Salvation Army Volunteer Fired?

HARMAR (KDKA) — A Salvation Army volunteer says she may be out of a job because she isn’t raising enough money.

Kim Kenner, who has special needs, told KDKA-TV that her boss called her and said she wasn’t meeting her quota for donations.

She says he gave her an ultimatum.

Kenner: “If I don’t make my quota, they’re gonna let me go and I’m not allowed to work ever again.”

Griffin: “What’s your quota?”

Kenner: “They said $100.”

Griffin: “A hundred dollars?”

Kenner: “Or more.”

The Salvation Army is having a difficult fundraising season across the board. They released numbers Friday showing red kettle and mail-in donations are down substantially.

“He told me I wasn’t allowed to work no more,” Kenner said. “That to me is firing. How can you fire a volunteer?”

Kim says she begged for one last chance and was placed in Harmar Friday for a 10-hour shift and was told to raise $100 or more.

KDKA’s Marty Griffin called the phone number listed for bell ringers at the Salvation Army headquarters and did not identify himself as a reporter.

He was told there is no quota and that you are just expected to observe donations and not sell.

Meantime, the Salvation Army says it has thousands of volunteers in multiple regional centers and is investigating the claims of Kenner.


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  1. Sue Mchenry says:

    Wow just like the Salvation Army they are a mess my grandmother (bless her soul) was a member for over 20 yers gave money to them all the time when she passed they told my mother well we cannot talk at her funeral unless we receive $250.00 To this day I do not allow my children or me to give anything to the bell ringers

    1. Snarf says:

      Do you mean they wouldn’t speak at her funeral unless you paid them (Salvation Army) $250.00?

  2. Johnny says:

    Firing a volunteer is ignorance, just shows how they are. I hope no one volunteers after this.

  3. 2059 says:

    Let’s all give the Salvation Army a Bronx cheer and NO MONEY for their uncaring actions.

  4. 2 sides to every story says:

    I have worked with The Salvation Army for the last 18 years with their Red kettle effort and as Harry mentioned above you are only hearing one side of this story. The are some kettle that when placed in some area will raise about $100 with just a person standing beside it. Perhaps she was not standing at her kettle as she promised to do. The have been many, many kettle workers that “volunteer” to stand kettles, we take them to their stands, they start their day and then they stand for a few minutes and need their break, so they take the kettle into the store for safe keeping and take a few hours for a break. Come back out maybe stand a few more minutes are bored and take another few hour break. How is that helping the kettle to raise money? Most of the kettle workers are not volunteers and are paid by the hour. Wish we could get true volunteers to man the kettles for nothing. When you work does your employer allow you to work 15 mins and take a break for hours? The Salvation Army has always treated their volunteers great and appreciate each and everyone of them. This was only one side of a story. So before condemming The Salvation Army hear both sides of this particular story.

  5. Sherry Everetts says:

    I used to work as a private duty nurse in a home taking care of a child where a family member was a Salvation Army worker. I witnessed first hand what happened to the donated kettle money. She kept it! Also, she hit up all the nurses to make “donations” to the Angel Tree. We thought we were giving gifts to needy families. All the gifts we gave ended up under their own Christmas tree! This is no lie! Because of this, I never give money to the Salvation Army. I still donate items to their stores but I never give cash. I see that there is obviously no policing of the workers.

  6. ctritter says:

    people who give cash to anyone ae fools. Or liberal democrats.

  7. wiseupfolks says:

    The Salvation Army kettles don’t help the poor! They help the salvation Army.

  8. Charles says:

    Target got it right when they stopped the Salvation Army a few years ago and do not allow them in front of their stores anymore

  9. Ray says:

    I will never give to them anymore. If you want to help the poor there are many other ways to do it and know all of the money goes to the needy not the employees! How could you fire an employee trying to help the poor and needy who is not getting paid. Sounds to me like the Salvation Army is worried about themselves not the poor and needy!

  10. Jim says:

    I listened to part of Marty’s radio show today when he was talking to the Salvation Army Major. Marty was very rude. Marty would ask a question and then interrupt the response. Marty blitzed the guy with questions. Marty angrily asked the guy why he was angry. Why does Marty feel the need to be so pompous, rude, and self-important?

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