Police: Man Shot In Downtown

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Police tried to get the crowd under control in downtown Pittsburgh after a shooting Friday night.

Pittsburgh Police Spokeswoman Diane Richard confirms that a man believed to be in his 20’s was shot in the groin area near Liberty and Smithfield. He went to SW Randall Toy store for help and was taken to UPMC Mercy Hospital in stable condition.

His injuries are not believed to be life-threatening. Richard said police do not have any suspects at this time.

Meantime, police tried to get the crowds under control near Wood and Liberty as thousands of people were in downtown for the 50th Annual Light Up Night.

It is not clear if the crowd control issue was related to the shooting.

KDKA’s Stephanie Watson reports police used dogs to move the crowd. The problems appeared to be confined at Wood Street and Liberty in front of the T station.

Light Up Night activities were going on in Market Square, the Roberto Clemente Bridge and at Point State Park.

Before the disruption, it was a fun-filled night. To watch the highlights, watch Stephanie Watson’s report:


One Comment

  1. L says:

    We were walking back to our car leaving from the toy store and going toward the History Center when this happened at 8:50pm. We were within a block. There was just one shot fired. Prior, there were lot of sounds from some kind of fireworks, so even though there weren’t a lot of us on the street, those that were there thought that it was either part of the fireworks or some kind of play firework thing. It wasn’t until the group of guys behind us said “someone’s shooting” and came running past us that we also started to run. What a sad way to end this evening.

    1. scott says:

      It seems as though each holiday gathering downtown now around the Liberty T station is involving some sort of extra curricular activity. My wife and I last 4th had our kids there when a woman shot her man point blank in the chest and killed him and this year for the 4th major fights broke out in the same location and now this, more fights breaking out. It is meant to be a festive event and it is ruined by people who should probably just stay at home cause they ruin everybody else’s time at these functions. My family wont be back down there for any more events. It is just too unsafe anymore. What a shame.

    2. Concerned Citizen says:

      The T station is a magnet for every low life downtown. Shame on the police for not cleaning that area up.

      1. Love Pittsburgh says:

        I agree cc that particular station is very scary any time of day. I walk to the other stations rather than there. People should not be allowed to “hang out” inside there. Port Authority what is your future plans.?

  2. Jaf says:

    glad i didnt take my daughter but you losers should chill with racists comments wilkinsburg though ignorant jerk

  3. pghgirly817 says:

    what a shame. Kids & families trying to enjoy themselves around the holidays. always have a low life who wants to ruin it for all.

  4. panda88 says:

    i agree with you M. if you go downtown, that is were the “wanna be gangstas” hang out. they are there 24/7, its ridiculous. and the sad thing is, during the the day, they have multiple port authority police there! nothing gets done, they are like the cops in the borough i live in, afraid of them.

  5. Susan Garvin says:

    It sounds to me as if the reporters are just doing scare stories with very little facts. I can wait an hour to find out if it was a fight between people who knew each other or an incipient riot. The “tease” left me thinking it was the latter and I needed to know more now. The they told me was what I just heard – something happened. They just updated that a shooting had occurred. It’s a pet peeve of mine – why can’t they wait until a few facts are available?

    1. S says:

      I get pages directly to my phone for emergency services and the reporters were not teasing or scare stories. the fights involved several hundred people, shots were fired, pd called out and requested assistance, etc. Doesn’t sound like scare stories to me. You go ahead and wait an Hour for the real stories to be sanitized for production. You go ahead there Susan and get your story from those same reporters you just said were scare stories. haha

      1. Susan Garvin says:

        I wasn’t getting information. I was getting partial information that could have been phrased as “we don’t know what’s going on”. That was enough to keep me away from downtown. The initial “breaking news” story did not mention gunfire. The report during the actual news didn’t mention gunfire. That came later. I didn’t want sanitized news, I wanted news I could use.

        I was downtown on October 28, and I witness was an attempted shooting at a bus stop. I realize the chaos that ensues. I just wish the reporters had said something useful. You obviously saw the later report.

  6. kf says:

    i also was in the area and i was maybe a block away when ppl started running past saying someone was shooting then twenty toi thirty minutes later i was in a pizza place at the corner of seventh and liberty when someone was shot right outside! he was laying on the ground and police arrived very quickly and it seemed they caught the shooter bc they had him handcuffed with a light shining on him as police were talking with what seemed to be a witness in a police car across the street.

  7. Jaf says:


  8. Ronald C Krause Jr says:

    About the shooting; there was more than one shot that was fired… About the event; at least the city and the county made somewhat of an effort to try to have a beginning of a holiday type of event, but… Yes, the uncontrolled groups that usuallly frequent the subway area got considerably worse throughout a majority of the event. I also would definatley not bring children to a majority of these festivites as alcohol seem to make even more of these people out of control. There’s even more open drinking downtown than there is around the stadium during a Steelers game.

  9. MaryP says:

    Hey people! Idiots come in all colors, shapes and sizes!

  10. M says:

    I defy any white person to walk through that crowd at the Wood Street T Station, day or night, and feel safe. It’s absurd. They need to clean it up.

    1. jay says:

      well it not just whtie people black people 2

    2. Raquel says:

      I am a caucasian woman. Can the racism – or you are just as bad as those with the guns.

      1. Bob says:

        Being racist is as bad as shooting someone ??? I want to hear that from you after one of your loved ones gets robbed or shot

    3. Kent says:

      I walk through every crowd every day and night. Not every one is a fear mongering racist like yourself. Paint your strokes a little less broadly, thank you.

    4. linda says:

      i walk past that t station everyday and i do feel safe

  11. kf says:

    what’s it matter someone got shot who knows what it was about and lots of ppl could have been hurt. these ppl saying all the racist stuff are the same wussies that walk past wood street station with their head down and move out of everyones way. lol grow up. it doesn’t take a strong person to post things on the internet behind a screen name.

