Police Officer In Court On Animal Cruelty Charges

ELLWOOD CITY (KDKA) – A police officer was in court Tuesday facing cruelty to animals charges.

Not only was he in court, so were local animal rights advocates.

Eric Squicquero has been suspended from his job as a White Township, Beaver County police officer. He had nothing to say Tuesday morning after he waived his right to a preliminary hearing, which sends his case directly to court.

He’s charged with animal cruelty after Animal Control officers were called to his Ellwood City, Lawrence County home. They found a malnourished Rottweiler. The dog weighed just 57 pounds, which once weighed 100 pounds. They also found a smaller mixed-breed dog dead.

The dog’s food and water bowls were kept where the dogs couldn’t reach them, according to investigators.

Squicquero told investigators he couldn’t care for the dogs because he works 12 hours a day.

“We’ve waived that opportunity and we’re going to deal with the facts of this case in the appropriate forum at the appropriate time,” Defense Attorney Philip Berezniak said.

“We did read where he had said one of the problems was he was working so many hours. I don’t have any comment on the defense at this point. Those facts will come out as this case moves through the courts.”

Animal rights advocates came to the hearing and were disturbed by this case.

“For a police officer to intentionally starve two dogs, or the one has passed and the one was within a breath of life, I think that he’s suspended with no pay and that was justifiable,” Patricia Chenet said.

Animal rights groups said will they will follow this process closely as it moves through the court system.

  • Vanessa Southerland

    Here is another example of police officers thinking they are above the law and because they wear a badge, they don’t have to follow the laws like we do!

    • Fritz Patrick

      There will not be justice. He will get away with it. PA has a history of allowing police officers off free.

  • Black Cat

    He works 12 hours a day—BFD—welcome to the real world. I hope the ass does not have children.

    • Squillions

      I hope he doesn’t have children too, but there is undoubtedly a trail of women who have been bullied, controlled, neglected, and probably slapped around (and worse) at the hands of this narcissistic monster.

      • Fritz Patrick

        He has a history of using his position of power to pull over women on traffic stops to meet them.

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  • LexyLives

    Doug, i can only hope you are right then. Or better yet, maybe just tie this A@@ to a chain and put food and water just out of HIS reach.

  • DC Social Worker

    One trait of psychopathology is animal torture. People who do this can just as easily do the same thing to a human being. So, he should not be permitted to serve as a police officer.

    • Squillions

      I have little doubt he is already bullying and abusing people. Find out his history with girlfriends, etc. Someone n that list is sure to have been bullied, belittled, slapped around, or worse.

  • Jennifer T

    Any moron knows that if you don’t have the time to care for a pet, don’t get one, or place the ones you have. You DON’T let them starve. Sick &^$%#$. He should be starved.

  • Lara Lee

    Can you say ‘FELONY ABUSE” Eric? The court needs to realize there is a crossover between animal abuse and child/domestic abuse. Let him get away with this and he will be back in court for killing or badly injuring someone soon.

  • Squillions

    Send him to prison for as long as possible. Let him find out how welcomed former police officers are there. Good riddance.

  • Yo Mama

    I work 12 hrs a day also and my cat is just fine, a flimsy excuse from a coward. Pick on someone your own size, hopefully get your a$$ kicked in the process!! Remember paypacks are a B$$$$

  • miked

    Good,I’ll help him.

  • miked

    He even looks like a psycho.

  • linda

    Ive use to work for haven humane I witnessed a lot of abuse of pets.I think they should do to him what he did to them .

  • Fritz Patrick

    I wish the reporters would do a investigation on why he was left go from the last three police departments he had worked??????? The department he currently works knew of his past track record. Not good at all. He was still hired.

  • Paul Irvine

    Lets put this guy on a short leash not close enough to eat or to drink and see how it feels for him for a few months.
    If the dog needs to go somewhere please contact the Animal Rescue League at http://www.animalrescue.org

  • matt r

    How do people like this live with themselves. I am sure he found time to feed himself!!

  • andrea peralta

    This officer should be let go.. permanently from his job. He cannot take care of the dogs.. he cannot take care of the community…
    I know for a fact that his Police Chief protects him and supports him… I know he has let go personnel from the department who have stood against Mr. Dog-killer…. For that, this Police Chief should be let go as well….

    • Fritz Patrick

      Yes, and I know a officer that was just terminated and decertified for not supporting this killer.

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  • carol


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