Trinity Parents Criticize Superintendent, School Board

By Ralph Iannotti

WASHINGTON (KDKA) — Both the superintendent and the board of education in the Trinity School District came under fire during a school board meeting in Washington County.

Superintendent Dr. Paul Kasunich was arrested last month and charged with simple assault after police said he pushed his girlfriend’s head through a wall and choked her at their Pine Township home.

Kasunich returned to work Wednesday after being temporarily given a paid leave of absence by the school board last month.

KDKA’s Ralph Iannotti reports:

Thursday night was the first public meeting of the board since Kasunich’s arrest. He sat quietly, listening to criticism of the board for their decision to bring him back to work while the criminal charges remain unresolved.

“I moved [to this district] thinking the board would uphold a tradition, and a set of values, but it does not seem to be so,” Robert DeFillilppo, a parent, said.

Several dozen purple ribbons were passed out to people attending the meeting, indicating the public’s awareness of the seriousness of the charges against Kasunich.

“You want to be noted on how well you are doing in academics and athletics – certainly not the behavior of your superintendent and other employees,” Jack Keisling, outgoing school board vice president, said.

Kasunich and his girlfriend have filed separate protection from abuse orders against each other. He claims she attacked him first.

KDKA’s Lynne Hayes-Freeland reports:


One Comment

  1. billyd says:

    very very poor example is this what you want the students to see he should be dismissed along with the entire school board

  2. billyd says:

    aan is not a punching bag although he claims she attacked first looks like a classic “he said she said” and NO ONE will ever know the real truth except the two of them and you pay this man a hefty salary to do this

  3. billyd says:

    if i were a student at this school district i would get the message that its ok to get arrested for an infraction then youll send me home on suspension and send me a tutor until you decide to bring me back to school you gave the man a paid vacation

  4. Level Green says:

    This case will be tied up in the courts for a year or so before it is finally pleaded down to some sort of misdemeanor and this guy will end up with a small fine and probation.

    The real questions are this (!) if the same thing would have happened to a School District or a janitor, would the District keep that person on the payroll like this and (2) is this really the kind of message that you want to sent to students when bullying is the current rage in society.

    It’s funny how everyone’s Zero Tolerance Policy on domestic abuse issues works well on paper or with the working class but the minute it reaches out to the executives, it gets a bit mired in details…..

  5. trpeck says:

    I agree wth Level green. There is a zero tolerance in place in the schools. Either way he put hands on another human being and that is not acceptable, therrefore he should not be employed anymore. Set an example for our children.

  6. Hippo Crit says:

    “Do as I say not as I do”…So much for leading by example

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