Steelers’ Fans Critical Of Officiating After Game

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Steelers’ fans certainly had a lot to cheer about Sunday after a rout of the Oakland Raiders at Heinz Field that featured plenty of touchdowns and a new kicker.

While the fans were happy about the win, some said they were concerned about a few of the calls made on the field.

Fans came into the game focusing on the new kicker as many thought watching him was going to be the highlight. But it turns out that Jeff Reed’s replacement, Shaun Suisham, didn’t end up getting much attention.

Fans seemed more interested in talking about quarterback Ben Roethlisberger taking a smack from Raiders’ defensive end, Richard Seymour, in the first quarter of the game.

“There were some words exchanged, but for him to hit him in the face like that was totally uncalled for,” said Aris Rodgers, a Steelers’ fan from Florida. “It’s a professional sport and that’s not the way guys should be playing.”

Seymour was kicked out of the game, and many fans are waiting to see what fines he could be facing.

After that, fans got louder as it seemed that call after call was being made against the Steelers. It forced some fans to question whether the Steelers were being judged to harshly on the field.

“I felt sorry for the Steelers because I thought officials tried to take it away from them,” said Kyle Smith, a fan from Texas.

“I think they’re coming down really hard on us this year and I’m mad that they keep fining our boy,” said Renee Mercer, a fan from California. “Enough is enough.”

At the end of the day, a win is a win and Steelers’ fans were happy. However, there was a roughness about today’s game that has people talking about not just the old Pittsburgh-Oakland rivalry, but where the future of football is heading.

“You watch a football game to watch the hits,” said Bill Hamm, a fan from Penn Hills. “You don’t want to watch them tickle each other. It’s to watch those ‘ooh’ hits.

As for the new kicker, fans say they won’t really be able to form any opinions until he has the chance to kick a field goal, but they’ll take all the extra points he’s willing to give.


One Comment

    1. Christel says:

      in what year????

    2. Keith says:

      Until this past sunday I had no idea the raiders were still playing football. I actually forgot the team even existed. And from the performance I saw at the game on sunday, now i know why. They havent been relevent in the NFL for 25 years. And the only way they will make it in the superbowl is if someone buys them tickets. Gotta say, that was a great fantasy story you attached to your post. Couldn’t stop laughing.

  1. DC SLIDEWAYS says:

    waaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! most of these steeler fans know zero about football most of them were cut from their 2nd grade kickball team cause the did’nt know what to do when the ball was rolled to them. quit thinking ur the big bad intimidators of the league; the secondary is the worst in football; it shows everytime they play the better qb’s in league. don’t like the officiating? better hope gene “steelertore” does all ur games.

    1. Keith says:

      Yeah, the steelers are so bad they keep giving them trophies. How many was it again? Oh yeh, six. How many does your team have? lol. Btw, the girls in the steeler nation know more about football than the coaches on your team. I have to admit you are right about one thing. We did get cut from 2nd grade kickball but it was so we could play football.

  2. betty gerbil says:

    i hope they are planning to fine that player that hit ours in the face mask for unsportsmen conduct they should they have been fining a good bit

  3. Mar says:

    the raiders in the superbowl????? hahahahaha, now THAT’S funny!! and dc slideways, you all should certainly know about bad teams, how bad did the skins loose to the eagles last week? and how many superbowl wins do the skins have?

  4. Shields188 says:

    Shame on KDKA for putting football before our soldires returning home from war.
    How is that a NFL team can take the lead story and be talked about for ten minutes, when you have soldiers returning home from at leat a one year deployment from WAR. When will the news come to their senses?
    I like sports, but come on ppl wake up!

  5. stoopm says:

    Maybe that slap of Ben was done on behalf of all of the women out there that would have liked to have slapped him but were intimidated by his “bodyguards”.

  6. Betty Matlack says:

    Ithink the refs are steeler haters . thier calls sucked…..

  7. JimFromJohsntown says:

    The national commentators didn’t bring up the offciating at all. in fact they hardly brought up the Seymor hit on Ben and ejection. I have been playing and watching sports since I was 9 years old. I was at the game yesterday and that was the most outrageous disply of offciating I have even been witness to. It seemed like the Steelers were definately being targeted by them. It also seemed like everytime the Steelers made a big play there was a penalty, as to keep the Raiders in the game. Collect your un earned paychecks from Goodell and even Al Davis for that fact.

    1. LucfromBloomfield says:

      I don’t know if you got up to use the bathroom, or maybe you were distracted during the game, but the CBS commentators both mentioned the poor officiating, and one of them said it was the worst he’d seen in years. All three of the ‘big” bad calls (Woodley’s QB hit, Clark’s ‘helmet to helmet’ hit, and Harrison’s QB hit that negated the INT TD) were called out by the commentators after the replays. The Seymour slap was shown half a dozen times…I mean, how much did you drink?

  8. David says:

    Actually, Dan Fouts couldn’t shut up about the officiating. I don’t think conspiracy, I think players, officials, coaches, and fans are all scrambling to catch up to Goodell’s brave new world of football.

    Is it too late to get Tagliabue back?

  9. Keith says:

    The field was in less than perfect condition. I will give you that, but real football players can play in any condition. Snow, rain, ice, cow pasture. A winning team would know that and not use it as an excuse for losing. As I recall, the very first football players played in cow pastures. And you never heard them complain about it. Guess thats the difference between real football and the raiders. I do have a question. When it rains or snows do they complain and file a protest? Wouldnt want them to slip and fall and get all muddy now, would we?

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