Police, Local Officials On Alert After Downtown Violence

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – On day two of Pittsburgh’s Light Up Night celebration, police and officials are offering public safety assurances after Friday evening’s festivities were disrupted by violence.

Pittsburgh’s annual Light Up Night celebration is supposed to be a night of family fun and entertainment in downtown that kicks off the holiday season.

However, Friday evening’s festivities were marred by violent scenes.

Officials say one young woman was arrested for attacking another woman in front of police. There were other arrests for fighting as well.

A shooting happened near 7th Avenue and Smithfield Street. Police say they now believe a man in his 20s may have accidentally shot himself in the groin area.

A woman who did not want to be identified was a few feet away when the shooting happened. She said she was boarding a bus with two small children at the time.

“They were scared, especially the 10-year-old. I think the 4-year-old wasn’t really quite sure what was happening. He knew that there was a gunshot because everybody was talking about it on the bus. The 10-year-old kept telling me how scared he was,” she said. “It’s such a shame because this is such a fun event for families. For something like this to happen, you got to wonder, should I go downtown or not.”

But Holly Geitner, with the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership, wanted to assure the public that downtown Pittsburgh is a safe place to visit.

“What happened last night, as we understand, it was a very isolated incident,” said Geitner. “The location of where things happened was pretty far removed from where we had the event programmed and planned.”

Meanwhile, Pittsburgh police are continuing to look out for the public’s safety.

“We have taken every measure that we can foresee to ensure the safety of everybody that comes down to enjoy tonight’s festivities,” added Pittsburgh Police Sgt. James Vogel.


One Comment

  1. LIT says:

    Violence in Pittsburgh… what a surprise…

    1. Istvan balogh says:

      I will say what the politcaly correct will not state. The pundits all decry the prisons being over crowded by more blacks then whites. Why? It does not take a person with Phd only clmmon sense to see like this mindless criminal act wad once again perpertrzted by a black man! No kne can be blamed but the perps only. Or maybe the perp was yelled at and did not get a rolex for Christmas?

  2. justin says:

    How can it always be a isolated incident when it happens every week???????????Beside another guy was shot dead last night too…Was that isolated? How about the other 60 people who died in the city this year or the hundreds shot every year….I guess if you get hit then the bullet isolated you…RIGHT???

    1. Cynthia Ann Nelson-Mazasz says:

      This is very true Justin, it isn’t right to give the publc a false sense of security. Times are really bad and the community should be made aware of it rather than sugar-coating the situation. Our public servants are in serious trouble in the city of Champions, as well as our sports figures and venues. If the people don’t know that then there is something even more toubling occuring. It isn’t fair to treat the citizens and taxpayers like a bunch or morons.@ beef it up!

  3. Dan says:

    Diane Richards…Police spokeswoman…why do they need a police spokes woman? OH thats right because I have heard one of the like 8 chiefs they have here speak and he is a real IDIOT !

  4. justin says:

    WERN”T they BEEFING up patrols? Where I work if I didn’t get my job done they fire me. Wheres the accountability? That is the Pittsburgh police motto isn’t it? Integrity, accountability, respect…. I see it on the cars

  5. justin says:

    Mary ROB your right as rain baby, the only thing anybody noticed in homewood other than a peewee football shooting was the 3 task force guy who beat up jordan miles.
    I live here, and have been stopped by those guys, so I can say that was a huge mistake. Things wernt great when they were out here, but it was OK, now since they have been gone…its a warzone worst I can remember in at least 10 yrs. I can vouch for those guys, they just did their jobs, they wernt afraid to stop get out of the car and ask people what was going on. Its not like that anymore!

  6. dan says:

    Justin,What happened to those guys anyway? I remember seeing it, but can’t remember hearing anything one way or another.

  7. justin says:

    I think they got fired or they quit, I know they arn’t out here anymore, you would see them everyday like clockwork.

  8. Lilly Von Schtupp says:

    The “Chief” is an illiterate tool. Couldn’t the city find ANYONE in the PPD that has more than 3 straight teeth that can speak English? “Dat da troof, yo”.

  9. Level Green says:

    A spokesperson for the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership was interviewed, the Chief of Police and a Police spokesperson have been on the news, the President of City Council has said all is well but has anyone seen Mayor Skippy?

    Maybe another big weekend at Sevens Springs……

  10. latorbe50 says:

    where do these people get their guns?

  11. Meesha says:

    I was at Light Up Night and had a great time. I had no idea anything happened until I got home and saw it on the news. The wood street T staion area is a problem area every day of the week. I ride the T and it’s become a joke as to what happened today at the T stop. We need cameras there to catch the drug dealers who hang out there. I’ve seen that in broad daylight. And we need a noticeable police presence as a deterent to the violence I’ve witnessed amongst the black kids who hang around there.

  12. Tab Numlock says:

    Fight? All I saw was a white girl being assaulted, dragged to the pavement by her hair. Guess her hair was too “good” and evoked some rage.

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