Roomful Express Going Out Of Business

By: Jim Lokay

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Going out of business sales will soon commence at all local Roomful Express Furniture stores, after an Allegheny County judge ordered the chain into receivership.

The company, which did business for decades as Freight Liquidators before refocusing its efforts on crafting a more upscale image, made the announcement after lenders forced an $18 million judgment.

In a statement, Roomful Express blamed the current economic climate, saying “lower housing starts and a poor credit environment have been significant factors in the decline of consumer confidence when it comes to purchasing furniture.”

It says “many” employees will keep their jobs during the upcoming liquidation sale, but all 11 locations, including two Ashley Furniture stores in central Pennsylvania, will close sometime in 2011.

In all, 300 employees will eventually be out of work, including workers at its headquarters in Crafton.

In the meantime, the company says customers with deposits down on merchandise will receive their goods.

A toll-free phone number (1-888-696-7378) has been set up to answer customer questions.

If you are having difficulties picking up paid merchandise or arranging for delivery from Roomful Express, we would like to hear from you. Click here to tell us your story.


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  1. Matthew Pitsch says:

    They have had my money for over a month and have not processed my refund yet. When talking to them today they informed me their finances are on hold and they can’t tell me when or if I’ll get my money back. This is very concerning and I have contacted many people about it, but did see your special and felt you should know too. They have now have my money for a month and can’t tell me when Ill get it back and this is when I never got the furniture.

  2. Diana says:

    I recently bought furniture from Roomful Express, and was not told of their financial dfficulties, if I knew this I would never have bought furniture from them. I bought the furniture in good faith believing that they would be there for any problems I had with my furniture, now what do I do? Also, since all their furniture iprices are being slashed, what are my rights to get my furniture for the discounted price. I have only had the furniture for one week.

    1. Aca says:

      This was really meant for you and NOT Amanda. At least you have your goods unlike some of these people. I wish people would get out of the “Me” mentality and think about the bigger picture, history being lost in Pittsburgh, along with hundreds of jobs. Not to mention companies who relied on Roomful to carry their products that will also fold or go through hardships now.

      To answer your question about the slashed prices. You will not find your products any cheaper now. If you knew anything about liquidation then you would know the prices will me marked up before slashing the price down. Making your deal better. You could not do much anyway. Since PNC now owns the company, and is using their own company to do the liquidation for them they will not adjust prices. PNCs fault for blind siding the company and making them pay back their full loan without warning.

  3. Amanda says:

    I just purchased furniture from them and they will not tell me when it will be delivered. I am nervous that I’m not going to get it. What are my rights to get my furniture at the discounted price, now?

    1. Aca says:

      I wish people would get out of the “Me” mentality and think about the bigger picture, history being lost in Pittsburgh, along with hundreds of jobs. Not to mention companies who relied on Roomful to carry their products that will also fold or go through hardships now.

      To answer your question about the slashed prices. You will not find your products any cheaper now. If you knew anything about liquidation then you would know the prices will me marked up before slashing the price down. Making your deal better. You could not do much anyway. Since PNC now owns the company, and is using their own company to do the liquidation for them they will not adjust prices. PNCs fault for blind siding the company and making them pay back their full loan without warning.

      1. aca says:

        Sorry about that, my intent was to leave the above message for Diana and not you.

        To answer your Q. You don;t have many rigths. Your CC will give you your money back if the goods are not delivered. With this new Company taking over from PNC and removing all roomful decisions out of the equation, it does not give them any power to give you a discount now.

    2. Amanda says:

      I have been trying to get something done with my furniture and I keep getting the run around. I told them that I wanted a refund for my cash and they said I have to go on a waiting list. We paid partial cash and partial charge. Yes, the prices have been jacked up. I even tried getting the floor model, but they wouldn’t give it to me.

      1. Aca says:

        Amanda, that makes it tough. I dug a little deeper and it is booth good and bad news. As far as I can tell there were NO indications that PNC would make a loan due and make them pay in full. That brings me to the statements I have seen in news/media/press releases. They said they intend to make people whole again. In retail terms that does not put you ahead but should get you close to where you were before. They will not assist any money paid by the credit card because you can make the claim and get your money back there. They will try and help with any cash portion though. With either product or a type of refund.

        The downside to this is that it looks like in the PNC takeover monies have been frozen on the Roomful side. This will present a problem with making people whole. Again, not Roomfuls fault in my eyes. I imagine they did not see themselves being given no operating monies while going through this.

        Maybe something more has to come from this to get the cash back. But I think something along the lines of a class action suite where you can prove the cash portion may have to go against PNC since it looks like RE will be dissolved entirely at this point.

