Threat To Derry Area Schools A Hoax

By: Trina Orlando

DERRY (KDKA) – Derry Area High School and Middle School were both on lockdown after a threat was found on a bathroom wall.

School officials believed it was a “low level” threat, but they evacuated all students to Grandview Elementary as a precaution.

It turned out to be a hoax. Police swept both schools and didn’t find anything.

“It’s horrible,” Melanie Wisniewski, a parent, said. “Why can’t other parents talk to their kids about the ramifications of doing something like this?”

This was the students first day back in class after Thanksgiving break.

The students were dismissed from Grandview Elementary at their regularly scheduled time.

All after-school activities will take place as scheduled.

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One Comment

  1. latrobe50 says:

    I hope they find the little punk that wrote that message…. WHAT DOES SOMEONE GET OUT OF DOING THIS>>>>>>Our policemen are over worked .My tax dollars were wasted today, By this stupid threat I think who ever did this should have to live in another country. IRAN OR NORTH KOREA. I bet it would be the last time they use a bathroom stall as a note pad.

  2. Passing Commenter says:

    Dear latrobe50: perhaps I am misunderstood, but you seem to suggest we should be more like Iran or North Korea so that your tax dollars can be saved?
    Well, here’s what I think: my tax dollars have been used to pave the roads that lead to where you live, and I think people like you should never leave the house. So, my tax dollars are wasted too.

    1. Another Passing Commenter says:

      Passing Commenter: You have no reading comprehension skills and tax dollars were wasted on your obvious public education that you received. “latrobe50” is one of the dumbest posters on here, but you are vying to take his/her place.

      “By this stupid threat I think who ever did this should have to live in another country. IRAN OR NORTH”

      Terrible grammar? Yes. Suggest we should be more like Iran or North Korea from this gibberish? Um ,no.

  3. Passing Commenter says:

    Another Passing Commenter, here is a little vocabulary lesson for you, while we’re on the topic of education:

    adj \sär-ˈdä-nik\
    Definition of SARDONIC
    : disdainfully or skeptically humorous : derisively mocking
    — sar·don·i·cal·ly\-ni-k(ə-)lē\ adverb
    See sardonic defined for English-language learners »
    Examples of SARDONIC

    1. The movie is a sardonic look at modern life.

    3. “The Great War,” used interchangeably with “the First World War” (so named in 1918 by a sardonic English journalist, who knew it would not be the last such conflict) … —Benjamin Schwarz, Atlantic, May 1999


    You may also want to browse the different types of ‘irony’ defined on Wikipedia for additional help with my previous post.

  4. Another Passic Commenter says:

    Wow, you can copy and paste! I am very impressed. We all know that Wikipedia is a valid source of information. Again, you are getting warmer in surpassing latrobe50’s idiocy.

    1. Passing Commenter says:

      Passing Commenter’s Reading Comprehension, Take 2: You appear to have no sense of humor and/or take yourself (and this message board) far too seriously. I will place my bet on all of the above.

      Your hasty inflammation and the attempt to describe/measure the intelligence of an anonymous poster is both amusing and illustrative of your own caliber. 😉

  5. Another Passing Commenter says:

    The same can and should be said about yourself. I am just a reflection of your own sense of humor, or lack thereof. Describing the measure of your intelligence is purely conjecture.

  6. Zac says:

    I think you’re all pathetic for arguing on a news comment board.

  7. latrobe50 says:

    hey passing. No P.. It’s about the kids and the fear that parent’s have, when this type of threat happens. It only takes one bad apple to spoil the whole. Young adults
    have nothing today, to look forward to. Yea typing might not be my best. U might think Iam the dumbest poster here. That’s fine too,At least, I know PPl read these post’s .

  8. redhummer says:

    I agree with LATROBE50,all tof the violent people should be shipped off to live in the countrys that promote violence. They can kill each other off and let the rest of us live in peace and harmoney.

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