    1. thetruth says:

      Yo KF, should those people stop and throw up their set and rep? That’s stupid, you just bought into your OWN racism. It’s funny that the Wood Street station is such a constant in this discussion. Think about it.

  12. HometownHero says:

    I quit walking past the Wood Street T station to and from work. Seen way to many fights and I don’t want to be near if someone pulls out a gun.

  13. pgh1 says:

    These racist comments are offensive and uncalled for. Who are any of us to judge based on race?!?!

  14. kf says:

    no but y talk like this at all if you’re not willing to say something it’s just juvenile. ppl just amaze me with they’re sillyness i know plenty of little white hood rats that are just as immature with fights and guns. it’s not a black thing it’s a parents get your stupid kids in line thing

  15. J says:

    Racist comments come from selfish people with no gumption to do anything to make the world better, other than be a selfish racist robot.

    Grow a set. Become part of the solution. Im white. I would walk through that crowd. But, I guess you tough racists arent really that tough.

    1. Pgh1 says:

      Couldn’t agree more. People need to start to make a difference for the better rather than put others down for their inadequacies and unwillingness to make progress.

    2. thetruth says:

      J is a liar

    3. Bob says:

      J….”grow a set…. you tough racists arent really that tough” ??? GROW UP….people trying to act tough is what caused this problem in the first place you moron

  16. eagleeye says:

    ~18,000 Pittsburgh Penguins fans leave the Consol Arena without incident.
    1000 thugs hanging out at the bus station cause the city to lose control

  17. mike s. says:

    These folks need to get of their welfare butts and get a job! No mwonder people are fleeing the city urban core. Move to the suburbs, ITS SAFER! and the schools are BETTER!

  18. M says:

    Hey KF, I was there, and I can attest to the fact that there weren’t any white hood rats there. This isn’t racist, I was there. It was all black. I mean all black.

  19. justin says:


  20. M says:

    Why are comments being deleted? Since when is it wrong to call attention to the fact that a bunch of young black males ruined the night and caused a problem. That’s not racist, it’s a fact.

  21. photomom says:

    OK, all you racists, keep posting your hateful, ignorant, and mostly misspelled posts, and I will continue to flag them, and have them removed asap!!!

    I just had to flag over a dozen, and they were all promptly removed!!

    Thank you KDKA!!!

    1. p says:

      dur dur dur, keep doing you civil duties!!! you’re awesome!!! flagging those “racist” but factual posts! just answer one question for me ?????????????

      who does the majority of the violent crimes in this city?(this is factual, not an opinionated question and can be backed up by statistics) so answer me that?

      and its not hateful its fact. most rapist are white, doesn’t mean all white people are rapist. same goes with black people, not all are bad, not even close. the problem is, the number of violent crimes carried out by black people far outnumbers there white counterpart. so much so, this is a huge problem. they are ruining everything good and family oriented the city does.

      1. photomom says:

        To whoever ‘P’ is:

        I am not sure what your question is. What is ‘dur dur dur’??

        Also, you seem to be contradicting yourself.

        Did you graduate from high school, or college, or graduate school? Not that any of those degrees are needed to be a fair, and decent person. Just wondering. Capital letters, and punctuation, and decent grammar are signs of someone who has paid attention in school, and done their best to be educated.

        Just saying…

      2. Big Sis says:

        What makes you think most rapists are white? The Department of Justice’s own statistics show thet in 2006 forty-seven thousand white women were raped by black men. In reality, most rapes are committed by blacks, especially when you take into consideration that blacks males are only six percent of the population. They commit far more crimes than any other racial group.

    2. pgh1 says:

      I agree! As a teacher I am disgusted by these racist comments and am thankful that KDKA is doing the right thing by taking them down. It’s time that people start looking at root causes rather than making generalizations based on insecurities personal prejudices. Thanks, fellow flagger!

      1. p says:

        as a teacher you are disgusted by these racist comments? haha, does your job have anything to do with, well anything? you don’t make much money, you aren’t overly smart, so i will not take your words for anything. you keep looking for your “root cause” and flagging posts.

        remember those who can’t do, teach!

        oh and i know the “root cause” but you will just flag it, even though i could prove it true. keep being blind and i am glad i didn’t have you as a teacher.

      2. pgh1 says:

        P – I apologize if you are not happy with your career choice, which might explain your anger. Aside from that, my career has everything to do with what I’ve said because it is my responsibility as a citizen and teacher to model appropriate behaviors and interactions. How can we expect our children to behave any better when this is what they are exposed to? I happen to love my job and even though you “can’t,” I made the choice to because I can so save your time.

      3. fas says:

        I just got home from work, I was there when the T station incident occurred.It was not white people. This is fact. That does not mke me a racist, however, by clearing other posts off here you are violating our constitutional rights. When did it become ok to censor or inhibit freedom of speech?

      4. kf says:

        actually they even had a video on here of part of the scene at t station. there was a white girl fighting in the middle of the street so not so much a fact.lol

      5. Bob says:

        pgh1, where did p say he didn’t like his job ? You wrote “it is my responsibility as a citizen and teacher to model appropriate behaviors and interactions”, are you serious…I think you value yourself alot more than anybody else does

    3. asb says:

      and you flagged my comment?!?! Oh I’m so terribly sorry it didn’t follow your opinion! therefore it must be wrong! well fyi, my comment wasn’t race related or hateful, it was to point out that not all criminals are young black men!!!! apparently, reading the actual words was too much for you and the real racists on here will never get the point! big thanks

      1. photomom says:

        KDKA decides what to remove, or not to remove.

