PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Steelers’ legend and NFL Hall of Famer Joe Greene joined the Fan Morning Show to talk about the Steelers-Raiders matchup.

Greene relived what the games were like against the Raiders when he played in the 70’s and how tough a team they were as the Steelers always had to go through the Raiders to play for a championship.

Times were different in the NFL between players on rival teams when Greene played.

Today, players on rival teams appear to be friendly on the field before and after the game. But during Greene’s time in the NFL, he never shook the hands of rival players before or after the game, but off the field Greene became good friends with his rivals.

Greene is speaking on behalf of VanHuesen’s Fan’s Choice. Fan’s Choice is the fans voice in who should be chosen for the NFL Hall of Fame. You can win great prizes by voting at http://www.fanschoice.com.

Greene talked about the story told by NFL Films where he walked out of the locker room because he was so frustrated with the way the Steelers were playing and thought the Steelers should be playing more like the Miami Dolphins in 1974.

Greene was such an emotional player that he didn’t care about personal stats, it was more about team wins to Greene.

Greene talked about the movie The Black Six that he stared in, in 1973. Last year, during a meeting, was the first time Greene watched the movie.

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