Many people relax with a glass of wine at the end of a hectic day. Now there’s a non-alcoholic challenger with fewer calories.

Unwind is being marketed as the ultimate relaxation drink.

The maker of Unwind gave samples of the drink to hair dressers at LURE Salon in Philadelphia. They tested the product.

“It was nice to be able to drink that and just kind of relax, like without having to have the wine or anything,” Becky Gutenberger said. “Just, it was nice, and not to feel groggy the next day.”

Jenny Vogt added, “It did relax me different than wine, but it tasted good. Just relaxed me at night.”

Unwind contains melatonin and valerian root, supplements that are mainly used as sleep aids.

Dr. Michael Nolledo, a sleep expert, says the supplements can help with sleep and might work for relaxing, but there’s not enough research on how and why Unwind might work.

“It has not undergone the kind of rigorous testing than an FDA regulated product would,” Nolledo said.

The maker of Unwind says the ingredients are well known for their relaxation benefits and are in compliance with FDA guidelines as a dietary supplement.

Unwind contains additional vitamins and antioxidants to improve overall health. With only 40 calories in 12 ounces, the LURE stylists like it.

“I feel like it calmed me down,” Caitlin Crandley said. “I was ready to go to bed quicker than I usually am.”

Learn more about Unwind by visiting the company’s website.

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