Girl, 15, Killed In Westmoreland Co. Crash

SEWICKLEY TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – A teenager was killed and another was injured in a late Saturday night crash in Westmoreland County.

People that live near the accident scene have long-complained about the dangerous stretch of highway.

Pennsylvania State Police aren’t saying if speed was a factor in the fatal one-car accident on Clay Pike in Sewickely Township Saturday night.

A 16-year-old driver crashed into a wall, went airborne and slammed into a tree.

According to police, the car went into a spin on impact and a passenger was ejected from the driver’s side window and died at the scene.

The passenger has been identified as 15-year-old Taylor Frohnhofer.

“Taylor and my daughter, Bree, were really good friends. She was a fun, crazy girl. She’s going to be missed,” Tracy Luft said.

Luft, who is also a volunteer firefighter in nearby Realton, responded to the crash.

The 16-year-old driver, Jorden King, who just got his license, is also her cousin.

He was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive.

“I responded and was on scene, so it’s really hitting home. That’s my volunteer job and I love it and I know what to expect, but when you have to have your hand on somebody else’s child, it’s hard,” Luft said.

According to neighbors, accidents happen far too often on the stretch of road. Two boys were killed two years ago, almost in the same spot. In fact, the neighbors said there have been over 100 accidents in the same location since the early 1990s.

Luft is hoping this accident will force everyone to slow down, especially young drivers.

“Kids [have] to know that it’s dangerous when you get behind the wheel. A lot of responsibility and you just never know,” Luft said.


One Comment

  1. Cynthia Robin Drake says:

    Who would give a 16 year old permission to drive that time of evening? God please give strength to the individual who’s responsibility this lies on..

  2. Censored says:

    Cynthia, he’s almost 17, and it was around 9:30…

    Get well soon Jorden, and RIP Taylor.

  3. me says:

    please slow down and drive carefully. seatbelts a must. 15 yrs to young to die!!!!

  4. tl2020 says:

    watch your judgement, dear

  5. Courtney Zambo says:

    Taylor was my best friend and Jorden a really good friend of mine. I know from the bottom of my heart Jorden did not mean to get into an accident. Jorden was obviously on his way to take Taylor home, and then him self to his house. He has a cinderella linsence which means he has to be in by 11. And i know his parents would not let him out past curfew. So no one has any room to talk about them like lthat.

  6. Mike says:

    When are they going to learn? Every day you hear about young people dying because of SPEEDING and NOT WEARING SEATBELTS. Wake up- you are NOT invincible. Slow down, and wear a seatbelt. This was yet another needless death…

  7. Athena Enderle says:

    Jorden King is a good person. He didn’t mean for it to happen. It was an accident, it wasn’t intended to happen. He is going to have to live with this for the rest of his life. He doesn’t need people slandering him! Grow up. No one neeeds to make comments about either of them unless you knew them. Jorden is not a careless person.

    And Cynthia, it doesn’t concern you. Leave this alone.

  8. DENISE says:

    There is nothing anyone can say to change things,TAYLOR WAS A BEAUTIFUL YOUNG GIRL THAT WILL BE GREATLY MISSED.My Prayers go out to her parents Bill and TONYA and all of Taylors Family.MY HEART IS BREAKING FOR ALL OF YOU.

  9. poop says:

    I love the new comment section.
    OK all you idiots the road is known for accidents. So that means this has happened before and will happen again.
    You can blame a 16 old but it comes down to local government not addressing the issue of the road and not installing a red light or stop sign on a road prone to accidents.
    That is kind of there job right.
    Instead we have a 16 that has to deal with what happened the rest of his life
    and a sad ending to a young life.
    All because the local government did nothing

  10. brandi says:

    jorden king you are my bestfriend and i love you sooo very much. i know your going to be okay and i hope to see you very soon. i know this was just an accident and you didnt mean to do anything bad everything will be okay. im here for you. ❤

    1. another annonymous (friend) says:

      Thanks Brandi – hopefully you can convey this to those that have expressed hatred and condemnation toward him – he needs to be prayed for as well as his family.

