Police To Seize Mt. Washington Dog

By Marty Griffin

MT. WASHINGTON (KDKA) — There is a bizarre twist in a story KDKA-TV first reported last night.

Police tell the KDKA Investigators the dog was never attacked at all.

Police were called to Mt. Washington Wednesday. Dog owner Anna DiPerna told police she found her dog in her yard with its throat slashed Sunday night.

Police officers talked to DiPerna and called the attack a “terrible crime.”

“This is definitely a malicious, deliberate act,” Pittsburgh police officer Christine Luffey said.

Police now tell the KDKA Investigators they believe there was a rubber band around the dog’s neck that caused it to bleed.

Police also tell the KDKA Investigators they believe DiPerna did not tell them the truth when she told police her dog Sasha was attacked.

KDKA Investigator Marty Griffin caught up with DiPerna in Mt. Washington Thursday. She told him she would never hurt her dog and she says she did not lie to police.

“I’m not lying,” DiPerna said. “She is my dog. I would never hurt her in my life.”

Sources tell the KDKA Investigators that police also plan to seize the dog from the DiPerna home.

DiPerna tells the KDKA Investigators she never neglected her dog. She also says she never lied to police and has no intention of allowing anyone to take her dog.


One Comment

  1. Mj Pampena says:

    I watched the 6pm news with marty the women looks like she is on something.Pleae someone get that poor baby out of there!!!

  2. Megan says:

    That poor animal, people are disgusting.

  3. Hank says:

    Typical of Mt. White-trashington. I couldn’t be more happy that I don’t live there anymore. Anything more than a block from Grandview should be razed and turned into a dog park.

  4. katlover says:

    She seemed like she was high or something, Take the dog away from this crazy lady…….

    1. Sherry Everetts says:

      I was thinking that too. She was definitely on something!

  5. Izzygator says:

    Get the lady and the dog away from Marty… He might abuse them with his sensationalist news and blown-out of proportion half-truths.

  6. dan says:

    You know how many times does the news report a story and then you find out its just a huge lie. Good job by MARTY for getting the facts right and letting people know instead of jumping on the bandwagon and just listening to one side..Thats why people like MARTY GRIF

  7. steve says:


  8. Becky says:

    Poor puppy! They better take the dog from her. Such a mess.

  9. Infuriated says:

    The rest of the sober and sane world saw right through this. Not getting enough attention from your own condition, so you harm an innocent animal to draw sympathy to your doorstep=Munchausen’s. Go get hospitalized 120 times after they take your dog, then you can sue the Animal control officer for causing you irreparable harm, which i am sure you will do since this ploy for attention backfired. You’re pathetic.Poor Innocent animal..Help this dog!

  10. laura says:

    let me know when this dog is up for adoption!

  11. lisa says:

    y would u do a story like this when the women seems to be on crack – save the dog……..

  12. may says:

    after seeing this she has to go get help…..seeing yourself on tv looking like a junkie has to make you want to fix that……forget the dog…she has a child!!!!!

  13. FixPGH says:

    Well, I hope someone can adopt the dog and give it a good home. I did see something about a collar around the neck being reported as a POSSIBILITY but who knows. Who the hell puts a rubber band around an animals neck? I swear I have never seen so much animal abuse reported than I do here in Pittsburgh. You people make me sick.

  14. Muttley says:

    Woof Woof !!!!….Hack Hack Hack….Woof Woof !!!!!

  15. john w says:

    maybe its just me but how does a rubber band cut a neck?!

  16. motoxposer says:

    When a rubber band it tight and is on skin for an extended period of time, it slowly starts to burrow into the skin and soft tissue. THis same thing happens in humans too, especially little kids wearing them around their wrists. It’s not uncommon or unheard of. Anything will start causing issues if it’s tight and left on long enough.

  17. Burgnerdman says:

    Don’t get help for just the dog. Ms. Diperna also needs some help. She is under the influence of some kind of Drug. As for her dog. Find a decent home for her. She deserves it!

  18. Burgnerdman says:

    May I also add one other thing. If Ms. DiPerna truely does have a son. Don’t call the ESPCA. Call the CYS. Get the child out of there first. What’s more important? A helpless child, or a dog?

  19. Mj Pampena says:

    That women is a mess,she needs rehab.How can anyone abuse puppies and dogs,between dog fighting and mills.I think the idiots with dog fighting should put there sorry butts in the ring.

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