        I hope the staff still gets paid and that no one is hung out to dry. I know a lot of people who have bought from RE and have been happy. Myself included. You have to realize, this is not the normal way any company would like to operate. More like a scramble to attempt to soften the blow to the consumer before no company exists. I read something saying that even now, there are still like 400 workers that will not have a job for Christmas. We all know the job market is tough too. So as much as I feel for all the people who lost $50 here or $100 there too (some people a lot more then that) the company, there will be 400 people in Pittsburgh looking for jobs. The ripple effect is something like 30% of an effected company. Which will mean layoffs for about 120+ more people. I wish you much luck, and I hope it works out for you. Being out any money is tough, so I hope things work out for you. Just know that the reason there are fees from your CC company is partly to protect you and get your money back on disputes.

  4. Tim says:

    I just got married. We needed a bed to sleep on when we got back from our honeymoon so we went to roomful. We purchased an expensive bed and mattress on black friday. It still hasn’t been delivered 2 weeks later. Customer service will not answer phone calls or emails. The butler store will not answer in house calls. I decided to go up to butler to figure things out. The employees have no idea what is going on. They told me that corporate is keeping them in the dark with the financial issues and what to do about their customers. Supposedly they got new creditcard processers and that is a main issue as to why furniture hasn’t been delivered. But corporate won’t even explain to the employees how to use the equipment. We have been sleeping on a futon since we got married because of roomful express’ incompetence. No wonder they are going out of business. Good riddance.

  5. Roxanne says:

    I just had furniture delivered last Saturday by Roomful Express. I believe we received floor model furniture for full price. Also the loveseat has black spots on it and the end tables have damage. I have left messages and have not received a call back. I guess I never will.

  6. Tom says:

    I just called them and they said they were not filling orders that have not been delivered yet. I purchased a sofa on 11/14 and it is still not in. They said the order has been canceled and we need to file a claim to get a partial refund of our money. I asked what was a partial and she said it depends on the bankrupt court to decide.

  7. Lauren says:

    We ordered furniture in July and it just came at the beginning of December. It arrived damaged and we were suppose to get a replacement set. Now they are saying we are not getting a replacement set so we’re out the $800 and stuck with damaged furniture. This was by far the worst shopping experience I have ever had.

  8. Amy says:

    I had a bedroom suite on layaway. I went in to discuss my options and was told that I did not have any. They did not give me my money or furniture. I just made a payment Nov. 24.

  9. roomfulofliars says:

    Here is the real deal:

    Roomful deliveries were stopped for Friday Dec 12. You may get deliveries later, or you may not. Roomful is asking that you call their new number at 1-888-

    696-7378. What they don’t tell you is that this new number just dumps you into their regular customer support call center. You will wait on hold, and then it

    asks you to leave a message but you can’t because the mailbox is full. This is just their way of appearing to do something, but they don’t care as they have

    their money. Third, don’t think for a second that you will get one cent back if you have an order.

    Whatever money they have of yours, go to the store select something for the same price that is IN STOCK and go get it yourself at the Crafton warehouse. At

    this point you are dealing with individuals that do not care, are losing their jobs and will steal your money and still sleep at night. If you don’t have a

    truck – beg borrow or rent one! Do not trust them to deliver your order as their delivery company quit, do you want to trust them to get a new one?

    If you thought that Roomful Express Customer Service was bad before, you should see it now. And for anyone considering buying from the liquidation sale, all

    SALES ARE FINAL so if you get bad furniture, you are stuck with it.

    Here is what you need to do to get action:
    First, CALL SAM IN SALES at (412) 788-0181 and ask for a status update on your order. Leave a message for Sam if he is not in. Do not take no for an answer

    or tell them why you are calling. Sam will tell you that is not his responsibility, do not believe him. You can call this number on Saturday and Sunday as

    Sam works weekends.

    Second, call the main corporate office number at 412-444-2300 during the week and dial the following extensions and leave a message. Michael Kuhn, Owner 303,

    Greg, VP Sales 304, Heather Blinkey Delivery Manager 239, Security 301, Leach 233, Warehouse 390. Continuing to call and leave message after message is the

    best way to get their attention.

    1. Ross Simpson says:

      Wow, you guys sound like two dogs going at it. I read everything both of you wrote and checked up on some of it. To the one guy, your phone numbers are correct. Some mail boxes were full though. ACA, everything you said that I could find looks right on the money.

      I don’t know why RoomFulOfLiars keeps attacking you if what you say is true? I don’t really care or think it matters who you work for as long as you keep letting people know what is going on with everything. I think you hit the nail on the head calling him this Sam guy. Good luck to both of you, but someone needs to be the bigger person and stop going back and forth. Just my opinion but I think ACA has real information to give these people and roomfulofliars keeps giving out the same phone numbers. Sorry to anyone that is loosing their jobs because of this.

      I got furniture back in the day from Freight Liquidators, then 2 years back from Roomful Express. Never had an issue with anything. I will be saddened to see them go.

  10. Aca says:

    You sound like a scorned person who use to work for the company. You are a foolish to believe that you can get anywhere with those extensions. You do know that Michael Kuhn is no longer with the company right? I think the warehouse guy is done also. What is security going to do for you? Greg seems to be in charge of PR and making statements now. I doubt he has time to answer you since his number can be found on like a dozen sites which will make his phone light up like a Christmas tree.

