Pitt Talks To Holgorsen

By: Mike Vukovcan

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The first step in replacing Dave Wannstedt reportedly took place last night.

Chris Peak, of Pantherlair.com, is reporting that Pitt officials met Wednesday night with Oklahoma State offensive coordinator Dana Holgorsen about Pitt’s head coaching vacancy.

Holgorsen, 39, is one of the hot, young coaching candidates and is considered one of the top offensive minds in college football.

In his first year as Oklahoma State’s offensive coordinator, the Cowboys ranked No. 1 in the country in total offense, No. 3 in scoring offense, and No. 2 in passing offense.

Prior to joining Oklahoma State, Holgorsen’s offenses at Houston and Texas Tech were among the most prolific in all of college football.

Holgorsen’s Resume:
2010-current: Oklahoma State offensive coordinator
2008-09: Houston offensive coordinator
2000-07: Texas Tech co-offensive coordinator, offensive coordinator


One Comment

  1. class of 1980 says:

    great choice if Pitt can get him! hurry up before somebody sucks him up and open up the wallet. Wannstedt was paid nothing. Time for Pitt to enter the 21st century.

  2. JOHNNY GUITAR says:

    Come on pay the man. We have been waiting to long for Pitt to get back on top. Wannstedt has some great recruits that are here and hopefully they can hold on to the ones for next year. Go on give it to him.

  3. castnbash says:

    Bring in Sammich !! ( Mark Mangino ) from New Castle he did well at Kansas

  4. castnbash says:

    Pitt has not been a force since the Jackie Sherril days … time to change that mentality and bring in someone that CAN put this program back on the map !!

  5. Bob Litterini says:

    Go get the man. we need another Jamie Dixon. Now theres a coach

  6. Dave Jones says:

    No more “hot” coordinators. Isn’t that what Walt Harris and Paul Hacket were? FInd a successful head coach on the college level and stay out of his way. Danny Rocco from Liberty or Kerwin Bell from Jacksonville St. would be great choices. Ask the “U” how their hot coordinator with no head coaching experience turned out!

  7. Mon River Towing says:

    I wonder if Steve Pederson could ask the Steelers to help with this decision

  8. Pitt10Grad says:

    If Pederson elects to hire a coordinator as head coach, Holgorsen is with out a doubt the best choice. His offenses at Texas Tech, Huston, and currently, Oklahoma St., have been among the best and most productive in college football. Understand, the transition between Coach Wannstedt’s pro-style, run first offense to Holgorsen’s high-flying offense will more than likely be a rough one, but a major transformaion is what this program needs. Its time to realize that college football, specifically Big East football, has transformed into a much different game than the NFL. Speed and quickness are necessary to succeed, and Coach Wannstedt’s squads never seemed to have that.

  9. Dave Rocco says:

    Danny Rocco turned a Liberty program around before he was their they were horrible 0-11 I think. His first season was the only season they did not win a share or the title in that conference. He has been coach of the year 4 times in the big south. Now is the time to take him.

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