    4. happymom says:

      were you there photomom?? Well I was! And M is right , tonight it was all black. IT IS WHAT IT IS!! It’s not a racist comment. I know what I witnessed. Sometimes it’s all white, but that is not the case tonight . By denying what actually was going on tonight, you are being the racist ! Denying the truth of the events simply becauseof color, someone said blacks were the cause of this evenings chaos….. You mean you don’t think that is possible ? That is must be a racist lie because color was mentioned?? REALLY????

      1. photomom says:

        to the ‘happymom’:

        Actually, yes, my husband was down there with our two youngest children,our 6 yr old, and our 11 yr old and her friend. We have four children, ages 6-19. We’ve attended light up night for many years. We actually LIVE in the city of Pittsburgh. Do you?

        I am sure you did NOT see the posts removed by KDKA in the first hour, which I was helping them to delete, so you have no way of knowing what was posted, as it was hours before YOUR post. So there is absolutely no way you can call me a racist Pretty laughable.

        (Also, please use some capitalization, and proof read your posts!)

        My husband works in the city, downtown, our kids go to city schools, and we are street smart, and there was no problem tonight, that they encountered.

        Our 4 kids all go to city schools, for a total of 27 years. And we’ve NEVER had a problem with racial tension, or violence, in all of their school years. Look at Woodland Hills, if you want to see real racial problems.

        Do you life in the city??? Do you pay city taxes, to cover our costs, to protect all suburbanite workers and folks who want to enjoy the city’s services??


  22. M says:

    Why is it my job to punch parents in the face?

  23. kf says:

    i was there too. there were mostly blask but at any given time down there or in noth side, or south side, or friendship or anywhere else there are stupid kids out of control and they aren’t all black. it”s crazy how kids are so out of control being racist just gives ppl a justification to say see everyone is racist. blah blah.

  24. panda88 says:

    part of what solution J? i walk through that area daily as well, it doesn’t change that trash hang out there. what would you like us to do? tell them to be nice boys? should i stoop to their level and fight them? get real, statistics don’t lie, and the high majority of these type of crimes come from black people. yea, i know white wanna be gangsta’s as well, but who does more crime? skin color shouldn’t matter, but when you have one group of a certain color committing 99% of these type of crimes, something is wrong and it does matter.

  25. NorthSide says:

    i did not know “animals” was a racist comment???
    If the shoe fits, wear it!
    Animals belong in cages!
    Because ANIMALS ruined what was suppose to be a fun celebration!

  26. pghgirl says:

    I saw an upstanding looking 50-something year old guy in a suit kick a car because it wanted to drive through the crowd that was just leaving the fireworks….events like this really bring out the worst in people when the crowd gets that big. There have got to be better ways to control crowds of that size.

  27. BETH says:

    i was just down there, it was scary. families were running trying to get to their cars. there were a bunch a drug dogs and i heard the swat team was coming in. i have never seen so many cop cars before, coming from every direction. it was really scary seeing all the ‘gangs’. and im not sure why all these black people think they can get away with smoking blunts walking down the sideway….are you serious, what is this world coming to. so mcuh for the HOLIDAYS, THANKS PEOPLE FOR RUINING IT FOR OTHERS

  28. E says:

    Jaf. Go read a book, learn to spell. Reading and writing will get you far 🙂

    1. jaf says:

      Yea really its 2010 and the internet i spell just fine 3.8 gpa in college thinks so too who still uses smileys lol

  29. panda88 says:

    the crime from the black community happens much more then the white, its factual. so while there will be crime from every demographic, there is a huge problem with the amount coming from the black community.

    1. photomom says:

      panda88, I live near Greenfield, a predominantly white community….and there is plenty of crime going on there!!!

      1. greenfieldgirl says:

        photomom,I am a fourth generation white greenfield woman who would like you to know that my part of town used to be an extemely safe place to live and raise a family-we never even locked our doors at night – until the city decided it wasnt racially integrated enough and section eighted a lot of rentals to the african american people. The crime rate is now thanks to that decision.

    2. Anonomoys says:

      Did you look up statistics to support your facts? Perhaps if you spent some time learning about the “factual” part of your argument you could give an educated opinion.

      1. justin says:

        YOUR RIGHT THE CITY OF PITTSBURGH WEB SITE HAS STATS. Photomom should check them out instead of spewing her reverse racial hatred on here !

    3. photomom says:

      I assume you’re not African-American? Because if you were, you would not have posted this comment.

      Your ‘factual’ accounts, seem to me, well, to lead one to question some things….

      KDKA decides what to remove, or not to remove.

    4. Bo says:

      panda 88, that’s not necessarily true. Crime happens everywhere and bullets don’t have a name on them. I live in Beltzhoover and you would think, according to the news media, that’s the worst place in the city to live. Most of the time, the media reports shootings or other crimes as happening in Beltzhoover when they actually happened in nearby Allentown, Knoxville or Mt. Oliver. Crime happens in white communities, it just doesn’t get reported as frequently as crime in predominantly african-american communities.

  30. photomom says:

    My question is, if this is a notorious site for kids/people to congregate/loiter, with light up night, and a Penguins game of 18,000 letting out, why wasn’t there more police surveillance, before things got out of control? I’m not blaming this on the police, but I’ve been to ‘peace marches’ against the wars, and they had the full strength of city, and county police, and SWAT teams out…in ridiculous numbers!!

    Just not sure why things escalated the way they did, when our city and county have plenty of law enforcement. Am I the only one wondering about this??

    And to ‘M’, the posts that KDKA deleted, were removed because of hateful, racist, comments. To state most of the people who were in the fray were African American is not racist. To say what several of these posters said tonight, definitely crossed the line, into racism.

    1. a says:

      I am glad to see there are concerned citizens such as yourself out there. However you appear self-righteous and not well educated. I felt the need to reply after reading many of your posts criticizing others spelling and grammar. It is apparent that you are not educated enough to know that your own grammar is horrible.

