Houston Texans WR and former Pitt Panthers tight end Dorin Dickerson called into the Fan Morning Show after Dave Wannstedt resigned as head coach. Dickerson said Pitt made a huge mistake in letting Wannstedt go. He thinks all the hard work that Wannstedt did to build up the program has gone down the drain now.

Dickerson came to Pitt because of Wannstedt and he always gave him a chance to play in his four years. Now, with Wannstedt gone Dickerson thinks some current players and recruits will look to go elsewhere after Tuesday’s announcement.

There is no way they will ever find a coach that had Pitt ties or will ever be a better guy for the university then Wannstedt was, Dickerson said.

Coach Wannstedt is the reason he has a chance to be living his dream by having a chance to play in the NFL.

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