By David Highfield

PLUM (KDKA) — Police say they’ve broken up a burglary ring that would steal a drug from veterinary clinics.

The drug was then cooked and sold to people at rave parties.

“I’m glad they caught somebody. I don’t know what to think to be honest. It’s sad,” said Dr. Leonard Jones, veterinarian at Plum Animal Hospital, one of nine area clinics that were burglarized.

In each case, a drug called Ketamine was stolen, which is used to anesthetize animals.

“It basically blocks your mind from sensing what your body is feeling, so you can still get a high where you’re disassociated – almost like your brain is apart from your body,” said Jones.

Six people have been indicted by a grand jury, according to the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office.

Brandon Wise is accused of being the ring leader and allegedly cooked the drug to transform it from a liquid state to a powder before selling it at raves. It’s called “Special K” on the street.

The animal clinics that were burglarized were in Plum, Dravosburg, Penn Hills, Monroeville, Kiski Township, Hempfield Township and Lower Burrell.

Police say the burglars broke into most of the clinics by breaking windows, and as a result, they knew they were looking for someone with a slender build.

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