City To Cut Back On Mayor Ravenstahl’s Security

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The KDKA Investigators reported the amount of money city taxpayers have been paying for Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl’s security detail.

He had three full-time bodyguards and they raked up thousands of dollars in overtime.

Pittsburgh Police Chief Nate Harper called a press conference Wednesday afternoon where he announced that security will be cut back.

“Basically right now, we are into doing an eight-hour security detail on the mayor,” Harper said.

He says last year there were three full-time police officers and talk of four for Mayor Ravenstahl.

Harper says the detail will be modeled after Tom Murphy’s one-man security detail.

“What Mayor Murphy, for example, his detail basically ran from nine to five or eight to four – very little coverage in the evening – and that’s where we’re at for 2010,” he explained.

The chief says the mayor never makes the call on security and that it’s his call. Harper said he would prefer the mayor always be protected.

“In today’s society, I’d rather err on the side of safety than to be erring on the side of being sorry,” Harper.

KDKA Investigator Marty Griffin reported last week the city spent about $200,000 just in overtime for the security detail in a two-year period.


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  1. wiskey6 says:


  2. Darlene Harris says:

    ThIs is good news.

  3. Rabo says:

    Well at least Skippy the wonder mayor and his possie isn’t cruising around town with his mistress in a $150,000.00 under cover surveylance vehicle any more…

    Maybe we could get him paired up with Paris Hilton and make a reality show?
    We could call it “Doogie Howser in Paris”….

  4. Rabo says:

    Breaking news: The mayor and his possie are now planning an exploratory trip to Paris to explore the potential for trade and stimulate new business after reading the word Paris in the last comment. He has also stated he will be staying at the Hilton in hopes of wooing the chain to reopen in Pittsburgh…..

  5. bruceUSA says:

    How about paying back the overtime funds?? Kinda like stealing eh you drunk”en downtown judges! And come to think of it your stealing too!! Nice city we live in, all the “higher ups” on the take?? Oh but let’s raise taxes on everything so these RATS can keep their “thing” going!!!

  6. bruceUSA says:

    And when we had those shootings at the little league football games in Homewood, the Chief of Police shows up dressed like a “pimp”. Where’s your conservative professionalism brother??

  7. bruceUSA says:

    And how about paying back the “strip search funds that should not have been sent out Mr OnoRATO???

  8. bruce USA says:

    If Pittsburgh claims to be such an educated and cultured city, how and why are all these “bozo’s” in there running it??? Wake up Pittsburgh and take back your city!!!

  9. hojore says:

    The chief honestly seems like a good guy. What I don’t like is how the mayor makes him fall on the sword every time something goes wrong. This mayor never takes responsibility for ANYTHING. Seriously, just once can’t the boy wonder just stand up and say, “I am sorry, I did something wrong?” Worked for Kennedy. I can’t believe the idiots in this city voted for him. Well, actually I can. Idiots.

  10. Mr Soho says:

    $ 200K later, thank the News Media for finding this waste of taxpayer dollars. I guess the City Administration just doesn’t get it

  11. JACK DANIELS says:

    LOL this is for justice love your comment..NOT.. ask the BOY BLUNDER how a guy that was running against his brother ended up dropping out of the race and NOW works for the city…. is that a story LUKE?

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