  31. Mia LadiiDubb Spencer says:


    1. peaceisnotez says:

      If the kids involved in tonight riot are our future – then we as a society are doomed

      1. Arda says:

        As a world we are pretty much doomed. It just this particular part of it is more visible. Imagine what we don’t see and don’t know. Ponder that thought.

  32. photomom says:

    Jaf, KDKA has been doing a very good job at removing racist comments from here. I’ve been watching these posts for over an hour.

    I always thought I lived in a city without much racism. It’s sad to see the comments I saw here tonight, which I have copied, and saved….

    My kids have all gone to the city schools, and have never run into a problem with racism, over 19 years. I guess/hope it’s a small minority of folks who think/feel this way. Crime is not a ‘race’ issue. It’s a socio-economic issue (parenting/poverty/education), that effects all races.

    I’m glad to see KDKA being on top of things, and not allowing more hatred to linger on the internet!

  33. Sophie Masloff says:

    Why can’t you people ever be around one another. This is why Good people are moving out of this city. Act civilized how hard is that . These kids are old enough to know right from wrong.

    1. Bo says:

      Sophie Masloff, while the kids are old enough to know right from wrong, they haven’t been taught right from wrong. If they were taught, they would respect their elders and speak to them with respect. If you make a comment to certain kids, they speak to you like you’re one of their friends and not someone that should be spoken to with respect. Please remember that some of these kids are from a “lost” generation of babies raising babies or absent crack-addicted parents. They only know what they haven’t been taught. When you know better, you do better!

  34. PaloAlto says:

    I agree with PGHGIRL. That was a really big crowd and I think this event could’ve been planned better. I couldn’t even get to downtown. The 6th street bridge was the only opened bridge when I was there and I literally couldn’t get across. People were hopping over the wall between the sidewalk and the street. It was an uncomfortable mess. I overheard people talking about a possible shooting and I felt the crowd grow increasingly panicked. I tried asking people in the crowd if I was able to get across, and if they knew what was going on and they seemed to be afraid of me. I’m happy I walked back home to the North Side. It was uncomfortable.

  35. Arda says:

    I am a lifelong resident of Pgh and a very proud black woman. I have 2 sons ages 19 and 24 who would not behave as I see these youngsters behaving on a daily basis in Downtown Pgh. As ashamed as I am to admit it I must say that it is overwhelmingly black youth cutting up and acting like uncooth, uncontrolled, foolish animals. (Of course we all know that other racial/ethnic groups committ crimes that cost everyone a lot. Ours happens to be more visible and more severly punished.) I work downtown during the week and drive through on the weekends. What i observe is disgusting. Foul and degrading langauge reigns supreme. Where are the parents and what kind of parents are they? Of course we must also remember there are many reasons (all I cannot name) – the behavior they exhibit is glorified in the media, low or no expectations, they have nothing else to do and they sometimes know nothing else to do. Sad situation.

  36. Gary Iness. says:

    Black punks who have know repspect for nothing. Or anyone. Sad.

    1. photomom says:

      What about all the ‘white punks’?

      There many out there, you know. Or my guess is, you choose to ignore that faction of our society, and instead, feel the need to publicly generate more hatred.


      1. Ron Schock says:

        It was people of color who ruined tonight’s happy festivities. Fact.
        Photomom You are the racist. But you’re aloud too be like that.

  37. ENOUGH says:

    Unreal. Hearing about this beautiful Pittsburgh event being ruined by violence is a sad shame. Reading all of these idiotic racist posts is uncalled for. Everyone talks a good talk, but its what YOU DO that matters. Lets get real people…. CHILDREN LEARN WHAT THEY LIVE!

  38. CD says:

    o well maybe if people wouldnt get smart with people and push people maybe there wouldnt be that many fights and it was more kids fighting then adults but the fight at t station was crazy the one girl push the other girl into a garbage can and then the cops started trackle people it was funny but it was crazy to i might go to morrow to because im not going to yet people ruin my fun but o well

    1. Arda says:

      Honey please don’t justify people acting like fools and not controlling themselves when most of them know better. Why are you describing the fight like it was entertaining and pleasurable??? Ask yourself why you feel that way???

  39. local says:

    Just saying, Glad I was not there. I avoid anything downtown. It seems every year the crowds just get more ill-mannered. Take a look at the city of Buffalo if you want to see Pittsburgh’s future.

  40. Patty says:

    OMG People. Stop making what happened downtown a “racial” thing! It was truly a sad night for what should have been a fun evening for families who came to town to see and enjoy the beautiful festivities. The fact is, the ones who were doing the shooting and fighting were black, and that’s what the news reported, the truth. If it were a group of whites, they would have reported that. So what makes it racial? A crime is a crime. black is black and white is white. period.

    1. mac says:

      When do you ever see white people rioting like this??? NEVER!!! I mean, there have been times when college students were celebrating a major victory but it has never led to shootings and 100’s of people fighting and putting innocent people’s lives in danger. This would make national news if it were white people.

      1. photomom says:

        ummm, OK, where do I begin….
        Kent State
        Virginia Tech
        …get the message????
        Oh, I forgot, Oklahoma City bombing….
        But no, you’re not a racist…..

      2. RAY says:

        All of you naive sheeple don’t have a clue! There is a New World Order taking place, this country is bankrupt, vaccines are making our children autistic, fluoride is in our water, the airports are like communist Russia of the cold war era, jobs are fading, WW III in impending, Our educational system sucks in comparison to the rest of the world, oh and by the way it’s the last days and the judgement of God is at the door and you sleeping sheeple don’t get it!!!!!!! Wake up and arise from your sleep, be sober-minded, watchful, prayerful, and realize that there is no time to debate each other on foolish pretexts!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE DISTRACTED AND THAT IS THE PLAN AND IT IS WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. photomom says:

      Thank you Patty!!!

