Steelers Will Play Steelers Football Despite Penalties

PITTSBURGH (KDKA/AP) James Harrison and the Pittsburgh Steelers thrive on physicality in a league that is forcefully penalizing, fining and rebuking players who cross an imaginary line that appears to get redefined from week to week.

Harrison and the Steelers are confused about how to play in this new, no-dangerous-hits-allowed NFL.

The Steelers were penalized the most in their 77-year history on Sunday against the Oakland Raiders. The Steelers were called for 163 yards of penalties.

The Steelers say the answer is easy. If it costs them more flags, more fines, that’s just part of doing business their way as they will continue to play Steelers football and it doesn’t cost them a championship.

“If you start letting penalties affect the way we play, we’re not going to be the aggressive team that we’ve always been,” linebacker LaMarr Woodley said.

Steelers safety Troy Polamalu has been outspoken about the NFL’s new policy and wants more current player input on fines and suspensions, but NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said that is not an option and they already have input from former players.

Ryan Clark said the NFL officials are as confused as the players are on what constitutes an illegal hit and that showed on Sunday.


One Comment

  1. VIZIATO says:

    The Ref’s are MORON’S and they are JEALOUS OF MY STEELERS! We know how to play football and we are not scared!

  2. Lou says:

    the NFL is making it extremely difficult to enjoy the game with all the rediculous penalties. I could care less about the fines because I don’t pay them but the stoppage in play and the stupidity of some of the calls is giving lesser quality teams an unfair advantage. THE PLAYERS ASSOCIATION MUST STAND UP AND THREATEN TO STRIKE NOW unless things are corrected

  3. nick v. says:

    Ryan Clark I am glad you signed with the Steelers! You deserve the Best and I must you are the most underrated defender in the NFL! Keep the hard hits coming #25!

  4. DC SLIDEWAYS says:

    Please stop all your whining or take your ball and go home as harrison threatened. It is what it is! Never do you hear ANY of this whining when it benefits the steelers. Clean up the dirty antics;the woofing after a simple tackle;and most of all, ike taylor’s u can’t see me routine. maybe he should worry about seeing the wr’s being he is part of the worst secondary in football. play like TIMMONS ;HARD AND FAIR AND HE STAYS HUMBLE!!

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