Bulldog Attacks Woman In Troy Hill

By Ralph Iannotti

TROY HILL (KDKA) — For the second time since last August, a dog owned by Paul Harris in Pittsburgh’s Troy Hill neighborhood has been involved in a vicious attack.

An American Bulldog, which police estimate weighed as much as 100 pounds went after a woman walking on Hecklelman Street Friday night.

Neighbors heard her screaming and went to her aid. John Grundler told KDKA-TV that when he tried to help, the dog ripped his pants and coat off and wouldn’t let him climb back up the stairs to his second-floor apartment.

Grundler said the dog knocked him over the railing on his staircase. He cut his chin when he hit the ground.

Neighbor Bob Miller also tried to intercede.

“I saw the dog jumping on the woman’s shoulder, so, I grabbed a plastic chair off my porch, and started beating on him,” he said.

The woman who was attacked did not want to talk except to thank the two men who tried to help her.

Another one of Harris’ dogs was involved in an nasty incident last August. His pit bull jumped a backyard fence and mauled an 11-year-old girl riding her bike in a cemetery. She suffered injuries to her face, neck and arms.

Harris refused to turn his bull dog over to Animal Control officers, so they’ll have to get a court order. After the August incident, the pit bull was put down.


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  1. Christine Steigerwald says:

    I am shocked the owner, Paul Harris was able to walk away after his dog mulled two people. This is the 3rd attack by Paul Harris’s dogs and nothing is being done about it. After his pit bull vicously attacked an 11yr defenseless girl the dog was put down and he merely went out and got another dog that has gotten loose and attacked innocent poeple. When it is going to stop. Paul Harris should have been arrested immediately and held responsible for his neglect. When are authorities going to get involved? I hope the Troy Hill Citizens Board will take action upon this owner, somehow, someway.

    1. Sarah Brown says:

      he had this dog way before he had the other dog. people need to get the true story before they comment!

      1. Matt says:

        Who cares when he got the dog? How does that change the “true story?” The “true story” is that this owner is an irresponsible idiot who should be prosecuted.

  2. Nancy Linsenbigler says:

    First of all…if there’s ANY truth to this story (in between all the mistruths and slant), it is the proof that it’s the OWNER and how the OWNER treats the animal, not the animal itself. The prior problem animal owned by this man was a PitBull. It attacked a girl on her bike. From a dog’s mind, more so a terrier’s mind, a bike is a moving target. Terriers have prey drive. Not just Pit Bull terriers. I don’t own a Pit Bull, but I do own a West Highland terrier and a Wheaton terrier, and can vouch that they would react the same way. The problem is the OWNER wasn’t keeping the dog responsibly contained.. Same goes for his dog, of a completely different breed. He likely mistreated both, did not socialize them and treat them properly, including training. It’s not the breed. It’s the man at the end of the leash.

    1. p says:

      I’m sorry, I disagree. Pit Bulls and Rottweilers make up something like 80% of dog attacks. There’s a reason for that. Pit Bulls are also more of a menace than other dogs because their bite is a lock and shake method that is extremely damaging. Their bites have more in common with shark bites than with those of other dogs.

  3. Jean-Luc Piccard says:

    That is why I carry a gun

  4. Kathleen says:

    Something must be done about dangerous dogs, PittBulls & their irresponsible owners. The Pa. legislators are afraid of the dangerous dog lobby, just as they are afraid of gun owners. How many people need to be mauled or killed before the police arrest the owners?
    To own a dangerous dog, $1000. registration fee, $100,000. liability insurance
    that will eliminate the creeps that parade around with Pitt Bulls.

    1. John Q Public says:

      Ding ding ding ding!
      Kathleen’s reply to this situation is the solution!

  5. Megan says:

    If there were harsher punishments for irresponsible pet owners, and more requirements to owning dogs (like TRAINING) things like this would be less common. The animal gets “put down”, while the owner, the true responsible party, possibly only gets a fine. The innocent animal is the one who is punished and the owner gets off scot-free. An owner who doesn’t properly care for their pet won’t care if it’s killed. So this will continue to happen again and again.

  6. William Dembowski says:

    Why is this person allowed to have animals. He and his baby should both be put to sleep

  7. Hello Bully says:

    Why is this reported as a dog attack? There weren’t any bites. No, this person should be cited and should not be allowed to own dogs as a stipulation of probation. Again he “doesn’t know” how the dog got out.

    Owner responsibility is 100 times more important than the dog.

  8. The Phoenix says:

    This story is such total BS. You mean to tell me that a dog made you fall over the railing? You mean to tell me you couldn’t put the dog in his place? How’s the person and who’s the dog? American Bulldogs usually max out at 75-80lbs so let’s not exaggerate. Furthermore, it’s seldom the dog breed. It’s the owner that needs punished. After the third time maybe the law should have him put down for clearly improperly raising his dogs.

  9. JohnFedko'sNose says:

    2nd offense ——–
    The owner of these animals should be taken to the zoo and locked in a cage for 2 hours with 3 hungry lions, Then if capable,1000 of community service disposing of monkey dung.

  10. Miss K says:

    I’m sick of the Pitt Bull getting a bad rap. My hound has a more irritable temperament. As an owner of a Pitt Bull, I know that it is my responsibility to train my dog. On the other hand, HE IS AN ANIMAL. If you cannot handle the responsibility of watching your animal, then you should not own ANY animal. Now, let’s report something more important.