    As far as All Sales Final. No sh!t, are you kidding me? roomful does not own the company anymore, in 2 months or so, the stores/name/company will no longer exist at all. If you had dealt with liquidation in any way, you would know all sales are final. You also pay more right now then if you were to buy while they had a friends and family deal or a great sales weekend.

    The 888 is a toll free number, that will send you to customer service. That would be called a courtesy. You can call straight, but it still does the same thing. I would imagine they can keep on top of the situation and I would bet they have a skeleton crew running it now. PNC wants the cheapest payroll so they will run with minimum staff.

    If you order from Ashley Furniture, the orders are still getting filled. Call the Ashley headquarters and they will tell you the same thing. Quite making accusations you can’t back. I agree that if you have CASH money down, try and find something to take then.

    It is really rude to know that you think people are looking to steal your money. Or to think that any of the staff sleeps well at night when they are losing their jobs right before Christmas. Again, a foolish thing to say. If you have been laid off before, you would feel for the 500+ people who will be out of jobs (between staff and suppliers, along with delivery guys…)

    Pittsburgh will take a big hit on the revenue tax dollars lost. Looks like last year they paid taxes on almost 90 million dollars worth of merchandise. You will most likely see your taxes go up based on this company alone.

    I tried calling and reaching Sam with no luck. I did get someone who said Sam could no longer be reached. I hope you sleep well at night. Since you come across as a “what you don’t know, can’t hurt you” kind of person. And you don’t seem to know much of anything. It was a waste of my time to read your comment and an even bigger waste that I had to reply.

    1. mrs. robinson says:

      Hey man, just call (412) 788-0181 and ask for Sam. he is the point man for all of this.

      I got my furniture by using this method. Sam was very helpful. It’s very obvious that ACA works for roomful and is trying to confuse the situation. Why would he care anyways what happens to us if he is not waiting for furniture?

      I’m telling you people. This ACA guy is lying. Call this Sam guy and ask him about your order.

      1. ACA says:

        I do not work with RE in any way. I do work with the Commonwealth and the Attorney General for compliance. This is one of my compliance cases. Research anything I have mentioned yourself and get back to me if 1 single thing can be proven incorrect. It is sad that you have so much information at your fingertips yet you would rather not research the first thing and just rely on what some moron is telling you.


  11. victors mom says:

    Hey Victor/ACA – Thanks for the tips.

    1. ACA says:

      I am nost sure who Victor is. But this is not your son Victor’s Mom, My name is Allen. I see where this Roomfulofliars got this usless information from now. You should be proud of Victor if he is the type to research information too before spreading sewage from his mouth.

    2. ACA says:

      Do you not speak to your son. Could you not have asked him if he was the one making posts anyway?

      1. victors mom says:

        I did speak to him. He said you are a nut and have a roomful express shrine in your basement, you dressed up like kuhn for halloween and you are stroking it to the going out of business commercial.

        I believe in my son.

        Roomfull express can burn in hell. Just call Sam at (412) 788-0181 and ask him.

      2. Aca says:

        good to know that Roomfulofliars goes by many names. Same IP tracers. I just wanted to see what this moron had to say under another screen name! Good job champ, you still fail at life. Do you think it is a good idea to give the public false information? I am just trying to give the PROPER information and correct your MIS-information. Get a life outside of being a Liar in a Room.

        If you look at other comments, I side with people. The only thing worth siding with you on is to do something about the cash. If you said anything true or worth while, then I would side with you. But if all you do is spit out verbal diarrhea then I am going to correct you.

  12. steve says:

    My girlfriend put a couch on layaway at RE and has paid 180 some odd dollars on it, but she no longer wants it because of the situtition going on and not sure when RE would be closing and she wasn t going to be picking up the couch until april or may. She decided she wanted her money back and they told her they won t give it back because of the lawsuit or legal status. It sounds like to me we should just go there and pick some stuff out and take it with us. Since it would probably be something she doesn t really want maybe she should get more then then 180 dollars they have of hers and because of this i feel she deserves something a little extra. Especially when they have their prices jacked up so much to begin with. for example I was just in there 1/19/2011 and they had large oreintal rugs there and the sale price was about $5,000 marked down from $20,000 sure they looked nice but i would be willing to bet they have never sold 1 of those rugs for even $10,000 let alone $20,000.

  13. Jenna says:

    I bought a furniture display 2 weeks ago in West mifflin. 2 hours after we left they called to tell us I could not have the display they were not selling it. Well every other pittsburgh store sold theirs because I called. They are LIARS!!!! I just called that Sam guy and he’s a irrating lying mother effer!!!! I cussed him out and caught him in every lie!

  14. ACA says:

    That does not shock me at all. I am sure Sam is the one who helped you to begin with too. All stores will be closed this coming Sunday 3/6/11

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