    3. photomom says:

      OK, and what about all the bi-racial folks….where do they fall in???
      It’s just ridiculous, and divisive. It’s neighborhoods, groups of friends. I see it happening in white neighborhoods too.

      I just don’t understand, the need for so many tonight, on this KDKA site, to make really hateful racist comments, let along borderline racial comments. Does NOT help anyone in this situation.

  41. Wendy says:

    I sit here in amazment how the utter ignoance that’s being displayed on this topic. I grew up in Northside and I absolutely refuse to partake in any Downtown Pittsburgh events with my family. I grew up in an era where if you were acting up outside the house, a neighbor would spank you for it since your parent wasn’t there. The problem now days is no parental control. These spoiled children are having children themselves, without knowing how to raise a child since their own parents would have rather be their buddy than an adult to admire. Society is only going to get worst as the years go by and I personally am sickened that these kids are our country’s future! It takes a village to raise a child, spare the rod spoil the child!

  42. photomom says:

    Let’s not forget, that our public law enforcement, knowing this was a big night, light up night, with many children in attendance, and 18.000 Penguins fans getting out of arena around 10pm, if they saw a potential situation brewing, THEY should have been on their guard!

    Not blaming police, but still, city and county police should have been on top of this.

    Look at what 3 officers did to Jordan Miles, walking from his mother’s house to his grandmother’s house, 2 yrs ago….they beat him to a pulp.

    I still don’t know why, the city of Pittsburgh, wasn’t more prepared for any disturbances! And this has nothing to do about race!

    1. Scott says:

      Even if the entire Pittsburgh Police force was on duty, we are only talking about 1000 officers. To control a crowd of 25,000 to 30,000 is an impossible task. Please stop blaming the officers for this situation.

      It was a Christmas event and for anyone to disturb that event, black or white, is where the blame belongs.

    2. Simpson says:

      The fans exiting the Penguins game @ Consol , after 10pm on the same evening were not involved in these “riots” – By the time the Pens game cleared out, most of the teen-aged trouble makers were cleared from the city.
      The trouble started after 8pm @ the area around the T – And the police presence was HIGH in town last night, All available police were in town last night, and were assisted by the county and neighboring municipalities. If the police would have cracked one of the heads of these punk trouble makers in the city last night, I’m sure you photomom, would be outraged over that incident alone!

  43. LiveLaughLove says:

    I have read a good many of the comments on here about tonight. I have seen bad behavior from every race over the years. Everyone is so quick to judge and say things they know will get others upset….it almost seems as if it’s out of sport. That is counter-productive. In the 30 some comments that I have read, no one has offered a REAL solution to fixing the problem. I do not claim to have the answers. I just know that the way everyone here is reacting isn’t helping. We need to teach our kids better than this. I know I will be looking within myself tomorrow and every day after to see what I can do to teach my son how to be a better person and how to love himself a little more, and to respect and love everyone around him. Goodnight to all and I wish you all well.

    1. photomom says:

      Well, some of us, (I guess perhaps me), were trying to get removed the really ugly racist comments, that you probably missed. And between KDKA, we managed to remove most of the most ugly comments….

      We all need to teach our children how to become better people!!

      1. pgh1 says:

        photomom – That is exactly my point. Thank you.

  44. Al says:

    Please stop the violence. This is truly a shame and what really is sad that people are getting hurt and killed. I like so many other people love this city and the people that live here. Why Why Why? What a shame. So sad and it needs to stop. This is truly a sad day for all pittsburgers. What a shame.

  45. None Ya says:

    Aw man, how could I forget Richard Poplawski who shot and killed 3 Pittsburgh police officers. Oh, he was just misunderstood right?

  46. Al says:

    In order to have friendship and to love one another you must look past the color to the soul, because within the soul lies a rainbow of many colors. White and Black included. Nobodys right if everybodys wrong.

  47. Dominique says:

    Regardless of color of skin, various individuals caused a horrible scene at light up night! Glad I didn’t go!

  48. RAY says:

    All of you naive sheeple don’t have a clue! There is a New World Order taking place, this country is bankrupt, vaccines are making our children autistic, fluoride is in our water, the airports are like communist Russia of the cold war era, jobs are fading, WW III in impending, Our educational system sucks in comparison to the rest of the world, oh and by the way it’s the last days and the judgement of God is at the door and you sleeping sheeple don’t get it!!!!!!! Wake up and arise from your sleep, be sober-minded, watchful, prayerful, and realize that there is no time to debate each other on foolish pretexts!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE DISTRACTED AND THAT IS THE PLAN AND IT IS WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Ryan says:

      Vaccines don’t cause Autism. They already disproved that. Take off your tin foil hat.

  49. p says:


    how doesn’t it help, or for that matter hurt? its the truth. can you honestly say that the violent crime rate from the white community is greater then the black community? if you can, you are 100% wrong. every race has bad seeds, but its a problem when its ONE race committing 95% of the violent crimes in the city… how can you even argue that? your argument of one or two white shootings is nothing, when there is that many black shootings in a few days.

    you have black organizations in the city that have formed to try and curb this(i am part of one).

    call me racist or whatever you think is fitting and i will call you naive or just stupid. like i said before statistics do NOT lie. there is a problem with the black youth and violent crimes. you can only speculate on what the cause is. why is the most crime ridden neighborhoods black neighborhoods? i will give you, i do know quite a few black families that live in the projects that work hard and just got the bad end of the deal, but something is wrong and i don’t see it as an easy fix or maybe not even fixable at all.

    not all black people are bad and not all white people are good, but the facts are slapping you in the face. drive down penn ave in homewood tonight and pull your car over and walk around for a little bit and tell us what happens. then do the same in say…emsworth….

    just a horrible argument when you say “well white people commit crimes too”. yea but out of all the crimes committed, 95% of the VIOLENT ones are committed by black people.

    as a black male, i am ashamed at what the majority of my race has been involved in. i guess its funny i get called a racist, even though i am black and didn’t want to mention my race, because it didn’t matter till i was called white. it don’t take a white person to understand numbers.

