Trinity Area School District Superintendent Reinstated

WASHINGTON (KDKA) — A local school superintendent arrested and accused of assaulting his girlfriend was back at work Wednesday.

Paul Kasunich has been on paid administrative leave following charges that he attacked his girlfriend, Darlene Tartaglione.

On Friday, Kasunich waived his right to a preliminary hearing of physically assaulting Tartaglione, principal in another district. That means the case moves on to a judge or jury in the criminal court system.

Days later, the two were scheduled to see a family court judge about Tartaglione’s protection from abuse order against Kasunich and his protection from abuse order against her. He claims he was assaulted by her. That hearing was postponed, yet to be rescheduled.

The school board, having earlier suspended Kasunich with pay, decided to reinstate him as superintendent.

In a statement, the Trinity Area School District school board said, “In reaching its decision, the board took into consideration the serious nature of the allegations; the outstanding reputation of Dr. Kasunich; and the various options available to the board. In addition, the board had a candid discussion with Dr. Kasunich regarding the board’s expectations and concerns.”

Some district residents who have not judged guilt or innocence take issue with the process.

“Well, I think, just like if a student was suspended, they don’t get to come to school, you know, while they’re in suspension,” Diane Quader said. “They have to stay at home and wait until the verdict.”

“I just think that if he was suspended before with pay, before his hearing or anything, they ought to keep it like that until after the hearing and find out if he’s innocent or guilty, before they give a job back,” Bill Crupe said.

“It doesn’t put out the right messages for the kids in the district, because then that says, you can do one thing, and turn around and do something else,” Frank Vorhes said. “It’s totally hypocritical.”

A number of parents in the district are expected to attend the regularly scheduled school board meeting Thursday night.


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  1. billyd says:

    ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSEhe was given a slap on the wrist maybe you should stand him in the corner for a while if hes on “paid administrative leave” why bother is this the example the board wants to set for the students ?

  2. billyd says:

    is there a censor watching this it sure seems so i cannot finish my comments

  3. billyd says:

    if a sudent commits an infraction are you going to suspend him and send a tutor to his house? its the same thing that was done to the superintendent

  4. billyd says:

    if a sudent commits an infraction are you going to suspend him and send a tutor to his house? its the same thing that was done to the superintendent i see there is someone watching me

  5. billyd says:

    what if the woman was a sister to one of the board members then what?????my word to the woman GET out before it happens AGAIN to the doctor this the woman you sleep next to ????? and it will happen again

  6. billyd says:

    REMENBER you the voters put the board members in place i tthought elected officials were supposed to follow the voters wishes

  7. dr.spock says:


  8. Meyer Barr says:

    REMENBER that billyd is an illiterate whose opinion should be taken with a GRIAN of SAHLT.

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