PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Each year, many infants in the United States die because of unsafe sleeping conditions.

In 2010, 20 cases have already been reported in Allegheny County.

Now, the District Attorney’s Office and “SIDS of Pennsylvania” is attacking the problem head-on.

“For years, SIDS was called ‘crib death’ so, they thought the best way they could protect their child was to bring them into bed with them,” Judith Bannon said.

However, death scene investigations show 90 percent of those sudden infant deaths happened outside of a crib, most often as the child slept in bed with their parents.

So, Cribs for Kids, with help from District Attorney Stephen Zappala, has worked for more than a decade to make sure every baby has a safe place to sleep. However, the problem lingers.

Now, a raw, harsh message is popping up on billboards around town trying to drive the message home.

“The average person is exposed to 5,000 advertising images in a single day. So, how do you stand out? I think what [Bannon] has accomplished with this campaign, is the graphic image on the billboard. That casket, it gets your attention. And that was the goal, and then from there once she has your attention. She can direct you to all the good work they are trying to do to make people aware of SIDS,” Stan Geier from Lamar Advertising said.

One of the places you will see the billboards is in the Hill District, but that’s not the only way they are getting their message out. Signs are also popping up at bus pavilions around town.

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