Suspended Sto-Rox Students Go To Magistrate

By Mary Robb Jackson

Sto-Rox High School principal Dr. Melanie Kerber had nothing to say about a magistrate’s hearing for eight students involved in a fight this fall.

“Forty-five days my daughter has missed her senior year,” says Angela Wofford, mother of one of the suspended students.

Eight teenage girls and their moms had been waiting for this chance to be heard since September.

That was the day Principal Kerber called a dozen girls to her office for a mediation that became a melee with pushing and “over-the-top” verbal exchanges.

Police were called. There was yelling, running in the halls and a security guard got a small scratch on his hand. There was a lot of confusion.

“One adult was telling them to go back to class, the security guard was telling them to leave the building, the principal was telling them to leave,” Wofford said.

The girls were given a 10-day suspension.

Then criminal charges were filed, including harassment, disorderly conduct and terroristic threats and an additional 45-day suspension was given – 55 days total.

Some of the girls are seniors and honor students.

Another parent, Jennifer Walker was equally upset.

“No one has questioned the principal about her poor judgment in all of this and her neglect of the parent’s wishes in this,” she said.

“I was a good student – I was still a little loud – but that was just me,” Esa Walker, one of the suspended students, said.

None of the parents defends their daughters’ acting out, but say all of their attempts to contact school district administrators were rebuffed.

Tuesday’s hearing was postponed for 90 days. In the meantime, the girls will go back to regular high school classes.

If there’s no more problems and they maintain good grades, the DA’s office or police would consider withdrawing all charges

Jennifer Walker still contends that the way they’ve been treated by the district is unacceptable.

“A lot of poor need to understand you gotta make complaints because we ain’t got money for lawyers, we ain’t got money for civil lawyers, so all we got is an official written down complaint,” Walker said.

The Sto-Rox superintendent did not return a call asking for comment. The girls are due back in court in February.

High School principal Dr. Kerber has her own date in court next month. She was charged with drunk driving in October by police in Upper St. Clair.


One Comment

  1. bettygerbil says:

    what kind of role model is the principal making with dui charges i sure would’t want her around my child the school district should get rid of her and ask her to resign

  2. Lisa Baxter Sajna says:

    Whiskey6 and Redrock100, you are both ignorant racists. Your mothers should have drowned you both at birth.

  3. redrock100 says:

    not possible because we had a father

  4. burgh10 says:

    garbage will always be garbage

  5. panda88 says:

    Nothing but trouble, and i am not talking about the movie….

    These girls being honor students have nothing to do with anything, there expectations at sto-rox are so low, you simply just pass a class and you’re an honor student. Not to mention the curriculum, is not at the level it should be. But i guess its not worth wasting money on better things for people who will just ruin it or not take advantage and actually learn.

    I would like to see how these so called “honor students” do at a real school. They surely didn’t sound educated in the interviews and the parents are another story. Their kids start a fight and they blame the school because the principal didn’t want to listen to what they had to say about what kinda discipline should be dealt? Its the schools call not the parents and obviously whatever the parents were doing at home wasn’t working.

    If these were good kids they wouldn’t have needed to be called into the office at all. Them starting the fight just further proves they needed discipline, senior year or not, honor student or not, you need to know right from wrong. Just because you are a senior or honor student, doesn’t mean you should be cut a break.

    ahhh, i hate stupid parents that blame everybody, but themselves or their kids!

    1. linda says:

      I agree with you totally !!!!

  6. One small voice says:

    The picture says it all, were probably part of the melee on light up night.

  7. Angela says:

    Everyone’s entitled there own opinion. I’m a parent of one of the eight student that was suspend from school. My child paid the price (55 days)for not returning to class. The harassement, disorderly conduct charges were filled against my child will be dismissed in feb. I’v read the many uneducated comment that you’ve posted. I’m sure it easy to post comments without knowing all the facts. I laugh at ignorant racist people like you. You kind of people give me strenght.

  8. panda88 says:

    I know exactly what went on. Just to further prove my point it all starts at home. I am glad for you as a parent that they are dropping the charges, because the fines would have been a lot to handle. But really, did they learn their lesson? Yea, they got a 55 day vacation from school and legal charges filed on them, but when you get the charges dropped, what do they learn? That they can do whatever and since they are young, they will get charges dropped all the time?

    I am all for giving breaks to the youth, but they should have had some sorta community service and no fine, because that just comes from the parent anyway. The “fight” wasn’t as bad as the news made it sound, but anything violent shouldn’t be taken lightly anymore..

    And to clarify, when i say “they” i am talking about the kids not a race.

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