PG’s Paul Zeise: Wannstedt Hasn’t Decided On Coaching Bowl Game

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — It may not be a sure thing that Dave Wannstedt coaches Pitt in the upcoming BBVA Compass Bowl.

Defensive coordinator Phil Bennett said Thursday at the bowl press conference that he expected Wannstedt to coach the game.

But in the last couple of hours, the Post-Gazette’s Paul Zeise had the chance to speak with Wannstedt who said he still hasn’t made any decision about coaching the bowl.

According to Zeise, this could go a few different ways. Wannstedt could either step away, coach the game or just lead the team through practices before they leave for Alabama.

But, there is definitely no final decision yet from Wannstedt.


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  1. castnbash says:

    let him take his ball and go home , any coach that QUITS on his team does not deserve all this attention , why would those kids want a quitter leading them into battle anyways … Pitt needs to tell the Schnauzer Wannstedt to stay away from its players and facility and that he is no longer wanted or needed

    1. Burgh says:

      He didn’t quit. Posters like this are not needed. Pederson is the problem.

      1. Tom Kincaid says:

        I agree Pederson is the problem!
        Wanny did “OK” in 6 years.
        However, P-I-T-T deserves better!
        We deserve a Lou Saban who can turn a program into a winner, not a team that should be in the MAC instead of the Big East!!!!
        Enough is Enough! Time for P-I-T-T to become a National Powerhouse again!
        First thing the new Coach has to do is Call Joe Pa and DEMAND PSU plays P-I-T-T. Grow up Joe Pa! You arent a GOD! Hail P-I-T-T

      2. Bill says:

        Hey burgh right on this guy PEDERSON is a jerk. This guy has many issues that i don’t even want to discuss, but ask the good people of Nebraska

  2. ZZZ says:

    Hey castnbash, how come you think that you always know everything? Just like in others articles that you commented about.. He didn’t quit, hes a PITT guy all the way, thats the last thing that he would of done. Sounds like he was KINDA forced out to me……….

  3. Ryan says:

    The ‘Stache didn’t quit, but I still feel it was time for a change. 6 years of “OK” in this conference for Pitt wasn’t good enough.

  4. Tony T. says:

    Pederson is the cancer at Pitt!!!! All he knows how to do is make money however sneaky way he can! He’s a creep and I still can’t understand why Pitt brought him back b/c we were doing great without him. They need to get rid of him! I didn’t think Wannstedt was the best game day coach but I think Gattuso, Cignetti and Bennett are good coaches and recruiters and should have the opportunity to stay, but if you look at the whole season alot of things went wrong. Coaches have to coach and players have to play!

  5. Tom K says:

    Cignetti? Are you NUTS? He had a Heisman Candidite in the backfield, Bladwin at WR and he puts the game and ball in TINO”S hands! TINO is a flanker, not a Big Time QB!

    The D! They had the D Player of the year. a great Dline and linebaclkers! They lost games because of HORRIBLE secondary coverage and man support on the run! Who’s fault is that??? Gatuso!!!

    Fire Pderson! Get a GREAT COACH!

    The marl of a program at the end of the season is, “how would they do against the National Champion?”

    Pitt-3 Auburn 80
    Pitt-0 Alabama 80
    Pitt-3 Florida 80
    Pitt-o Texas 80

    Hail P-I-T-T!

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