    1. Ronald C Krause Jr says:

      Where to statrt on the facts and matching stats… How about parenthood or rates of childen that actually graduate from high school or even the most elementary of colleges.

      How about employment figures in any state or perhaps rates of having to use public prgrams such as the food card or public housing.

      Then one could look at the official stats from agencies such as FBI.gov or simply walk into any courtroom or ask any judge and the facts ar obvious… Has anyone also ever noticed what percentages we are looking at that are presently incarcerated?

      While this is just one of many shootings in the city one could also look at places such as inner city LosAngelas (aka Watts) to see that the number there are significantly higher than the events which have happened with the IRA.

      No all of those are facts and unfortunately a way of life here in america; it is not racist or any form of defamation to be pointing out the facts.

  50. fafafooey1 says:

    to whoever in charge or designed the new kdka page, it is AWFUL!!

  51. D says:

    Maybe I missed it somwhere in the story but when did they say it was a black person that got shot or that did the shooting? But mostly, why is race even being brought up in this discussion? It makes me wonder if some of you even read the story! I took the story as there being a shooting and cops trying to control crowds during light up night. Why are some of you using this as a forum to express your hatred for people of a different race than you when it has nothing to do with that??

  52. Dan says:

    Funny Photomom brings up Jordan Miles. Those cops did nothing wrong and were the 3 best in the city at getting guns off the streets. THATS A FACT! Take a look at what happened in the city this year without them on the streets. The crime stats are through the roof and this will probably be the deadliest year in history.
    After being in this whole crazy situation last night and seeing how real the chances of being shot are maybe people can understand why when the cops tell you to stop you should do what they say. Gun violence in the city is real, nobody should have to worry about being shot. Cops included!

    1. E says:

      “Those cops did nothing wrong….”????????????

      How can you say that??? Someone like you who tries to justify such an excessive use of force as was wrought on Jordan Miles is a lot more of a threat to our way of life than the kids downtown.

  53. Michele says:

    When I started reading the “comments” section of this article, I thought I would be reading comments from people that were there when this incident occurred. I don’t know when or how it turned into a racial debate. I don’t think this has anything to do with color. Black, white, asian, latino, red blue or green… WHO CARES WHAT COLOR SOMEONE IS!! The real issue isn’t the color of the shooter, the issue is THE SHOOTER. Someone, or more than one someone, was shot in the middle of Downtown Pittsburgh last night. I, personally, wasn’t there, but my sisters were. What we should be posting comments about is how crimes like these can be prevented instead of arguing with each other about race.

  54. Level Green says:

    @D…wanna bet $5.00 on the race of the person that was shot? You can pay me at midnight on Main Street in Homewood tomorrow night.

    This story is all about race. On a quiet Friday night in November, the MAJORITY of the people on the streets in Pittsburgh are white families enjoying themselves. Where are the black families, meaning mom, dad and the kids. Ever look at the crowd at a Pens or Steelers or Pirates game, where are the black families?

    On this same Friday evening, hanging around the Wood Street Station like they always do is a large group of black folks, just hanging out.

    People want to be around people that are like themselves; have the same values, the same goals. Unfortunately I do not have the same social values of people that walk around with and solve their problems with extreme violence; use drugs, and crime.

    1. thisissad says:

      Were you there? Claiming there were no black families is just dumb. Although if you don’t notice black families at games then you really aren’t too observant. Naturally there would be more white families, because there are a greater number of white people living in our area.

  55. the truth says:

    Unfortunately – the vast majority of racial crime is black on white. Go to the federal website run by the U.S. department of justice. It is at http://www.ojp.usdoj.gov/. There – do a search for report NCJ 215244 and then go to table 42. Read it, The truth – BLACKS RAPED WHITE WOMEN 37,460 TIMES AND WHITES RAPED BLACK WOMEN ZERO TIMES – ZERO AS IN NEVER HAPPENNED. YEs in 2006 – there is not ONE case of a white man raping a black woman – yet there are 37,460 cases of black on white rapes. Sorry sometimes the truth hurts. Someone send this to SNOPES – I guarantee they will not publish it – because they do not want you to know the truth.

  56. the truth says:

    The racists are the perpetrators of 37,640 cases of black on white rape. The ZERO white people who raped blacks are also racist – unfortunately, they do not exist. Read the truth. Go to http://www.ojp.usdoj.gov/ and look at NCJ 215244 – table 42. Hey Marty Griffin – defender of the people and seeker of truth -WHY WILL YOU NEVER RECOGNIZE THE EXISTENCE OF THE TRUTH WHEN IT COMES TO RACIAL PREJUDICE ? coward.

  57. jjf says:

    i had a young african american boy flick a lit lighter in my wifes face in Market Square. A young punk, regardless of color- there were too may wanna be gangstas in town and they are all pitiful.

    1. 412 says:

      He would of been eating soup through a straw if he did that to my wife.
      No I am not a coward I grew up in Knoxville and been in some fights.

  58. Ok pittsburgh, listen up! Nowhere in the world will you find utopia. Do realize that this world thrives off of balance. Where there is good there is evil. Up, down; back, forth; black,white ect. Now out of all of the thousands of act of kindness that happened last night you only chose to pay attention to the few evil acts? Then, someone tell me, what is a thug? Lol! They have no specific characteristics. Thugs can be bankers, lawyers, doctors, clerks, cashiers, hustlers, business owners you name it. They live in the rich suburbs or the working class neighborhoods, ghettos what ever. That is what make todays society so intricate. Please, stop pulling race into the matter. (UNLEARN) love always.