  11. Pat says:

    to POOP:

    I drive that same road many times a week. My son’s friends, two brothers, were also killed at that same wall about 4 years ago. It is tragic. I also would not blame the local government as this is a stretch of road that has a safe driving speed posted – people just need to do the speed limit. It is not an intersection that would warrant a stop sign or traffic light. The big thing is to do the speed limit.
    And I personally know Jorden King and his family. He is a wonderful young man that would never hurt anyone. He had an accident. He is the most respectful kind and slow paced young man that is not the type to speed to show off. He will need much support as well as his family – in addition to Taylor’s family. The most important thing I can say with this incident – is as a driver – never take the car out of park if a passenger is not seat belted. That has been my rule in my vehicle for ALL who ride with me. If you do not want to wear one – get a ride with someone else!

  12. mary says:

    this is on a personal note..i knew taylor personally she was truely an angel and the biggest heart and prayers go out to the family and friends of this beautiful girl espiecally bill tonya n billy i know this is hard..and we’re all here for you..we love n will miss you dearly taylor rip babygirl =(

  13. Anonymous. says:

    Anyone who blames Jorden clearly does not know him. You guys have no right to blame a 16 year old for what happened, I’m sure every single one of you has either been in a wreck or has seen a wreck. Truthfully, you know how hard they are to prevent. Yes, you can drive safely, buckle your seatbelt, check your mirrors, watch your speed, and all that but sometimes it’s just not your fault. There are always flaws, nobody is perfect and this is just a sheer sign of that. Quit blaming Jorden, it’s not right. He has to live with the guilt of Taylor’s death on his shoulders his whole life, and all you’re doing is looking for someone to blame while making his guilt worsen in the process. That’s not always an option, all can you truly blame in this case is a simple mistake and that bend.

  14. Kristin kruel says:

    Taylor was an amazing friend she was and always will be loved by many people. this accident is no ones fault.. i am going to miss her so much, and hold on to the great memories together. Jorden is in my prays get well soon. now we all have a beautiful gaurdain angel lookin over us.. rest in peace babygirl always in my heart

  15. poop says:

    Wait not say the kid is blameless but you can put a red light up anywhere you want.

  16. poop says:

    wouldb’t it be smart to put a red light or cop giving out tickets in a place where people have passed before

  17. annonymous says:

    People should know how to ‘police’ themselves. It is not the road – it is the speed – a light would not work there – you’d have to see it to understand – what happens when the light is green – no need to stop!

  18. redrock100 says:

    typical republican

    1. annonymous says:

      and what is that supposed to mean. If there was a traffic light there in the middle of a stretch of road that you can see the light from a great distance and you think you can make it …are you going to slow down just because a light is there??? What is a democratic or independent answer??? HUH??? R U from the area? IF not – then SHUT UP! Your ignorance is showing!

  19. annonymous says:

    go to Google earth and look at the address 216 Irwin Herminie Road and you will see the brick wall on the right and you will see when you navigate 360 degrees there is not a place for a stop sign or red light. People need to just travel the speed limit – that is why it is set as such.
    Sad to say if you maneuver the right direction you will see a speed limit sign that was 35 that some smart kid with spray paint made into 85 – good going Einstein!

  20. another annonymous (friend) says:

    Now it is said that the two were following another car of 2 Yough kids – possibly graduates. Maybe they need to take some ownership here and realize what a bad example they were when they were speeding and Jorden was just keeping up with them. Surely two wrongs do not make a right but the older ones should have set a better example!

  21. heeyyy says:

    ok i see taylor will be greatly missed

  22. heeyyy says:

    the driver was speeding BUT it was an accident and he didnt mean to hurt ANYBODY r.i.p taylor we all loved you.=(

  23. blank says:

    yes they have a good speed put up but they need police waiting their to get speeders and she should had her seat belt on maybe she’d be here today not that it’s no ones fault exactly but what’s done is done and god wanted her so he took her cause if he didn’t she’d still be here right? and i hate reading the title and it makes her cousint or who ever he was a killer IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!!!!! that ended in tragedy

  24. No Name says:

    Jorden is not Taylor’s cousin. And it doenst matter whether Taylor had her seatbelt on or not. It should be the operator of the cars responsibility to make sure that all of the passenters of the care buckeled their seat belt. Also, who cares if Jorden was following anyone. Just because there was a friend of theirs in front of them doesnt mean Jorden had to start speeding to catch up. If Jorden would not have been speeding then this accident would not have happened. Taylor did not deserve this, she was the prettiest and nicest girl a person could ever meet.

