PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The National Weather Service says the worst of the flooding is over, but some communities are still on edge as they keep a close eye on the rising water.

In Etna, some residents received a call from the borough warning them about potential flooding.

The borough used an automated phone system to alert the residents of three particular streets about the threat of basement and roadway flooding today.

Residents of Cherry, Sycamore and Railroad Streets were warned that flooding is expected at Cherry and Sycamore near Anderson Welding and the Jockey Club of Etna, and that the rising waters will move toward Bridge Street.

The borough advised residents to remove valuables from their basements and to shut off electrical sources and natural gas if water gets too close to any basement appliances.

“We’re telling people to be proactive,” Etna Borough Manager Mary Ellen Ramage told KDKA.

Allegheny County Emergency Services also reminds people who live in flood prone areas never to walk or drive through flood waters because the depth and current may be too great and water temperatures could be near freezing.

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