    1. jimmy says:

      @ kate grissett

      But this news article and the violent happenings last night at Pittsburgh’s Light Up Night were not about our societies other “thugs” —-

      It is however about the “news” of the violence at last night’s light up night! Which was caused by young teenage punk thug animals.

  59. WTH PGH says:

    I hate that this came down to a discussion of race as well. My boyfriend and I brought our 6 month old Bull Terrier puppy down there and got nasty comments from people both black and white. I was very discouraged because as someone who walks almost the entire length of Pittsburgh on a daily basis, to and from Duquesne, I know Pittsburghers as friendly and talkative. I usually can’t get off the bus in the morning and make it to school before a stranger tells me good morning or simply smiles and nods their head at me. That’s Pittsburgh to me, and you really won’t find those characteristics in other cities of its size.
    Last night however, the large gathering caused people to act in ways they normally wouldn’t on their own. We watched a woman with a Beagle walk by and no one say anything to her, but when walking by with our dog, who walked like a gentleman by my boyfriend’s side, people started freaking out telling us to leave (because he’s a Bully Breed). We were extremely disheartened and very upset, so we left right after the fireworks. I saw tons of red and blues flashing by the Wood T-station as we made our way back to Duquesne’s parking lot. I really couldn’t comprehend what could possibly be going on down there. I was upset with how Pittsburghers were acting before I got home and checked the news– afterwards, I was totally speechless.
    Lets get our act together guys. This is not something that should be happening at a holiday event. The City of Pittsburgh puts so much time, effort, and money into making a night in the city pleasurable for people, people that might not normally spend time in the city. I don’t even want to know what tonight’s festivities are going to be like. 😦

    1. :) says:

      I would not fault people for not wanting to be around your pittbull in a public place.

      1. Pensfan66 says:

        Bull Terrier and a Pittbull are two different dogs. Kthxbye.

      2. panda88 says:

        except pitbulls score higher then retrievers on the aggressive test. so in theory, if a normal person raised 100 pitbulls and a 100 retrievers, you would get more attacks from the retrievers. a little fact, more then 75% of “pitbull attacks” you see on the news are not really pitbulls or full blooded dogs? also, did you know that there is over 30 breeds that look identical to the pitbull and they often get mistaken for the breed?

        the reason the bully breed gets a bad name is these same idiots who shoot everybody on light up night, use them to fight. they don’t use them because the are naturally mean, they use them because they are strong, athletic, and smart(easy to train).

        i also bet you didn’t know that the american pit bull terrier was the all american dog and the most decorated war dog of all time was a pitbull. saving countless lives.

        its funny people actually believe there is something in a pit bulls genetics that makes them mean lol.

        i am sure you knew all this. you’re a smart person.

  60. Sonni Abbata says:


    “Let’s not forget, that our public law enforcement, knowing this was a big night, light up night, with many children in attendance, and 18.000 Penguins fans getting out of arena around 10pm, if they saw a potential situation brewing, THEY should have been on their guard!
    Not blaming police, but still, city and county police should have been on top of this.”

    Why contradict yourself as such? You are clearly blaming the law enforcement.

    I think the blame is solely with the people, regardless of color, who were fighting and shooting each other. Throw them all in jail and let them rot. They have no place in a peaceful society.

  61. John Smith says:

    My god. I went here last night to watch some fireworks. Well i saw more fights and cops than fireworks. I honestly dont realy know how to solve the problems. All i know is when you get a bunch of city people together there is going to be problems. It scemes to me the blacks are the problems. Dont get me wrong there where some white people acting up. but 97% of them where black.

  62. Bea says:

    It seems to me the police, especially the chief, are quite out of touch with what to do with the violence in Pgh, especially preventing it. Since Harper revealed his “stop it or else” message, which seemed to come much to late & be way to simplistic, the violence hasn’t changed. If a police presence at an event like this is no deterrent, then it is time to rethink how to control it. But there seems to be little reassurance from the city that will happen. It is only going to get worse.

  63. OB1 says:

    You people from the Suburbs always want to say that your from Pittsburgh. You insist on coming Downtown for events like this, than you act shocked when the shooting starts, or you car is vandalized or stolen. On nights like this, I go to the suburbs and wouldn’t have my family anywhere near downtown. You keep coming down, and let me know how it works out.

  64. Bill says:

    I for one am not stupid enough to go downtown with my family for an event. Plain and simple the way I see it, seeing it from my own eyes as a police officer is that it does start at home. However a lot of parents do not instill the right valuse in there children and I have even seen on one occasion the parent scold a child for saying hello to me. I say penalties for comitting crimes need to be much much more severe, look at what they do to you in other countries if you steal something they cut off your hand! Here most of the time you just get a ticket and pay a fine. I understand we are supposed to be more civilized but honestly the law needs to speak softly and carry a big stick!! It doesnt matter wether its white black or otherwise if you do the crime you should be punished soo severely that you never do it again, but instead we put these folks in jail they are provided weights to get stronger they train with each other on how to disarm police and then come back out into society, jail really isnt a big deal to them!! You need to PUNISH not to give them a badge of honor among there peirs!

  65. kf says:

    I think the police did a great job. First they had their full force down on wood street breaking up fights then had to all respond to shots fired three blocks up and they don’t take that lightly. I was on liberty and seventh when the shooting happened and within three minutes twenty cops cars showed and when that was secure and they had ppl in custody they went back to wood st to help stop fights again. they can’t have 100 officers on every corner especially when someone is shot and they want to have the manpower to catch someone who obviosly is capable of shooting someone.

