NFL Fines McClain For Hit On Heath Miller

PITTSBURGH (KDKA/AP) — The hit against Steelers tight end Heath Miller didn’t go unnoticed by NFL officials.

Ravens linebacker Jameel McClain will be fined $40,000 for the hit that gave Miller a concussion.

The referees did not throw a flag on the play during the Sunday night game in Baltimore where the Steelers won 13-10.

Miller’s head and neck bent backward during the third-quarter hit and he did not return to the game. He must pass a series of concussion tests before being allowed to play again.


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  1. eric says:

    loser should be fined and sit a game lined miller up and hit him when he knew ball was long gone there is a difference when u can stop and when u r trying to hurt someone

  2. ERIC says:

    Where was the flag? Oh, probably stuck up Goodell’s @#%…………….

  3. Steeler Nation says:

    The dollar amount better be right. It should be the highest of what James Harrison was fined, atleast. Goodell is a prick. Just to think the blatant missed call could have lost us the game on top of it. Officiate wrong and they should be fined. Tomlin I respect you, however don’t be a patsy and just view from the sideline when it happens. View some old Cowher clips and watch how he dug in the refs faces. You’ll still be a classy coach with brassy balls. I’m a woman trust me.

    1. Rj says:

      I was thinking that as well when there was not a flag thrown and Tomlin just stood there. One thing I miss about Cowher is how he would be screaming on the sidelines!

  4. Bob Kelly says:

    Hope Heath’s ok after a cheap shot like that.

  5. Steeler Nation says:

    What I meant to say is…. You’ll still be a classy coach, but will gain sone brassy balls. That is important to display to get your players moral up! Defend their honor… I’m sure Cowher would send some spit in a bottle to throw in there faces. Your coachhood has been established you are no longer wet behind the ears! Silence is acceptance!! No your are not a ref just stand up 100% for the team and call them out!!

  6. Gloria says:

    MClain will “probably” be fined?! Ya think?! Where was the flag?! Why aren’t refs being reprimanded for “missing” blatant hits and “targeting” certain players over others?! “Steeler Nation” is right – Goodell is a prick and Tomlin needs to get in their faces (& I’m a female too..)!

  7. Eric Young says:

    sunday vs the ravens with all flags thrown against baltimore is only a ploy to make the refs seem fair,notice no big flags were thrown for obvious cheap shots, hitting ben in the face ,the hit on heath,and suggs trying to pull bens helmut off,rooney was there,so goodell cooled his refs dogs for a week to silence the growing anger,be sure goodell is not done with the steelers,

  8. Bob says:

    I think the Referees should be fined for not throwing the flag on hits that are illegal.

  9. Bonnie says:

    I’m glad McClain got fined. He should know better with all the hype that’s against Harrison. Also, what about the guy who broke Big Ben’s nose. That was a fist to the face, shouldn’t he get fined too?

  10. nick says:

    you know goodell says they are trying to help players from getting hurt, excuse me but aren,t the steelers players, oh excuse me they don,t count. Maybe the nfl should look again at there enforcers. Beware steelers goodell is not done with you.

  11. marti says:

    if refs were fined then i think there would be more calls on the other teams instead of us (steelers) all the time. if they can fine the players why not the refs. new rule in football refs will be fined.

  12. jean says:

    bonnie the guy who hit ben got fined 15,000 its on the nfl website.

  13. Kelly says:

    ONLY 40,000 are you FREAKING KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  14. meyer barr says:

    $$$$$ in the NFL pockets- no penalties!!! Tomlin should be referred to as UNCLE TOMLIN!!

    1. keeper2354 says:

      FYI, the money that the players pay when they get fined goes to charity.

  15. Rodeo1 says:

    The two Ravens should be fined and suspended without pay for the rest of the season for trying to purposely do bodily harm. The refs should be fired for not throwing the penalty flag. If it were Steelers who had done that you can bet on it that they would have been seriously reprimanded. And, flags would have been flying all over the field.

    1. Player says:

      Well then Harrison had better retire last week if that’s your view..

  16. Freddy says:

    Everytime you do smething wrong at work are you fined ? Just think of how many of your mistakes are rewarded at your job . It’s easy to criticize from your couch . The steelers are fast becoming a dirty team . dirtiest wr in the league and a defensive player who can’t adapt to the new rules doesn’t taste so good when it happens to you .

    1. moonsteel says:

      sounds like a broken raven

      1. Player says:

        Sounds like a person with a clear view of what’s going on. Prove to me intention on Ngata’s part trying to tackle the rapist. He shouldn’t even be in the league to get his nose broken. Ngata was being blocked, got one hand around his back and was attempting to wrap up. intentional broken noses happen after the tackle, trust me.

  17. Bryce Everett Goettman says:

    You are confused! Big Ben’s off field activities give NO ONE the right to hit him. Yet the NFL has allowed him to get slapped in the face without any penalty! And in the nastiest game of the year who came out with two fines? THE RAVENS! Who’s the dirtiest team in the NFL? Oh… yeah… you’re comments are worthless!

  18. Bryce Everett Goettman says:

    Go troll some other blog!

  19. troysmyhero says:

    They are not called the Bittermore Ravens for nothing! Suck on that Harbaugh!

  20. promojo says:

    people only say ward is dirty because there teams defense cant handle him, and he is such a great blocking receiver. Just because he is good, doesnt mean he is dirty. I never hear any announcers say that ward was playing dirty on that block. however, i do hear them complementing him on his blocking skills. sounds like a good player to me, not a dirty player.

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