By Ralph Iannotti

TROY HILL (KDKA) — For the second time since last August, a dog owned by Paul Harris in Pittsburgh’s Troy Hill neighborhood has been involved in a vicious attack.

An American Bulldog, which police estimate weighed as much as 100 pounds went after a woman walking on Hecklelman Street Friday night.

Neighbors heard her screaming and went to her aid. John Grundler told KDKA-TV that when he tried to help, the dog ripped his pants and coat off and wouldn’t let him climb back up the stairs to his second-floor apartment.

Grundler said the dog knocked him over the railing on his staircase. He cut his chin when he hit the ground.

Neighbor Bob Miller also tried to intercede.

“I saw the dog jumping on the woman’s shoulder, so, I grabbed a plastic chair off my porch, and started beating on him,” he said.

The woman who was attacked did not want to talk except to thank the two men who tried to help her.

Another one of Harris’ dogs was involved in an nasty incident last August. His pit bull jumped a backyard fence and mauled an 11-year-old girl riding her bike in a cemetery. She suffered injuries to her face, neck and arms.

Harris refused to turn his bull dog over to Animal Control officers, so they’ll have to get a court order. After the August incident, the pit bull was put down.

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