  66. williams, j says:

    the T-station always been a spot for rival gangs to get it in….thats’ where the majority of the bus routes go to pick up ppl!! this is no surpirse, it been like this every 4th of july and light up wknd…never changes just the ppl who are involved!!

  67. OB1 says:

    Oh and the Papers did a great job of damage control this morning…..Light up Night was a HUGE SUCCESS!!! OK, so if I was in Market Square with my children at 9 o’clock, there was a shooting 2 blocks away.
    As I was watching the fireworks at 10:10, there was a Homicide right across the bridge in North Side less than 1 mile away. Its not an isolated incident if it happens on a daily basis, which it does anymore.

  68. kf says:

    I think a big problem with the wood st station is that many city school kids meet there after school because they take the public transportation to school and they feel like they can do whatever they wabt bc there is no supervision there and there is only so much that police can do there every day. Police can’t tell kids what kind of language to use or what to talk about and by the time there is something actionable it has already escalated.

  69. dan says:

    Didn’t I just hear a story of the news that the police were BEEFING up patrols to curb the violence. WOW that went great. One dead and a shooting and fight during a family event…..GREAT JOB CITY OF PITTSBURGH…I will never go there again!

  70. kf says:

    myspcgrrrl, i agree with the stop the racism thing but I hope you stay in school bc i couldn’t comprehend any of the rest of that gibberish. wow if obly kids could spell.

  71. SD says:

    We won’t be back. The crush scene on the Clemente Bridge walkway could have hurt a lot more people than the antics at Wood Street. A little girl got separated from her mother and was knocked down and stepped on. From now on, I’ll read about these events in the Trib.

    1. dan says:


  72. justin says:

    DEAR PHOTOMOM.. I AM BLACK. I live on the edge of Homewood north close to Pennhills and right off the top of Brushton Ave. I would really let you cut my left hand off to trade you homes. I am working my butt off so I can get me and my family out of this horrible place.

    How many people you graduated with have died of gun violence in Greenfield? I graduated class of 95, more than half of the guys I graduated with died from gun violence (most within a square mile). Yea the world has a lot of petty crime, but I’m talking about live and death, not some criminal mischief

  73. the real deal says:

    Unfortunately – the vast majority of racial crime is black on white. Go to the federal website run by the U.S. department of justice. It is at http://www.ojp.usdoj.gov/. There – do a search for report NCJ 215244 and then go to table 42. Read it, The truth – BLACKS RAPED WHITE WOMEN 37,460 TIMES AND WHITES RAPED BLACK WOMEN ZERO TIMES – ZERO AS IN NEVER HAPPENNED. YEs in 2006 – there is not ONE case of a white man raping a black woman – yet there are 37,460 cases of black on white rapes. Sorry sometimes the truth hurts. Someone send this to SNOPES – I guarantee they will not publish it – because they do not want you to know the truth.

    1. A Statistic says:

      Hey “real deal” rape of black women by white men happens more often than the report stated because most black women don’t report it. why dont they would most likely be your next responds..like you would care if they did ? Than there is your answer they know you would not care !

      1. anonymous says:

        Thank you! I was going to post something like this, but you did it first. As a white woman with white police officers in the family, I cringe to think how they would respond to a black woman who reported being raped by a white man. I don’t blame them for not being eager to report these crimes. That certainly doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen…

  74. Dan says:


  75. Burgnerdman says:

    If we stoop to their level, that makes us just as bad. The issue of race should not be brought up at all. As a Pittsburgher in my mid 30s, I have attended Pittsburgh Public Schools untill I graduated, The last thing I said was GRADUATED. There is part of the problem.
    How many of these people, who cause most of the problems, have attended church? How many of these people believe in something bigger than themselves? There seems to be a lack in some form of social training. This is not a racial issue. This is a social issue.
    We are all brothers and sisters in this great country called America. If everyone reading this post would try to make a difference in just one persons life. We would not be here talking about this right now.
    Instead of being critical of people. Just say a prayer for them instead,

  76. greenfieldgirl says:

    p my previous comment was not meant for you and I hope you were not offended by that. I would be more than happy to have a decent law abiding neighbor like you on my street.I think the problem stems from people living a different lifestyle and having a different mindset than you do, that cause problems for everyone else.Keep up the good work

  77. Peggy Welsh says:

    Photomom, I have lived there all my life and you are ridiculous! It’s still fine here

  78. anonymous says:


    You are annoying. Is all you have to do is sit at the computer on this forum all day, shovel out your opinion and incessantly say KDKA decides what to remove? Don’t you have anything better to do such as take care of your family?

  79. Bo says:

    I agree that the media needs to know all the facts before creating a panic situation. Instead of several shots fired it turned out that only one shot was fired and the person may have shot themselves by accident. On another note, I think the Wood Street T station / bus stop should be eliminated and the Stanwix Street T station reopened. Since there are two T stops (First Avenue and Steel Plaza) as soon as you come into town, the Stanwix Street stop would service the lower part of downtown. Buses run on Wood Street and people that work in that area can take a bus or walk up from Stanwix Street. While parents should be responsible for their children’s’ actions, both the Port Authority and Pittsburgh Police should do the best job they can policing that corner. No one should be allowed to hang out inside the T station if they aren’t catching the T. Port Authority please work on a bus schedule that will get the students out of town 30 minutes after they are out of school if they have to come into town to catch their buses home. The same way we have evening curfews, until that area is cleaned up, a daytime curfew should be enforced as well. Since that’s such a problem corner, taking any steps to curb the craziness would definitely help. Children, please respect yourselves and others by carrying yourselves with dignity at all times!!

  80. Condo says:

    I glive in Downtown PGh and grew up on Perry and Charles of the N. Side.
    It is no safer ito live in downtown than anywhere else in PGH. The propertiy
    owners are not any better than the hood. Unfortunately people can’t let go of racism. photo-mom i agree with you.

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