For some local college students, finding sex is about to be as easy as turning on the computer.  Finding sex partners on the Internet isn’t new, but finding them at specific college campuses may be taking a new twist.

A California University of Pennsylvania student is getting ready to launch a site that has everybody talking.

The university is adamant it has nothing to do with this site.

But the site is still preparing for launch and if nothing else promises to push the envelope for social networking.

The website is written in texting language and asks in effect if you’re down to have sex.  The site says “Helping students get laid since 2010.”

The developer is a Cal U junior who wished to remain anonymous.

“It’s a unique way to bring people together from the same university. Just to communicate on a different level than what Facebook or Myspace would provide.  And the different level is if they want to consensually have sex? I mean that’s a question with any type of social network, any type of meeting between person and person. This is just basically a different type of social network that your parents or your grandparents wouldn’t be a part of,” he said.

The university issued a statement emphasizing that the website is not endorsed or affiliated with the university and that it does not condone the risky behavior the site appears to promote.  The university reminds students regularly about the risks of posting personal information online. 

Some Cal U students were skeptical.

“I think a lot of students are going to be turned away by this idea because I think it really goes against a lot of people’s morality,” sophomore student Hope Stinson said.

Even so, the site developers say they have 1,000 hits and 75 requests to sign up when the website formally launches in a month and a half.

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