    1. TroyHill says:

      Dear Miss K,

      It would only be important if this happened to you , , ,



  11. Mary says:

    I have 3 dogs. All licensed & up to date on shots. Also, ALL have been spayed/neutered. Our back yard is fenced & we also stay in the yard with the dogs while they’re outside. They’re always leashed when we leave the house and I cross the street if I see people coming, especially if they also have dogs. All of this is done to not only protect other people, but my dogs as well. Not everyone out there is a dog lover, and not everyone receives dogs well. I do like dogs but that doesn’t mean I want your dog near me or jumping all over me. It’s up to the owner to control their pet, seems simple enough, but too many just don’t get it.

  12. jennie says:

    How is this man still allowed to own dogs?! I’m so sick of morons like him. They are the reason why pitbulls get such a bad rap.

  13. Lisa says:

    Yea, the poor dogs get the bad rap when it should be the owners getting the bad rap…..Dogs are what you raise them to be, the breed has nothing to do with it…..Be responsible pet owners and this stuff wouldn’t happen. This man should not be allowed to own anymore dogs, he obviously is raising dogs to be mean. Once could be an accident maybe even twice but not three times.

  14. sarah says:

    There is NO WAY that this story happened the way these people are saying it did. i know this dog VERY well and he CAN NOT jump, also he only have about 5 teeth so how he ripped this guys panys and coat is completely behond me. Bruno is a nice dog. i talk to him, pet him and give him treats all the time. i have no clue how he got out either. like i said he cant jump and there is no way he got out the front gate unless someone let him out. people are still mad about what happened over the summer. dont get me wrong it was very sad and i and glad the little girl ended up being ok but the owner gave pain up and he was put down and he paid his fines. dont take it out of this dog. i was home for all of this and didnt hear a sound of it so again there is NO WAY it happened the way the news said. im sick of the news giving theses dogs mad names. if a little dog got out of there yard and bit someone it wouldnt be a big deal and beings that bruno has barly any teeth this shouldnt be that big of a deal either!

    1. Tender Swayze says:

      Yes, this “shouldn’t be that big of a deal”, but the fact is that it has happened before. That’s unacceptable. If this were the first time one of Paul Harris’ dogs escaped, that would be a different story. He needs to either learn how to properly care for the dogs (which includes keeping them indoors if they have a tendency to “escape”), or he needs to give them up. He’s a neglectful owner.

    2. Vigo says:

      It sounds like you have some weird variation of Stockholm Syndrome.

  15. private says:

    I carry a firearm if I see a dog attack me or someone else I’ll fill it full of lead.

  16. Tender Swayze says:

    Dear Paul Harris:
    You had a previous problem with a dog escaping your property, which ended in a young girl being mauled. Did that not teach you to keep your dogs secure, or to at least give them to someone who could handle them properly? Shame on you for letting this happen AGAIN. If you truly “don’t know how the dog got out”, then you aren’t watching your dog closely enough. One incident should have been enough to make you wise up. I hope you’re never allowed to own another dog again.

  17. Lee Lee says:

    it is so sad to hear all the pit bull/dog attacks that keep happening one after another in the area. i would have to say that i myself own a 7 year old pitt bull, and she is as gentle as can be. she loves babies, kids, adults, everyone and anything inbetween. its not the animal, its how you raise and handle your animal. the misconception of the american pit bull terrier is horrible, and its sad that they are all stereo-typed as vicious flesh eating attackers. its not the dog, its the owner. i love my dog, i love her so much that were finally adding to our pitt bull family tomorrow! once again it is truly sad and heart sinking that someone was attacked by this dog, but please, not every pit bull, or bull dog is a predator, its the owner that makes them that way.

  18. Patty says:

    To Kathleen, you say “dangerous dogs” what about dangerous owners??? I could make a Lhaso mean if I treated it they way half of these people treat their animals. But then again, we let anyone be a parent w/o a license, so why not be a dog owner? You know….you need a license to go fishing!!! Why do we blame the dog the breed and not punish the owner or mandate background checks, references on dog owners? why did the dog do this??? Has anyone looked into why HIS dogs are like this. Do not lump breeds into categories.

  19. Kathleen says:

    I am a dog lover, EXCEPT for Pitt Bulls, they have been outlawed or highly regulated in many European countries. The idiots that own Pit Bulls (except for Rachel Ray & a few responsible owners) are mostly thugs or would-be gang bangers, I see them strutting with their”weapon” intimidating people with the latest status symbol.
    The dogs are dangerous and need to be controlled…………..

    1. Hoss says:

      Kathleen…Wow, twice in one week you show the world how clueless you are. First about the murder in Latrobe, now about dangerous dogs. Read your latest post again. Slowly so in can sink in. You contradicted yourself by saying the dogs are dangerous, yet it’s the thugs and gang-bangers that make the dogs act aggressive. I own a American Bulldog. Adopted him from a rescue group. He was abused and neglected before being rescued. But with the patience and love he has received over the past two years, he has become a loving and sweet pup. The point is the dog is only becomes what the owner allows it to become. It’s easy to say “ban the dogs.” Try adopting an abused rescue pup and become part of the solution.

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