  25. blah says:

    if you just got your license and you’re going 90 mph, then that’s a shame and he’ll live with this all his life. yes it was an accident, but a stupid one and he should lose his lisence.

  26. Athena Enderle says:

    You need to grow up. None of this was ment to happen. Yes, the accident was Jordens fault but Taylor should have been wearing her seat belt. Taylor was a good person. And Jorden is too. All of this just needs to b e droped.

  27. annonymous 3 says:

    You are correct. They were both great kids – both who made a mistake. Keep in mind that Jorden will have to live with this – his mistake – yes there will most likely be legal ramifications related to this accident – but remember – Jorden will have to deal with the fact the rest of his life. If anyone who commented on her negative or positive like we do – you know what kind of person he is, this will effect him for the test of his life. He needs to be able to come back to school and deal on his own with his conscience – he does not need others to make a bad situation worse. Does anyone that is so upset with him know or even care how he is doing? Does anyone know or even care why he is not back is school yet? Well, maybe before you pass judgment and threaten him – as been indicated on other blog sites – you may want to know what could happen mentally and physically if you continue the threats and negative comments once he returns to school. If you do not know him – DO NOT JUDGE HIM – if you do, you would not accuse him but support him in dealing with the future – all facets of things he will have to face – coming back to school some day and not seeing his good friend Taylor – seeing her friends grieving – know that he does not even recall anything that has happened – or for that fact does not recall anything for days before the accident – so please be cautious what you throw at him!

  28. annonymous 3 says:

    Oh my, of course there are many prayers and much support for her and her family. She was someone special – and if you would ask Jorden this – he would tell you that. He thought the same of her as all of you do. She was someone he revered as a special friend. The fact that we cannot bring Taylor back is one that is the biggest truth in the whole matter – but this boys life will be forever altered due to the choices they made that night. But, what good comes from harassment and threats to Jorden? And, you are exactly correct – let the police complete their investigation and the law handle the consequences – it is not up to those of us who do not know all of the details to pass judgment on Jorden who was driving too fast (still not determined at what speed), on why Taylor had her seat belt off – hey she could have taken it off for a moment to take off or put on a coat – to reach in the back seat for her purse – we will never know – but there is not reason for ANYONE to add insult to injury and make a tragedy worse. Any one on here or reading this – have you ever done something that had a negative impact on not only yourself but others around you? Did you need others to hammer you to no end. The consequences are to come from the law – and God. Taylor’s family will never forget her – and it will always be hard for them to deal with her loss – but maybe their loss will speak volumes to others when they realize that in a blink of an eye any one of us can be gone – and when we make bad decisions – repercussions have a deep, wide rippling effect. Please just remember – it is not our place to judge or hand down consequences.

  29. pat says:

    To All:

    It is great to see that there are those out there that are concerned for Jorden and his family – and also I do not think that those posting about him mean that there is not room for support and love for the Fronhoffer family, but as was posted above – it is not for us to pass down a decision and penalty. Jorden will deal with this all his life and it will not be easy.

  30. another annonymous (friend) says:

    I agree with you – let the police investigate and the whole truth be told – but let the law also handle and deal with Jorden. No good will come with hatred to Jorden. IF there was another person that would have been at the wheel and the same thing happened to Taylor – how would Jorden have treated that driver? Do you know him? She was precious to him too!

  31. No Name says:

    I dont see where anybody threatened Jorden. But what do you expect from people. Someone special to them passed away, of course the blame is going to go to Jorden. If Taylor was such a special person to Jorden, then shouldnt he have made sure that Taylor had her seat belt on?

  32. no name says:


  33. blank says:

    why blame anyone that part of the road needs like a stop sign or something like that its to easy to lose control and crash there no ones to blame it was an accident he didnt mean fore her to die no one ever wants to hear about a kid who dies so young

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