PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Outrage is what a lot of people are feeling over the new airport security measures as one of the busiest travel holidays of the year approaches.

Some people are calling the new full-body scans and pat-downs an invasion of their privacy, their body and their rights.

Now, there are reports that officials are considering a change to the policy. There is also word of a protest from travelers.

Millions of people packed the nation’s airport terminals readying to fly to their destination of choice.

The question many travelers are facing is: pat-down or scan?

“Scan. [I}just don’t want to be pat-down,” Tony Tolari said.

On Monday, it was hard to find anybody at the Pittsburgh International Airport opting for the pat-down.

“I don’t want anybody groping me,” Jim Gitas said.

“I personally think I’m [going to] go for the scanner. Pat-down? I don’t want you to touching all my business like that,” Brittany Harris said.

To that end, the TSA is reviewing the entire scan and pat-down procedure in an attempt to make everything less-intrusive.

However, what’s possibly going to happen later this week has travelers worried.

An Internet movement is afoot to have travelers opt out of the scan and get the pat-down. The aim is to back things up so much that the TSA will have to get rid of the pat-down procedure.

The negative effect of the protest could possibly put travelers in a bind and make them late for their flights.

The Obama Administration is asking travelers to not take part in the protest. They have said that they are working on better ways to get travelers through the security process.

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