Ed Reed Accuses Hines Ward Of A “Cheap-Shot”

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Baltimore Ravens’ safety Ed Reed is accusing Steelers’ wide receiver Hines Ward of taking a “cheap-shot” at him during Sunday’s game, according to BaltimoreRavens.com.

Reed was commenting on the Jameel McClain $40,000 fine for his hit on Steelers’ tight end Heath Miller and the $15,000 fine assessed to Haloti Ngata for breaking Ben Roethlisberger’s nose.

Reed says he wants offensive players held to the same standards.

“I moved out the way, but he came at me with his head first, [with] the crown of the helmet,” Reed said.  “The first play of the game, he did this.  He fell, and then a couple of plays later, he did the same thing.  There’s no fine?

“He tried to cheap-shot me, and he didn’t get a fine. He came at me with his head down.  I moved out the way. Who’s going to go police that?”

  • Brad Z.

    Ed who?

  • Dan

    Ed Reed is a cry baby.The game of football is tough. If you’re going to cry you shouldn’t play the game. Jack Lambert was right only he didn’t go far enough, they should put skirts on more than just the quarterbacks.

    • Steelers8658

      I agree. Ed Reed needs to quit his wining and just play ball. The officals tried real hard to give that game to Baltimmore, but the good guys won!!!! Love Hines and all the Steelers.

  • magdelene

    Somebody give this guy a teddy bear. Neither player who was fined was flagged for their play.

    • Dee

      LOL! Funny this comes out now after the Steelers called them out on their OLineman trying to hurt Harrison…. If Ed can’t handle Hines, a 6’0, 200 lb reciever, he may need to quit foottball.

  • Rick Carr

    This is going to drag the game down even more. Look at almost every incomplete pass- QB and WR pleading for a flag. Just about every decent kickoff or punt return is called back for illegal blocks. Now this helmet thing. We’ll see flags every other play.

  • Tom

    hey Ed, Be a man about the game…No one on the steelers side is saying anything about the hits they took…Just wipe your ass and buck up ed…Oh thats right you are one of those guy’s that has your mom still wipe your ass.

    • jk

      Harrison was said to have accused Ravens offensive lineman Chris Chester of intentionally trying to injure him on an extra point attempt in Sunday night’s game.

      glass houses

  • JK

    Dear Eddie, mommy will heat up a bottle for you an’ git your blankie out . Did dat mean ‘ol Hines give you a fat lip?

  • Look Up at the Steelers

    Guess all that time off really softened ole Ed up… maybe it’s time to hang it up… you used to be #2, behind Troy, now you’re just #2…

  • Ryan

    Ironically this was the first mention of Ed Reed at any point during the game. Great game Ed!

  • John Arnett

    poor little guy someone give him a bottle and a fresh diper change!!!

  • Jim P

    Give the cry baby a rattler and pacifier!! If you can’t hang with the big dogs, stay on the porch with the puppies. Ed Reed is the king of cheap shots! I guess he does not like to be hit unless he’s the one doing it! I agree with the diaper change! Did we have a little accident when we saw Hines coming at us, huh Ed?

  • Honey L.Malik

    Ravens are sore losers andI am still waiting fro a fine On the Patriots player that hit Hines helmet to helmet . GOd Bless!

  • Z

    I find it funny that Steelers fans want to call Reed a baby or a whiner but don’t consider Harrison the same.

    • Look Up at the Steelers

      Umm.. Reed is crying about a supposed cheap block shot by a WR… Harrison is complaining about losing $1000’s of dollars and getting penaties thrown that no one else gets called on… you really don’t see the difference???

    • Ken Hermann

      Harrison doesn’t cry – he makes others cry!

  • Z

    I guess you guys are just that stupid.

    • Dan

      Did you even see the game?????????? The Ravens lost………………. Harrison dosn’t cry he makes Ravens cry.

  • SD

    Did Ed Reed play that game? I didn’t hear his name called for anything. I thought maybe he was hurt again.

  • ken Hermann

    Boo Hoo Ed Reed the cry baby –

  • chitownravenfan

    That’s cute that Harrison cries about Chester and it’s okay, but Ed cries about hines, a known cheap shot artists and he’s a baby. Typical squeeler fans. I think ed and Harrison need to man up and play the game, but u guys are so one sided it doesn’t matter right….

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