By Mary Robb Jackson

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – There was an unscheduled landing this morning at Pittsburgh International Airport after authorities say a dog got loose on a U.S. Airways plane.

US Airways Flight 522 from Newark to Phoenix places a call to the Pittsburgh tower.

“They had what they called an out of control dog on board,” says Inspector David Walsh of the Allegheny County Police.

The pup escaped because her otherwise approved pet carrier gave way.

“My officers were on board,” Walsh said. “They found a Manchester terrier that weighed 12-pounds and an 89-year-old woman who was traveling with the dog.”

Finding herself in close and unfamiliar quarters Mandy, the Manchester terrier, freaked out.

“It may have been coming off the sedatives – most times when a dog flies they give it some type of a sedative to keep it calm.”

The flight had also been delayed too and we know how we feel when that happens. In the scuffle, Mandy nipped a flight attendant and one passenger. It was mostly scratches.

“The airport paramedics were able to tend to the wounds they were very slight.”

Minus Mandy and her owner, the other 122 passengers and five crew members flew on to Phoenix.

The Allegheny County Police provided the 89-year-old woman and her pooch with lunch. A sergeant, who is married to a K-9 officer, loaned Mandy a sturdier carrier for the rest of their trip to Palm Springs via Phoenix and they were on another flight by early afternoon.

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